Tolls for motorcyclists 2019 – overview of charges in europe

Tolls for motorcyclists 2019 overview of tolls in europe

If you’re planning a motorcycle vacation in europe, you’ll also have to factor in tolls. These are not insignificant in our neighboring countries. But it gets really expensive in the case of violations. Motorcyclists should therefore inform themselves well in advance.

When the summer tour goes abroad, motorcyclists also have to be prepared for toll charges. many european countries do not only charge tolls for the freeways we normally avoid, but also for selected bridges or tunnels for example. In addition, bikers are exempt from the vignette requirement in some, but by no means all, countries. We provide an overview of the current costs in europe.

Route-related tolls and vignettes

In the EU, a total of nine countries levy a so-called distance-based toll: France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Croatia, poland and portugal. At most of the toll stations with barriers, the respective fee becomes due. in austria, switzerland, bulgaria, romania, slovakia, slovenia, czech republic and hungary, toll stickers are obligatory for driving on expressways and freeways. they must be purchased in advance and placed in the vehicle.

Vignette on the motorcycle

The good news for motorcyclists: we bikers are usually exempt from city tolls, which apply to cars in Italy and Great Britain, for example.


In addition to information about tolls in our neighboring countries, it is also important to clarify what happens in the event of violations. Within the EU, the answer is quite simple at first glance: cross-border enforcement of fines is possible in principle. enforcement here is the responsibility of the federal office of justice. Collection agencies can demand payment, but they cannot enforce it. Fines from non-EU countries such as norway, liechtenstein or switzerland cannot be enforced. However, anyone who enters the country within the statute of limitations, which can be four, five or more years depending on the country, will be asked to pay directly on the spot.

Since an amount worthwhile for the respective country must be reached for enforcement, fines are normally only enforced from 70 euros (including processing fee). sins committed abroad generally have no influence on the flensburg traffic register.

Overview of tolls in europe

If a toll sticker is required, toll roads may only be used with a valid sticker. This does not apply to all roads in the respective country and the toll routes are marked as such. Mostly the freeways are subject to tolls. Distance-based tolls, which – as described above – are normally paid directly at toll stations, are also levied primarily on freeway routes. In some cases, the use of expressways, which are then similarly well developed as freeways, also costs a fee. In the following list, for the sake of simplicity, we use the generic term "toll road". Distance-based or distance-related tolls mean that the amount of the fee is calculated on the basis of the distance traveled on the toll road. Special fees such as city tolls are listed separately.

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