Accident with a new car: what claims do you have??

Traffic accidents involving cars usually result in a depreciation to the vehicle, especially in the case of new cars. The severity of the claim depends on the individual case and can be quantified in a vehicle damage appraisal. If applicable. Is there a claim for compensation for the reduction in value?.

Under certain conditions, the injured party can After an accident for which the driver was not responsible the cost of a new car demand. In particular, the clarification of the question of guilt after the accident plays an important role here. Partial fault can reduce claims.

In the event of a self-inflicted accident, the fully comprehensive insurance the new car. If, on the other hand, you are the injured party, the liability insurance of the party responsible for the accident is responsible.

If the new car is damaged

It is not uncommon for high damages to be incurred in the event of an accident with a new car.

In 2016, approximately 3.35 million new car registered. For many drivers, a new car is usually more than just a practical means of transport means of transport, because this is still considered status symbol.

In addition, for a new car, you also have the option of customizing the vehicle to your adapt your wishes and ideas and thereby their dream car compile. It is all the more annoying if you are involved in an accident with your new car.

In the following guide, you can find out whether you also have to pay for a new car after an accident entitlement to an equivalent new car have. We also clarify how the claims settlement for new cars expires and when you will be replacement entitled to.

Contents of this guide

What are you entitled to as compensation in the event of a new car accident caused by someone else??

The German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has specified when a claim for a new car as compensation exists after an accident with a new car.

When two vehicles collide, damage is usually caused that can lead to a claim for damages depreciation after the accident. In the case of new cars, this is not only particularly annoying, but can also involve substantial financial claims BE CONNECTED.

For the repair costs and the compensation for the reduction of the vehicle value as a rule, the person responsible for the accident or. His insurance company will pay.

In particular the depreciation after an accident with the new car is annoying for many vehicle owners. After all, you made a conscious decision to buy a new car and now own a accident car.

New car accident: is there a claim for a new car??

In fact, under certain circumstances, after an accident with a new car for which the driver was not at fault, the possibility of a reimbursement for a new vehicle replacement. However, according to a ruling by the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) on 9 September 2009, these conditions must be met.06.2009 (az. VI ZR 110/08) the following requirements be fulfilled:

  • mileage is less than 1.000 km.
  • The maximum duration of the registration is one month.
  • In the accident with the new car is a substantial damage incurred.
  • Of the compensation payment, a new car purchased.

If these conditions are met in the accident with the new car, insurers speak of a claim for compensation on a new car basis. This can be used in the case of particularly serious damage in INDIVIDUAL CASES even with a mileage of up to 3.000 km exist.

But there are no universally valid definitions, when a vehicle suffers significant or particularly serious damage. The burden of proof for such damage also lies with the damaged.

Fully comprehensive insurance protects you in the event of a self-inflicted accident with a new car

A new car accident is accompanied by a reduction in value.

In particular, the owners of high-priced new cars often choose to take out an fully comprehensive insurance, because it covers the costs in the case of an self-inflicted accident and also compensates in the event of a theft.

There is also the possibility that injured parties can make claims against the own comprehensive insurance after an accident with the new car a claim for a new car replacement claim. However, this option usually only exists if a repair not possible is a total loss.

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