What is my car worth – calculate free of charge

What is my car worth – calculate for free.

Determining the value of goods is – especially in the case of used things – almost always a matter of judgment. Individual valuations are often in the eye of the beholder and are therefore rather subjective. this may still be acceptable for small online auctions or flea markets. In the area of the used cars it looks already differently, because it can go thereby often around thousands from euros. Countless details, from mileage to trailer hitch to special paint, have to be taken into account.

An institution in the field of used car valuation is the schwacke-liste, where used cars are valued neutrally, fairly and realistically for a fee of 7.90 euro. But what about the free valuation portals on the net?? How realistic are the figures there? Can portals such as "abracar", "wirkaufendeinauto" and "mobile" offer the same value?.De" can keep up with the results of the top dog schwacke? We have tried it.

Our schwacke initial value

We started our look behind the valuation scenes at schwacke, in order to get a reliable comparative value. We had an old skoda yeti appraised there for just 7.90 euros, although the car had already had a visibly eventful life. according to schwacke, a dealer would buy our skoda yeti for 6.800,- euro (dealer purchase price). If you continue to buy the car, a dealer would then 8.650,- euro on the price tag (dealer selling price).

Free valuation, the first


With the free allianz subsidiary "abracar" we were tempted to sell the skoda yeti immediately. In fact, a dealer selling price of 8.700, – euro determined, thus still 50, – euro over the schwacke value. against the background of the many additional services, this residual value for our skoda is surprisingly high, because "abracar" offers much more than just sober figures. If desired, the portal can take over the entire sales process. From the home visit of an appraiser and appealing vehicle pictures to marketing (online and offline), sales talks and a buyer’s guarantee, "abracar" takes care of all the steps involved in getting the used car to the new owner in the best possible way. Thanks to its expertise in the automotive sector, the allianz subsidiary can highlight individual features of the car as so-called "sales boosters," which is clearly visible in the result. That’s why "abracar" is a good choice especially if the used car has been individually upgraded or rebuilt.

Free valuation, the second

Car valuation - wirkaufendeinauto.de

the europe-wide portal "wirkaufendeinauto" has grown unusually fast, which is why we also offered our test-skoda there. The virtual result there was 5.010, – euro, whereby a later visit in a branch of the portal a dealer purchase value of 4.410,- euro resulted. However, the platform updated this offer a few days later to 4.647,- euro increased. We think this offer is quite fair, because our skoda yeti was often in use, not every little scratch was repaired immediately and because the owner’s dogs also felt very comfortable there. In addition, the processing at "wirkaufendeinauto" is extremely simple, problem-free and fast. If you just want to get rid of your car quickly or if you urgently need cash (without reconditioning), this platform is the right place for you.

Free evaluation, the third

Car evaluation - free of charge

Even with the online classic "mobile.De" we have had our skoda appraised. The portal works with special algorithms based on more than two million price offers. Based on this, we were given a total of 7.000,- euro offered. Here, too, the car can then be appraised by certified dealers on the spot. This appointment brought a dealer purchase value of 5.000,- euro, if we would have prepared the skoda ourselves before (just under 400,- euro). Therefore we consider the portal "wirkaufendeinauto" to be perfect especially for those used cars that have been cherished and cared for throughout their life.

The personal data

All three online portals inevitably require a few personal data. This is necessary in order to always keep the customer informed about changes concerning his vehicle. Reasons for this can be purchase offers, the current market situation or appointment arrangements.

What is my car worth – calculate for free without e-mail

If you have entered your e-mail address or telephone number on one of the rating portals, you can have this information deleted at any time without having to give a reason.

What is my car worth – calculate for free without registration

Also the data, which are required with a registration and/or. Registration data can be deleted at any time.

Deleting sensitive customer data worked reliably and smoothly on all three portals. This is what we tested, but also what we expected, because the three portals have very reputable names ("allianz"), some operate throughout Europe ("wirkaufendeinauto") and have a long tradition of evaluation ("mobile.De").

By the way: completely free of charge and without the specification of personal data, the car evaluation in the net only works with DAT. There a dealer purchase price of 5.383,- euro calculated.

charge free of charge – what we mean

In our opinion, customers and interested parties can trust each of the three online portals because the evaluations are fair and realistic. Due to the different valuation methods and algorithms, the results differ from each other, but the amounts should not be considered in isolation. Additional service at "abracar" can save a lot of work and paperwork and the sales boosters make the valuation very individual. an uncomplicated purchase at "wirkaufendeinauto" is just as much a plus as the europe-wide marketing. And "mobile.De" is the classic free vehicle valuation for cars that have aged "in dignity".

It is certainly not a mistake to use all three portals for one’s own rating. This gives you a realistic picture of the vehicle’s value and a better position in later negotiations. And since all portals work completely free of charge (even the personal home visit of the appraiser at "abracar" belongs to it), should be made use of it also.

Here are the vehicle evaluation results from the online evaluation tools:

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