Tolls in germany and europe: who pays what?

Tolls in Germany and Europe: who pays what?

If you want to go on vacation in europe and drive by car, you should inform yourself about the respective tolls in europe beforehand. Just planning a short trip in europe or just passing through a country can lead to drastic costs. A freeway toll is also to be introduced in germany as of 2016. At present, however, there is still a lively debate with the EU Commission as to whether the introduction is really legitimate.

tolls for europe: freeway tolls apply here


  • entry for all vehicles: flat fee of 8,70 € / car
  • Distance-based tolls for freeways and 3-/4-lane roads
  • toll prices: between 5 – 15 €


  • bridge over large belt ("storebaelt") between the islands of fyn and sealand: 29 €
  • oresund bridges between copenhagen and malmo (sweden): 34 €
  • motorcycles: 17,50 €
  • passenger car with trailer/ camper van: 63 €


  • Almost all freeway routes are subject to tolls: 5 € / 100 km
  • motorcycles, campers, trucks: graduated prices
  • Frejus tunnel + mont blanc tunnel for cars: one way €32.30 – return €40.30
  • Frejus tunnel + mont blanc tunnel for motorcycles: one way €21.40 – return €26.80
  • Notice: urban bypasses toll-free (paris, lyon, bordeaux, marseille)


  • toll for europe and greece on ca. 10 freeway routes: between evzoni, thessaloniki, athens, patras, tripoli
  • toll prices for europe: cars 1 – 3,50 €
  • toll prices for europe: buses and trucks up to 5 €

Great Britain:

  • toll for europe and Great Britain on M6 with toll freeway section
  • motorcycle: £3 (mo-fr), £2.80 (sa,so), £1.80 (at night, 11-6pm)
  • cars: £5.50 (mo-fr), £4.80 (sa,so), £3.80 (nights, 11-6pm)
  • With trailer: 10 £ (mo-fr), 8,60 £ (sa,so), 6,60 £ (at night, 23-6 o’clock)


  • 80 toll roads
  • "closed" system: cars 5 € / 100 km
  • "closed" system: motorcycles, motor homes, trucks = graduated prices
  • "open" system: flat rate for como-milano, varese-milano, torino-bardonecchia, mordex-aosta, roma-civitavecchia, napoli-salerno, messina-furiano, cefalù-buonfornello


  • When leaving freeways or expressways: 1 – 8 € depending on the route
  • special tolls for bridges, tunnels etc. (such as ucka-tunnel, bridge to island krk)
  • trailers, motorhomes and trucks = staggered prices


  • Skopje-tetovo-gostivar: 100 MKD (ca. 1 €)
  • Kumanovo-skopje-veles-gradsko: 300 MKD (approx. 3 €)
  • Additional fees: city toll, bridges, tunnels etc.


  • Kiltunnel (between dordrecht and hoeske waard): cars and motorcycles 1,50 €
  • Kiltunnel (between dordrecht and hoeske waard): autobuses 3,50 €
  • Willem-alexander bridge: PASSENGER CAR 1,50 €
  • Willem-alexander-bridge: buses 5 €
  • Tunnel from coudorpen direction terneuzen: PASSENGER CAR 4,50 €


  • Some roads, bridges, tunnels, big cities: 2 – 15 €


  • compulsory vignettes for the entire freeway network: annual, two-month and 10-day vignettes
  • passenger car annual vignette: 84,40 €
  • car two-month vignette: 25,30 €
  • passenger car 10-day vignette: 8,70 €
  • toll for europe and austriafor vans and motorhomes (over 3,5 t): payment via go-boxes depending on axles
  • Motorcycles annual vignette: €33.60
  • Motorcycles two-month vignette: 12,70 €
  • motorcycles 10-day vignette: 5,00 €

Additional toll for europe in austria:

