The schwacke list

It is a guideline for dealers, private sellers and buyers when valuing a car. We explain how you can use the schwacke-liste to determine the value of a vehicle, what it costs and what alternatives there are.

Table of contents
  • What is the schwacke list?
  • How to determine the vehicle value?
  • How can I have my vehicle appraised??
  • Where can I have my vehicle appraised?
  • What is the cost of a car valuation using the schwacke list??
  • Are there any free alternatives to the schwacke car valuation??

The most important in a nutshell

  • The schwacke list is considered the industry standard for car valuation. It can be used to accurately determine the vehicle value of used cars.
  • Car dealers as well as private individuals can also have their used cars appraised online.
  • The certificate obtained usually serves as a good basis for negotiation when selling or buying a used car.

What is the schwacke-list?

The schwacke list can be used to determine the value of used cars. © gettyimages/gopixa

The schwacke-list contains about 30.000 vehicles with numerous models and equipment. It serves as a guideline for dealers, private sellers and buyers to determine the value of used cars to determine.

The schwacke list is published by eurotax schwacke gmbh, which now also offers lists for the valuation of two-wheelers, motor homes, commercial vehicles and boats.

How is the vehicle value determined?

the schwacke-liste is a large database with algorithms. © gettyimages/orbon alija

the schwacke list has long since ceased to be a classic paper list, but is now a database with various algorithms.

  • From the trade press
  • With a look at the used car market
  • Sales prices from car dealers
  • Age
  • Mileage
  • Equipment
  • Model

On the basis of the characteristics mentioned and in comparison with the prices of similar vehicles, the used cars are grouped together. This then results in an average price.

The algorithm also takes into account points such as current price fluctuations or regional differences.

How can I have my vehicle valued?

You want to know: what is my car actually worth?? We explain to you how you can use the schwacke list to determine your vehicle’s value and how much it costs.

Where can I have my vehicle appraised??

You can easily have your vehicle appraised online. © gettyimages/peopleimages

you can have your vehicle valued online at eurotax schwacke gmbh.

  • The color and the model or
  • Enter the data from the vehicle registration document.

With the information from the vehicle registration document, the valuation is usually more accurate.

  • Number of doors
  • Year of manufacture
  • Special equipment
  • Mileage

Important: with the schwacke-list you can only have cars valued that are not older than 12 years. For older vehicles, the value can no longer be determined neutrally and so accurately.

If you still want to get an estimate for your older vehicle, you can contact TuV. Or you can use the sales prices of comparable vehicle models as a guide.

What does a car valuation cost using the schwacke list?

In addition to the schwacke list, there are also free providers for vehicle evaluation. © gettyimages/mangostar_studio

The vehicle valuation based on the schwacke-list costs 7,90 euro.

  • Vehicle data (kilometers, engine capacity, number of cylinders)
  • special equipment
  • Standard equipment
  • Dealer purchase price
  • Selling price

Are there any free alternatives to the schwacke car valuation??

the schwacke list has become a good selling point and industry standard. If you don’t want to spend money or have a free appraisal of your used car first, you can also get the vehicle value from other providers.

  • car.De (TuV tested)
  • ADAC (free for members only)

Buying or selling a car?

If you have determined the value of your used car and now want to sell it, there are a few things to consider. Find out everything you need to know about test drives, payment and the purchase contract in our guide "selling a car: what to consider?".

In order to be able to negotiate a fair price when buying a used car, we recommend that you request the schwacke certificate from the seller. Our checklist of important car buying tips will also help you find your dream car.

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