Trendy toy car to sit in

For kids a huge fun: toy car to sit in

Children’s vehicles to sit in are more and more trendy. Already small children can be made with it a great joy. After some time children can drive the cars themselves. Vehicles equipped with a small electric motor are a great gift especially for children two years and older.

Why are toy cars to put in so popular?

With a toy car, children get from A to B faster. It’s fun for them to emulate the parents. Many cars are equipped with rubber rings on the tires. This prevents the vehicle from making too much noise when playing. Such vehicles can accordingly also be used in a rented apartment.

Of course, the electric toy cars are also suitable for outdoor use. On walks, children can thus keep up better and additionally have a lot of fun outside. When buying a toy car to sit in, make sure that the vehicle is equipped with a multifunction steering wheel, a cockpit with many functions, gas pedal, safety belt and engine sound when starting.

Trendy kids cars to sit in

Actionbikes motors kids electric car Mercedes Benz Amg GLA45 - Licensed - Rc

  • ✔ original mercedes benz license ✔ 2 x 25 watt motor (.
  • ✔ safety ► soft start ► brake emergency stop automatic.
  • ✔ 2 x 6 volt 4,5 AH batteries ✔ up to 6 km/h.
  • ✔ switchable LED headlights front& rear ✔.
  • ✔ front suspension& rear ✔ radio ✔ SD card ✔ USB.

Children electric car Mercedes ML 350 original license car 2X 25 watt motor

  • ✔ original mercedes benz ML 350 license ✔ 2 x 25 watt.
  • ✔ safety ► soft start ► automatic emergency stop braking system.
  • ✔ 6 volt 7 AH battery ✔ bluetooth ✔ FM radio ✔.
  • ✔ switchable LED headlights front ✔ illuminated.
  • ✔ engine sound when starting ✔ multifunction steering wheel ✔.

  • ✔ original mercedes benz license ✔ 4 x 45 watt all wheel drive.
  • ✔ safety ► soft start ► automatic brake emergency stop.
  • ✔ 2 x 12 volt 7 AH batteries ✔ front shock absorber&.
  • ✔ LCD charging display ✔ comfortable leather seat ✔ LED.
  • ✔ multimedia ► USB ► AUX ► SD card ► FM radio ✔.

Actionbikes Motors kids electric car VW Touareg kids vehicle kids car

  • ✔ original volkswagen license ✔ leather seats ✔ 2 x 35.
  • ✔ safety ► soft start ► automatic braking ► 2,4 ghz.
  • ✔ rear suspension ✔ transport bar ✔ transport rollers.
  • ✔ 12 volt 7 AH batteries ✔ AUX – module ✔ swing.
  • ✔ led headlights& rear lights ✔ doors to open.

LOREZA ® 10 pack boys cotton boxer shorts (104-110

  • ✅ 10-pack – boys boxer shorts made of high-quality.
  • ✅ super comfortable quality& good stretch& perfect.
  • ✅ quality tested for harmful substances according to oko tex 100&.
  • ✅ high quality workmanship and material quality&.
  • ✅92-98cm (2-3 years) ✅104-110cm (4-5 years) ✅116-122cm.

DEERC 9206E RC remote control car with 48 km/h high speed, 4WD 1:10 RC CAR

  • 48 km/h high speede:der.
  • 2 rechargeable batteries:the car is equipped with two.
  • Some new improved components have been installed.
  • 2,4ghz remote control system:the car has a 2,4.
  • Best gift ideas for kids:the 9206E can make the.

FINOOS Kids Electric Car Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe Licensed 2.4 Ghz

  • & age 1 to 4 years
  • & rubber iva tires and leatherette seat
  • & for LED lights and LED dashboard lights
  • & leatherette seat
  • & product dimensions: 107 x 53 x 32 cm | max weight: 30.

  • MODERN DESIGN: this children’s electric quad offers their.
  • INCLUDING headlights: to make the driving experience even more.
  • STABLE CONSTRUCTION: this children’s quad has 4.
  • LONG battery life: after a charging time of 10 hrs. Can.
  • PRODUCT DATA OF THE CHILDREN’S ELECTRIC CAR: overall dimensions: 65W x 40D.

  • 【building cars toys】the package includes 4 smaller ones.
  • 【sound effects】 the button on the top makes.
  • 【learning toy】 the construction truck toy will make your kids.
  • 【high quality】 the truck toy set is durable and.
  • 【perfect kids toy gift】 specially designed for.

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buy push cars for kids – continue with bestsellers

# preview product price
Children electric car Mercedes ML 350 original license car 2X 25 watt motor
kids electric car mercedes ML 350 original license car 2X 25 watt motor. * 169,99 EUR to the offer*
actionbikes motors kids electric car mercedes amg GT-R – licensed – 2 x 25. * 169,99 EUR to the offer*
Actionbikes Motors kids electric car Mercedes Benz Amg GLA45 - Licensed - Rc
actionbikes motors kids electric car mercedes benz amg GLA45 – licensed – rc. * 159,99 EUR to the offer*
actionbikes motors kids electric car S5 convertible leather seat kids vehicle. * 249,99 EUR to the offer*
smoby 720523 my first car ride on cars, children’s vehicle with storage compartment. * 34,57 EUR to the offer*
actionbikes motors kids electric car mercedes GLS63 – licensed – 4 x 45 watt. * 399,99 EUR to the offer*
COSTWAY kids fire truck, electric car, kids car, electric vehicle. * 84,99 EUR to the offer*
rollplay 42133 push car with extendable footrest, for children from 1 year, to. * 129,90 EUR to the offer*
RIRICAR electric ride on car urus, black, original licensed. * 239,95 EUR to the offer*
actionbikes motors kids electric car FIAT 500 – licensed – mp3 – USB – SD -. * 219,99 EUR to the offer*
ROLLPLAY push car with extendable footrest, for children from 1 year, to max. * 98,22 EUR to the offer*
actionbikes motors kids electric car mercedes benz actros truck truck -. * 499,99 EUR to the offer*

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What toy cars are there?