  • Brenner freeway: 8 €
  • Tauern freeway: ca. 10 €
  • Arlberg tunnel road: ca. 8,50 €
  • Felbertauerntunnel: ca. 10 €
  • Grobglockner: ca. 28 €
  • Karavanke tunnel: ca. 4,40 €


  • toll for europe in poland on A1, A2 and A4
  • amount of tolls: depending on the route and calculated according to vehicle class
  • cars, minibuses, motorhomes: ca. 2 €
  • trucks, buses and cars over 3.5 t: ca. 5 €


  • toll for europe via sensor device
  • Debit of toll fees from credit card or credit card (from 50 €)
  • toll in europe for cars in portugal: 5 € / 100 km
  • tolls in europe for motorhomes and trucks in portugal: graduated prices


  • Vignette for cars, motorhomes and trailers (no motorcycles)
  • vehicles up to 3,5 t: annual vignette 28 €
  • Vehicles up to 3.5 t: 90-day vignette 13 €
  • Vehicles up to 3.5 t: 30-day vignette 7 €
  • vehicles up to 3.5 t: 7-day vignette €3
  • Danube bridge giurgeni and widin: up to 3.5 t = 6 €, up to 7.5 t = 12 €
  • bridge calafat and vadu oii: up to 3,5 t = ca. 2,50 €, up to 12 t = ca. 6 €
  • Danube bridge fetesti and cernavoda: up to 3,5 t = ca. 3 €, up to 12 t = ca. 10,50 €


  • oresund bridge between copenhagen (denmark) and malmo
  • passenger car: ca. 28 €
  • Motorcycles: ca. 15 €


  • compulsory vignette for freeways and similar roads with white-green signs
  • annual vignette up to 3,5 t (also motorcycles): 40 €
  • vehicles over 3,5 t: graduated prices
  • some tunnes with car loading and railroad loading: extra charges


  • toll in europe for all freeways and single expressways in serbia
  • passenger cars: 10 – 23 € depending on distance
  • motorcycles: 8 – 15 € depending on distance
  • Vehicle insurance (without green insurance card): 77 € for a transit (there and back)


  • toll in europe for all freeways, federal roads and expressways in slovakia
  • Mileage-based toll for vehicles over 3.5 t
  • cars up to 3,5 t: annual vignette ca. 51 €
  • cars up to 3.5 t: monthly sticker ca. 13,80 €
  • cars up to 3,5 t: 7-day sticker ca. 6,80 €
  • No toll for europe in slovakia for motorcycles


  • car annual vignette: 110 €
  • passenger car monthly vignette: 30 €
  • passenger cars 7-day vignette: 15 €
  • motorcyclist annual vignette: 55,50 €
  • motorcyclist half-yearly vignette: 30 €
  • motorcyclist 7-day vignette: 7,50 €
  • toll in europe for trucks over 3.5 t in slovenia: depending on route and pollutant emissions
  • toll in europe for vans up to 3.5 t in slovenia: annual vignette 220 €
  • toll in europe for delivery vehicles up to 3.5 t in slovenia: monthly vignette 80 €
  • toll in europe for vans up to 3,5 t in slovenia: 7-day-vignette 40 €


  • toll in europe for AP and R designated freeway routes spain
  • Toll in europe for some tunnels and bridges in spain
  • Passenger cars: 8 € / 100 km
  • toll-free city highways and bypasses: barcelona, zaragoza, madrid, valencia, girona, tarragona
  • no freeway tolls on tenerife, gran canaria, local freeways with nomenclature to the corresponding place (M-10 etc). In madrid, SE-30 in sevilla etc.)

