Suv comparative test: duster wins against three competitors in auto bild allrad

Dacia duster comfort blue dci 115 4WD, diesel, 85 kw: overall consumption (l/100km): urban: 4.9; extra-urban: 4.5; combined: 4.7; CO2 emissions combined (g/km): 123. Energy efficiency class B. For a graphical representation of the energy efficiency class click HERE. Dacia duster: overall consumption combined (l/100 km): 8.7-4.1; CO2 emissions combined (g/km): 156-108.* energy efficiency class: E-A. (values according to measurement procedure VO [EG] 715/2007). For a graphical representation of the energy efficiency class click HERE.

In the SUV comparison test conducted by the trade magazine auto bild allrad, the dacia duster blue dci 115 competed against three renowned rivals – and in the end came out the clear winner. 1 against the inexpensive all-wheel drive hyundai kona 1.6 CRDI, ford ecosport 1.5 ecoblue and mazda CX-3 skyactiv-D 115 no chance.

At auto bild allrad, the name says it all: in the tests conducted by the renowned trade magazine, the focus is not only on driving comfort, value for money, fuel consumption and available space. The editors also put the automotive test candidates through their paces offroad. Perfect conditions for the dacia duster blue dci 115, which faces competition from hyundai, ford and mazda in the SUV comparison test. The experts want to know: which of the four all-wheel-drive vehicles is the best among the "super-compact diesel SUVs"??

SUV comparison test: "mazda, hyundai and ford cost 50% more" than the duster

The duster secures its first chapter victory even before the first test kilometers have been completed. And very clearly: in the cost chapter, the price breaker triumphs in SUV territory with 174 points and a clear lead over the competition. Auto bild allrad puts it in a nutshell in its SUV comparison test: "if you compare ford, hyundai and mazda with the dacia, the equipment-adjusted difference is around 10.000 euro. The dacia is therefore around 50 percent cheaper than the other three candidates."

The tested dacia duster blue dci 115 already shines with a comprehensive range of standard equipment, for example incl. of a tempo pilot. "these prices already include amenities such as air conditioning, cruise control, heated exterior mirrors and radio including hands-free system," praises auto bild allrad. A little more is all you need? no problem: "ordering additional extras is really fun at these prices: seat heating for 150 euros, automatic air conditioning control for 200 euros, rear view camera and navigation system as part of the package for 600 euros. It’s a pleasure to order and still not reach 20 liters.000 euros. Ford, hyundai and mazda, on the other hand, do."

Dacia duster offers by far the largest trunk in the suv comparison test

In typical dacia fashion, the duster combines its outstandingly low price with very good intrinsic values. And that despite the fact that it is 50 percent cheaper than the other candidates in this SUV comparison test. The experienced testers from auto bild allrad state: "when you get into the dacia, you certainly don’t get the impression that half of what you’re getting has been saved." best example: the experts find that the seats offer sufficient comfort even on 500-kilometer day trips. The chassis is also rated as "quite comfortable". In addition, the duster convinces with the best feeling of space.

A particular advantage of the duster: with 411 to 1.501 liters** the "significantly larger trunk" than the three competitors. The latter only come to values of 333 to 1.238 liters (ford), 361 to 1.143 liters (hyundai) and 350 to 1.440 liters (mazda). And that’s not all: "and it’s also easy to use, because the dacia also boasts the highest payload: 502 kilograms. The other three can’t keep up," praises auto bild allrad in the SUV comparison test.

Dacia duster with largest payload, highest towing capacity and lowest cost in test

When it comes to functionality and versatility, the duster is the best of the three. the journalists’ verdict could hardly be clearer: "in general, the dacia is clearly the most pragmatic car of this quartet: the largest cargo space, the highest payload and also the highest towing capacity. After all, the hyundai 1 can tow 1.5 tons.250 kilograms, the mazda 1.200 and the ford even only 1.100 kilograms."

And how does the all-wheeler fare in the cost category?? Three guesses: the dacia duster is also a clear winner in this SUV comparison test and shines with the lowest maintenance costs: "it is the cheapest to insure and has the most economical engine: 5.4 liters/100 km on average, 7.5 liters at full throttle and only 4.3 liters/100 km when driving economically."

Duster is also ideal for off-road use

And what about the off-road qualities of the dacia duster?? Quite outstanding! In the "all-wheel drive/off-road characteristics" section, the duster secured a commanding first place with 71 points. By way of comparison, the second-placed car only has a score of 56, while the third and fourth-placed cars only have 55 and 55 respectively. 47 counters. The clear verdict of the testers: "If you have to travel seriously and frequently on rough terrain, the only choice is the dacia."Its "respectable ground clearance of 210 mm," the tight body overhangs and the very short first gear ratio make it a talented crawler.

A commanding victory for the dacia duster in the SUV comparison test

Of course, we don’t want to deprive our readers of the final hymn of praise: "so it’s the dacia that clearly comes out on top here in the points standings. Because in addition to its undisputed value for money and low maintenance costs, it also has a considerable edge in the all-wheel drive and off-road chapter. no wonder it is by far the best-selling car in this class. its classlessness, which is often emphasized in advertising, is also a credit to it."

Conclusion: the dacia duster blue dci 115 did almost everything right in this SUV comparison test. "in this class, there’s simply no getting around the dacia duster dci. its price/performance ratio is as unrivaled as its off-road capability."

* the given values were measured according to the prescribed measurement procedures VO [EG] 715/2007 and § 2 nrn. 5, 6, 6a pkw-envkv in the currently valid version and determined without additional equipment. the information does not refer to a single vehicle and is not part of the offer, but serves solely for comparative purposes between the different types of vehicles. Further information on the official fuel consumption, official specific CO2 emissions and electricity consumption of new passenger cars can be found in the "guide on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and electricity consumption of new passenger cars", which is available free of charge from all renault partners and from deutsche automobil treuhand (DAT). The guide is also available as a download.
** according to VDA-standard.

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