What good are the residual value calculators from dat&? Co?

Residual value calculator for cars there are many online. But they are a good alternative to mobile.De and co.? We compared three providers and share our experiences here.

besides the portals, which basically ask for our e-mail address in order to deliver a result and offer further services like purchase and resale, there are also some websites, which can give you an approximate residual value of your car without any own use.

Mobidrome with price ranges for the minimum and maximum value of your used car

Let’s start with mobidrome an. It is an austrian website that offers a tool to determine the residual value of your car. In addition, you will find a few guide articles and a database of brands and models, as we do on autoplenum. The information about your vehicle in the residual value tool is limited to the essentials only. Details about the interior or the condition of the car are not asked, but this is also often the case with other providers. The question arises as to how meaningful the result will be in the end. This is delivered immediately and is very close to the guideline value. In addition, you get a price range from the minimum to the maximum value to see what is potentially in your used money. Other options are not available, as this price is for personal orientation only.

Unrealistically low residual values for DAT

Continue to DAT – deutsche automobil treuhand, a competence center and information hub for the automotive industry. This website also offers, among many other categories, a car value calculator, which is designed to calculate the current market value of your car. The standard information is required here as well, maybe a few more than with mobidrome. The process is easy and understandable, but a little information on how the result is arrived at would have been good. The price you get immediately after completing the information – without e-mail address – but it is frighteningly low. this is supposed to be the current dealer purchase price, but it is really very low and therefore unrealistic. Online valuation cannot take into account all the relevant points that are decisive for the actual car value, such as z.B. The condition and equipment of the vehicle.

Calculate car value and more at auto-wert-berechnen.De

Finally, let’s take a closer look at the site. This helps you not only to determine the residual value of your vehicle, it is also a help when buying a car. You can insert the offer URL of a vehicle and you will get an evaluation if this price is justified. You can also search for your vehicle in the website’s database using the manufacturer and type code number. Here we explain where you can find the HSN/TSN in the registration certificate.

If you don’t have the ZLB at hand, you can take the classic way: you can find your vehicle via the corresponding dropdown menus. However, this requires information that not every car driver knows at first glance, such as horsepower, engine capacity, year of first registration, and so on. In addition, information must be provided on the pollutant class, the main inspection and the fine dust sticker, which is quite important for determining the value today. The result is surprisingly high! Even a price comparison over the years is attached for some models.

But how such a high price is determined compared to the other portals remains a mystery. Of course, one would be pleased with such a considerably high sum. But getting more money than you paid a year and a half ago is definitely unrealistic – as in our case.

Our conclusion

If you simply want to find out about the residual value of your car without having to enter personal data and without much effort, these internet providers are suitable for orientation purposes. At least with independent sellers you can be sure that they don’t intentionally offer a lower purchase value to get enough profit for themselves.

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