Czech Republic:

  • toll in europe on freeways and similar highways czech republic
  • cars up to 3,5 t: annual vignette ca. 62 €
  • Passenger cars up to 3.5 t: monthly vignette ca. 18,50 €
  • Passenger cars up to 3.5 t: 10-day vignette ca. 13 €
  • vehicles up to 12 t: annual vignette ca. 190 €
  • Vehicles up to 12 t: monthly vignette ca. 80 €
  • vehicles up to 12 t: 10-day vignette ca. 33 €
  • Vehicles over 12 t: mileage-based toll (21 – 29 cents / kilometer)


  • toll in europe on some roads and bosporus bridges in turkey direction asia
  • fees: 0,50 – 1.50 € depending on route


  • tolls in europe on highways, expressways and some stretches of main roads in hungary
  • D1 toll category (motorcycles, cars, cars with trailers up to 3.5 t)
  • yearly vignette: ca. 149 €
  • monthly vignette: ca. 16,50 €
  • Weekly vignette (10 days): ca. 10,50 €

European countries without tolls

In some european countries, there are currently no tolls to pay. If or when a fee will be charged – for both domestic and foreigners – is still questionable. However, there are z. B. Freeway tolls between certain stretches, such as in bosnia-herzegovina between kakovi and sarajevo and in iceland for the hualfjordur tunnel (€11.50). Note: short ferries are free of charge in inland Finland, as they are counted as part of the road network.

toll europe shield fees

Tolls in europe can vary from country to country (c) istock.Com / jojoo64

In these european countries, no general toll is charged:

  • Andorra
  • Bosnia-herzegovina
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Moldova
  • Monaco
  • Ukraine
  • Vatican City
  • Cyprus

tolls in europe: current discussion between germany and the eu commission

It has been known for some time that tolls are to be introduced in germany in 2016, as in other european countries. The intention is to achieve a fair distribution of the burden and to use the revenue for road construction and to better regulate the flow of traffic in order to highlight the positive aspects of the german toll in europe. Of course, the german toll also has a negative impact on europe in that fuel-efficient vehicles are "penalized," so to speak, traffic shifts to country roads and commuters become increasingly burdened. But besides these aspects there is another important factor which is currently being discussed: is the introduction of the german toll for europe a violation of european law, because nationals do not have to pay the toll, but foreigners do??

tolls in germany: position 1

Transport minister dobrindt believes that the toll law is fully in line with european law.

tolls in germany: position 2

The EU Commission is of the opinion that Germany is violating the european law of non-discrimination with the introduction of the car tolls.

Angela merkel, on the other hand, has publicly spoken out against the passenger car toll for nationals:

What does the german toll mean for europe??

After it became known that only foreign drivers have to pay the toll and German drivers pay the fee but are relieved by the vehicle tax, the EU Commission became suspicious: this violates the european fundamental rights? transport minister dobrindt has expressly emphasized that, although german citizens invest money in europe for the german toll, they will get their money back through a reduction in vehicle taxes. However, the EU commission took a closer look at the situation: EU law prohibits discrimination against foreigners. This raised doubts in juncker’s mind as to whether the law complies with the principle of non-discrimination. Since dobrindt continues to insist on compliance with european law, the EU Commission counters that it will take the matter to the european Court of Justice if necessary, which could assess the CSU toll differently. Because non-discrimination is expressly a fundamental principle of the treaty. Is the EU commission interfering too much in national affairs here?? Secretary General of the CSU andreas scheuer describes the current situation as follows:

"the eU commission is once again pursuing an all-interference policy in national competencies, and that is unacceptable."

Lawsuit against the german toll: europe discusses the new toll introduction

Toll Europe Motorway Cars

tolls in europe apply to both cars and trucks (c) istock.Com / mitifo

Still this month, probably on 18. June 2015, the EU Commission will initiate infringement proceedings against Germany’s passenger car toll plans. transport minister dobrindt’s project should be stopped as soon as possible. For this purpose, EU Transport Commissioner violeta bulc will be increasingly called in to support the EU Commission. This is also the opinion that it is contrary to European law that only foreigners are asked to pay the toll – only because of the reduction in vehicle tax for German drivers. In order to prevent a toll on passenger cars, an application for an interim injunction would be filed with the european Court of Justice. The extent to which this project can be implemented by 2016 is currently still questionable, especially as the toll for Europe is already to be introduced from next year.

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