Toy cars to put in are available with and without electric motor. The simple models belong more to the category of slide cars. Children have to push the vehicle forward with their own strength of the legs. These cars are equipped with a long handle, so that parents can push the car from behind. For older children, vehicles with electric motors are much more interesting.

These vehicles are realistically designed and have a forward and reverse gear. They are equipped with a 2 x 25 watt motor and can reach speeds between three and six kilometers per hour. The vehicles are powered by a 6 volt 7 ampere battery (electrolyte).

The child can drive for between one and two hours on one charge. A 2.4 ghz remote control gives parents all the important functions like braking or switching on reverse gear.

From what age are the cars suitable for sitting in??

Many models are suitable for children as young as 2 years of age. these vehicles are electric toy cars. Many vehicles have a remote control. This has the advantage that parents can steer the toy car or intervene if necessary.

When the children are a little older, they can act out certain scenes from traffic lessons with their car. With such a toy car can make both boys and girls equally happy. Even the smallest have fun organizing small races.

For toddlers, slide cars, especially good wooden slide cars, are the better alternative. They are often not yet able to sit on their own, so they can train their sense of balance on a ride-on car. Only when a child can sit well on its own and is able to safely steer a vehicle, it should be allowed to drive alone.

For older children, often as young as three years old, the electric cars to push and go are action, fun and learning in one.

What you can learn while playing with them?

  • With a toy car every child can learn the traffic rules better. In many cities there are traffic training areas where small traffic lights and crosswalks represent traffic even more realistically.
  • Through the car children also learn in a playful way a better dexterity.
  • Accessories such as road signs or a race track can be added to increase the fun of playing with the vehicle. The child learns to better estimate speeds.
  • Also the concentration is optimally promoted by different courses or signs.
  • Mental activity is increased, quick decision making is practiced.
  • with these toy cars and the right accessories, an exciting and educational playtime is guaranteed.

Important for the selection

  • Do you want a car to sit in with or without an engine??
  • For the cars without motor, you do not need to pay attention to the battery and speed. The child must provide the power itself.
  • The seat of the car must fit the child.
  • The model must please the child. Only so it becomes with the toy car to sit in one.
  • For children’s cars with a motor, there are other criteria for the purchase, for example, the speed, such as 25 km/h or 15 km/h. The battery is also an important element.
  • With battery-powered models, the battery power must be taken into account. Because nothing is worse when the child is in the middle of the flow of play and runs out of juice. 12 volt battery is recommended for children between 3 and 5 years of age.
  • Are there siblings who want to ride along? Then you should look for 2 seater models. Yes, there are also electric cars for children as 2 seaters.

Dangers and safety of ride-on toy cars

The safety belts:

In order for a child to ride safely in one, he or she should have the safety belt fastened before the ride. It prevents the child from being thrown out of the car when hitting a solid object or from being injured by the steering wheel. When buying a toy vehicle to sit in, always make sure that the belts can be adjusted individually and are well padded.

Children electric cars with remote control:

Vehicles equipped with a remote control ensure that parents can take full control of the toy car at all times. This can help prevent accidents before they happen. High-quality vehicles are also equipped with an automatic brake.

Maximum speed:

Faster and faster, that’s how the little racers imagine their game with the race car for kids. But as for adults, there must be a speed limit to avoid accidents. There are different models children electric cars with 25 km/h or only with 15 km/h.


The battery should have suitable capacity so that the fun lasts for a while. Most models have batteries with a power of 12V/7ah. The 12 volt battery can last for about 1.5 hours. This applies to younger children from the age of 3. From 6 years old, the weight of the little ones is much greater, so the battery has to provide more energy to move around in the children’s car. Here are recommended batteries of 24 or 26 V. Electric cars for big kids need more power under the hood.

Children’s car to sit in

For what age are vehicles with electric motor intended?

Depending on the model, the vehicles can be used for children between the ages of three and six years old.

Which types of vehicles are particularly popular?

Youngsters are particularly enthusiastic about racing cars, police cars or fire engines. Aerodynamic shapes and large wheels make every child’s heart beat faster.

What is the weight of most toy cars?

Many electric cars have a weight of 11 kg on the scale. Accordingly, the toy cars to put in can be easily transported and taken everywhere with you.

Which manufacturers offer electric cars for children?

Children’s electric cars are carried by well-known manufacturers in their toy assortment.

  • Peg perego
  • Henes broon
  • Rollplay
  • Crooza

If you look on ebay, you may be able to buy a toy car to sit in used. However, for hygiene reasons, mothers love a new purchase where the child can participate in the selection process.

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