Summer vacation by car: tips! How to travel successfully by car

Summer vacation by car

These tips will make your summer vacation by car a success. >> more about the topic guide

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AUTO ZEITUNG has put together a few tips for your next trip to ensure that your summer vacation with your car doesn’t turn into stress!

Taking the car on summer vacation: starting your summer vacation in traffic jams and heat can be quite stressful. But don’t worry: there are other ways to avoid these costs if you follow a few important tips before and during your trip. It’s best to be well rested when you get in the car: "if you’re planning a long trip, you should be well rested when you get in the car. the mood should be positive and full of anticipation", says traffic psychologist thomas wagner from dekra. Because if you drive off irritated and rushed, you are susceptible to rash and spontaneous actions, which can easily lead to aggressive behavior. But not only driver:in, but also the car should start fit into the summer vacation. With the following tips, nothing should stand in the way of your next trip. More on this topic: car on winter vacation

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Tips for the vacation drive in the video:

Insurance check before the car trip to the summer vacation

If you want to take your car on a summer vacation, you’d better check your insurance policy beforehand- especially if the trip takes you abroad. This is especially true for additional insurance, as it excludes certain risks such as theft in some destination countries, says romy mothes of auto club europa (ACE). EU-wide regulations do not exist. It is therefore advisable in any case to take out a mallorca policy to protect against damage abroad. This will ensure compensation at home level. In addition, car drivers should carry their green insurance card with them on their summer vacation, which lists all important data. More on this topic: finding the cheapest insurance cover for SUVs
Car insurance

Which insurances are suitable for car drivers?

Checking the car before going on summer vacation

The condition of the tires plays an important role when driving to summer vacations. "In addition to checking the tread for damage and the tread depth, which should be at least four millimeters, the correct tire pressure is very important", says gerrit reichel of the automobil-club verkehr (ACV). Depending on the load, the load may have to be increased by up to 50 percent. Information on how much air to fill the tank can be found in the owner’s manual, in the fuel tank cap or in the entrance to the driver’s door. Important: also check the spare wheel before starting the journey. If drivers have a flat tire kit instead, they should test the compressor and replace the liquid rubber after five years at the latest. ÜIt’s also vital to have a clear view: a comprehensive check of windows, headlights and windshield wipers is therefore also part of your travel preparations. "Small stone chips can develop into large cracks during the journey and brittle wiper blades leave wide streaks on the windshield", warns reichel. The level of the windshield washer system and the cooling system should also be checked before the journey. And: if you drive a modern diesel vehicle, you should always remember to carry enough adblue with you. Incidentally, many garages offer vacation checks that also include brake oil level and co. üBe checked. More on this topic: how "adblue" is used applied?

Motorhome (vacation): cleaning, water tank & electrics

Check the first-aid kit and warning vests before going on vacation

Before setting off on their summer vacation, motorists should also check the contents of their first-aid kit. It is important to pay attention not only to the completeness but also to the expiration date, as the German Medical Technology Association (bvmed) advises. This applies especially to sterile items such as compresses and bandages. Because if the printed date is exceeded, sterility is no longer guaranteed and a replacement is due. But drivers should also check the contents of their car regularly. The necessary equipment was added five years ago- for example, a 14-piece plaster set, a first-aid kit for children and two cleansing tissues for the skin. Current boxes or bags carry the DIN number 13164, according to the bvmed. And: first-aid kits and warning vests should not be buried under piles of luggage, but should always be within easy reach in the trunk or footwell of the car.

Mandatory high-visibility vests germany what color car driver safety advisor

Anticyclical driving for summer vacation

If you are going on a summer vacation by car, you should drive as anticyclically as possible. The majority of vacationers leave on Friday afternoon the first traffic jams are then naturally programmed. "It’s better to start your vacation anticyclically and, for example, use the evening and nighttime hours for your journey", recommends romy mothes of the auto club europa (ACE). Drivers on their way abroad should, if possible, use smaller border crossings, since they are usually much faster there. Traffic psychologist thomas wagner from dekra also advises people to act in partnership when driving to their summer vacation- see other road users as allies and not as opponents. This includes, for example, allowing the other person to merge and being considerate on the road overall. "Today’s traffic density is perceived by many as a burden and a restriction, which stirs up negative emotions and encourages erratic behavior, so wagner. It’s better to make progress together than against each other on the car journey to your summer vacation. More on this topic: what to look out for when renting a car on vacation

