Unold backmeister 68415 bread maker test 2018

The times when the breadmaker only performed the function of baking bread are long gone. Today’s bread machines can do much more than just make tasty breads. With the unold backmeister 68415 automatic bread maker, you can also prepare delicious cakes or hearty jams. this bread machine has eleven varied programs. Thanks to this machine, bread lovers can enjoy fresh, crusty bread that tastes just as good as the loaf from their favorite baker at any time in their own homes. The different programs allow you to enjoy all kinds of savory breads in just a few hours. This appliance is not only convincing with its numerous programs, but also with its very easy operation. Hobby bakers should think about what they expect from a bread baking machine. So you can be sure to have chosen the right bread machine adapted to your needs.

Unold backmeister 68415 bread maker test 2018

overview of the functions of the unold backmeister 68415 automatic bread maker

the version of the unold bachmeister 68415 impresses with its numerous programs. The user is spoilt for choice. He can choose between the following programs:

  • the standard program is excellent for preparing white or mixed breads.
  • Wholemeal bread: this program produces hearty breads with a large proportion of wholemeal grains.
  • White bread: thanks to this baking function, hobby bakers can bake a fluffy white bread surrounded by a soft crust
  • Fast: this function enables extremely fast and effective preparation of white and mixed breads.
  • Yeast pastries: this program should be used for the preparation of pastries that have a higher sugar or fat content.
  • baking powder: this program is ideal for people who have to avoid yeast for health reasons. this function enables baking of white and mixed breads using baking powder.
  • Jam: thanks to this function, jam lovers can prepare their own favorite jam from fresh fruit.
  • Dough: this function is useful when a dough is to be prepared but not baked. This program is perfect for rising a fluffy pizza dough.
  • Wholemeal fast: thanks to this function, enthusiastic bakers can prepare a delicious and at the same time moist wholemeal bread in the shortest possible time.
  • Baking: this function bakes only the desired pastry, without mixing the dough before baking.
  • Dough fast: this program ensures fast dough preparation. It is ideal for baking lightning cakes.
  • Own program: here, the user of the machine can experiment and individually set the dough preparation or baking time.

This versatile baking machine has other useful additional functions. Different degrees of browning of the pastry can be obtained. Who likes it crispy, selects the third stage. People who prefer it soft and not so brown, choose the first stage of browning. Furthermore, there is a choice of two bread sizes. It is possible to bake small loaves weighing only 750 grams or large loaves weighing 1250 grams.

The makers of the breadmaker have really thought of everything. This appliance stands out not only for its numerous functions, but also for its appearance, which is due to its elegant stainless steel finish. The bottom and the upper rim of the lid are made of high quality plastic. In addition, the device has a huge viewing window with an integrated baking light. This gives the user the possibility to watch his bread while it is baking.

Small ventilation slots on the left and right sides of the machine prevent the machine from overheating. The maximum power is 615 watts. The weight of the breadmaker is 7 kilograms. The length is 37.5 centimeters, the width is 24.5 and the height is 32.3 centimeters. The device is also non-stick. the control panel emphasizes the elegant design of the bread maker, as it is made of a high quality sensor that reacts to touches.

Among the other valuable additional functions is the temperature sensor for checking the temperature. In this way, the hot start of a baking process is automatically prevented if the machine is still hot due to a previous operation. In the event of a power failure, the duration of which must not exceed two minutes, the appliance automatically restarts the baking process. The unold 68415 breadmaker has an automatic keep-warm function that starts when the baking time is over. It lasts one hour and announces its end with a beep.

Unold backmeister 68415 bread maker test 2018

The benefits of a breadmaker

The advantages of a bread maker lie in its numerous functions. today’s models can do much more than just bake bread. amateur bakers have the possibility to make their favorite bread at any time. The automatic bread makers allow yeast dough pastries to rise beautifully. A fluffy pizza or a fluffy yeast wreath no longer has to be a dream thanks to the additional programs of a bread baking machine. A homemade jam is very easy to prepare thanks to this machine. Among the useful add-ons that can be used with an automatic breadmaker are the many breadmaking mixes available in food markets.

People who suffer from gluten intolerance can also bake their gluten-free bread at any time. The cleaning of the bread machine is uncomplicated thanks to the removable box with handle. In case the dough hooks do not turn after a certain time, they should be rubbed with a few drops of olive or thistle oil. The oil allows the hooks to rotate and resume their work as usual during the next baking cycle. This model convinces with an extremely low noise level. Users who do not want holes in their breads due to the dough hooks can remove them after the kneading process. you get a crispy and fresh bread without holes.

Significant advantages and some criticisms of a bread machine

This bread machine is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced bakers. The good design and easy cleaning are among the other plus points of this breadmaker. The low rated power of 615 watts speaks in favor of the unold backmeister top edition baking machine. Another positive aspect of the device is its button, which has a start and stop function. Furthermore, this appliance has been equipped with a pause button. This allows the user to briefly interrupt the baking process. this is especially useful when holes in the breads are not desired due to the kneading hooks. Thanks to the pause button, they can be removed easily.

Among the minor drawbacks is the price, which is about 100 euros. Unfortunately, unlike other bread makers, this one does not have an ingredient dispenser. The selection of time intervals could have been a bit larger compared to other models.

Unold backmeister 68415 bread maker test

The numerous programs will not disappoint the buyer of this machine. Sourdough breads, jams, different types of pasta dough, wholemeal breads or gluten-free breads can be prepared effortlessly in no time at all. According to detailed test reports, this bread machine produces excellent breads. The user manual contains a wide range of recipes specially designed for this model. easy cleaning of the baking pan and accessories increases the user’s baking pleasure.

The bread baking machine is much more than just a device that conjures up various types of baked goods. This model is much more of a piece of quality of life. With this bread baking machine, customers experience the concept of "fresh bread" in a completely new dimension. Your favorite jam, which can be made at home at any time thanks to the bread baking machine, guarantees an unforgettable enjoyment experience. For people who attach great importance to good food and like to prepare it themselves, the acquisition of the breadmaker is almost indispensable.

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