What you have to consider in case of an accident on the freeway?

An accident on the highway does not happen rarely

An accident on the highway does not happen infrequently.

Many vehicles are on the road every day freeway on the road. Since on this no speed limit prevails, the cars are therefore permitted to display quite a twice as high speed to drive like on country roads. This high speed allows drivers to quickly pass their target coming to.

But at the same time the missing limit is always cause of serious accidents on freeways. That’s why many drivers ask themselves how they can protect themselves in the event of an accident serious case should behave. Because what to do if you get into an car accident on the highway involved will be or as first responders encounter such an accident?

FAQ: accident on the freeway

accidents on the highway are often caused by speeding, lack of safe distance and careless overtaking.

Tips on how to behave in the event of an accident on the highway can be found here.

Always call 911 before administering first aid. This shortens the time until professional helpers arrive.

How to behave in case of an accident on the freeway?

The most important thing after a highway accident is that they always secure the scene first should do so in order to draw the attention of following road users to it. This is important because there is a lot of traffic on the freeway, and consequential accidents cannot be ruled out can be. After that you should follow the following guidelines:

  • at first: hazard warning lights turn on, warning triangle set up, warning vest put on.
  • Important: get off the highway in the event of a accident always on the side off, the facing the guardrail is! In the other case they could be hit by a car and consequential accidents could occur.
  • Make an emergency call, when it personal injuries has come. Otherwise you do not necessarily have to police notify. However, this is always advisable in the case of accidents. If the police are not involved, you should contact the other party to the accident and ask them to call their first responders exchange contact and insurance data. This replaces the need for police intervention in the event of damage to a metal sheet.
  • If necessary first aid afford.

How do most accidents occur on the highway??

If you hit the end of a traffic jam, there is no way to avoid an accident on the highway

If you hit an end of a traffic jam, an accident on the freeway is unavoidable.

Accidents on the highway occur quickly. Often it is the high speed, which the vehicles on the freeway are involved in accidents end badly leave.

Because with 150 km/h on the highway slow down, in order to react to unforeseen events to be able to see, lasts by far longer than in built-up areas at 50 km/h. Particularly in traffic jams, it often happens that a to be overlooked by a following driver at the end of a traffic jam becomes.

Driving at a high speed into a to drive in a row of stationary cars, usually ends not only with serious injuries, but often fatal – and not only for the driver of the vehicle in front of you.

therefore, always pay attention on a freeway to see if the car in front of you brakes suddenly or the switch on the hazard warning lights. This is always a sign obstacle on the road, you may not yet be able to perceive from your perspective.

What happens in a truck accident on the highway?

On the highway, an accident can also happen quickly at construction sites, where different speed limits apply

On the freeway, an accident can also happen quickly at road works, as the speed limits are different here.

It is particularly dangerous if a TRUCK is involved in an accident on the freeway. This may be at most 80 or. 100 km/h driving, but may be due to its size and heavy often in delicate accident situations guess.

If, for example, a Truck on a jammed end on, it ends for the passengers of the cars at the end of the chain normally lethal.

Accordingly, a fatal accident on the highway is not uncommon and can only be avoided with anticipatory and adapted driving be avoided. The same applies in the case of bus accident on the highway. Because of its size, it is just as dangerous in the event of an accident dangerous for road traffic like a truck.

Should a truck with HAZMAT be loaded and it come to the accident in the traffic, is special caution asked. Only trained special forces are allowed to help. In addition, a distance of at least 60 meters from the point of danger are complied with.

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