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The correct seating position for summer vacation driving

If you want to take your car on a summer vacation, you have to do one thing above all else: sit down. Correct seat adjustment is crucial so that the journey does not become a torture. "A slightly reclined seating position is ideal. The arms should be slightly bent and the thighs should rest loosely on the front edge of the seat", recommends gerrit reichel of the automobile club verkehr (ACV). In addition, the distance to the steering wheel should be chosen so that the knees are still slightly bent even when the pedal is depressed. A relaxed sitting position is also important for safety: only then is the driver able to react quickly and correctly.

Car seat settings

Take sufficient breaks when driving to your summer vacation destination

If you sit in the car for too long on a summer vacation, you will lose concentration. For this reason, traffic psychologist wagner advises drivers to find a parking space at least every two hours. It’s best to plan for stops when planning your trip: "If there’s any sign of a traffic jam, it’s better to turn off early and take a break, especially when the temperature is high." During the breaks, exercise gets the circulation going again. More on this topic: tips on foreign traffic fines

Driving to your summer vacation: tips for refueling

Drivers should also think about refueling before heading off on their summer vacation. While super, normal or diesel are common names for gasoline in this country, it can be called something completely different in neighboring EU countries. "The name of the fuel is often given in the local language", says romy mothes of the auto club europa (ACE). In Spain, for example, drivers who want to fill up with regular gasoline have to fill up with "gasolina" refueling. On the other hand, diesel fuel pumps in the U.K. are marked "derv". Drivers can obtain information about the fueling rules in the country of transit or destination from the various automobile clubs.

Gas pump

Taking the car on summer vacation: heat tips

If you’re going on a summer vacation by car, you’ll often be sitting in the car even when the temperature is high. But be careful: heat makes you tired and unable to concentrate what can quickly become dangerous. "The risk of accidents increases, explains ADAC spokesman johannes boos. On hot days, for example, there are more accidents caused by a lack of concentration, such as rear-end collisions. But if drivers follow a few tips, they can reduce this risk. "Open the windows and doors before setting off. And briefly switch on the air circulation when starting. Only then close the windows and switch on the air conditioning", advises boos. Important: do not set the temperature too cold and do not point the air conditioning directly at the body. "Otherwise, the large difference in temperature affects concentration, strains the circulation and can lead to colds and tension, the expert continues. In general, it makes more sense to do without air conditioning for short journeys and open the windows instead. On the other hand, if you’re traveling long distances, you should switch off the air conditioning shortly before you reach your destination and just leave the ventilation running. This allows condensation to evaporate and gives foul-smelling bacteria and fungi no chance. But not only drivers, but also the vehicle itself can suffer from the heat: high temperatures can cause problems, especially for the battery. Drivers should therefore have them checked regularly at the garage. One last tip, because it cannot be said often enough: drivers should never leave children and animals in the car in hot weather. After just a few minutes, this can be life-threatening. According to the ADAC spokesman, a car parked in the blazing sun can heat up to 60 degrees after just one hour.

Driving a car heat tips summer guide service

Summer vacation: tips for traveling with children

If you have children on board for your summer vacation, there are a few tips you should take to heart to ensure that the trip doesn’t turn into stress. For this reason, car drivers with children should not travel more than 500 kilometers in one day and plan enough breaks, preferably every one and a half hours. When drivers head for rest stops with children’s playgrounds or play areas, the little ones can let off steam a little too. Also sufficient food- preferably something that does not crumble or drip- Of course, they can’t miss out. Infants should only be given food during breaks, however, as they could choke or injure themselves with a bottle. It’s best not to drink carbonated beverages, as they can easily upset the stomach. Nevertheless, motorists should always carry a bag of fuel just in case or best of all several are also included. In the end, however, it’s usually boredom that puts a damper on long car journeys with children. To minimize the stress factor, the ADAC’s traffic experts advise listening to audio books and playing guessing games. Young people should not read books or play games on their cell phones for too long, otherwise they could get sick. tablet, dvd player or laptop are also suitable as distractions. When the equipment is not in use, however, it should be stowed safely, otherwise it could become dangerous in the event of an accident.

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