Sports car rental in munich

If you come from the munich area and have long wished to spend a few fast hours or days with a powerful super sports car? Then take advantage of the diamond cars offer to make your dream come true in a very uncomplicated way. because with us you have the possibility to rent your desired sports car. In munich and many other cities, numerous vehicles are ready and waiting for you to pick them up. Diamond cars makes it especially easy for you to rent the most popular sports cars. In munich you will find cars from porsche, ferrari, BMW and lamborghini, for example, with which you can experience the thrill of speed at first hand. And the best thing is that you can easily book the car you want online.

To rent the most amazing sports cars in munich and enjoy freedom

Let yourself be amazed by our cars, reserved for only a few people, which you can now enjoy for a day, a weekend or a whole week. For example, how about renting a Mercedes AMG and experiencing the extreme performance and luxury that the vehicles of the German premium manufacturer have to offer?? May it be a little more sporty? Then maybe you should rent a "thoroughbred" Audi rent a sports car. In munich, for example, the porsche GT3 or the lamborghini huracan are available for this purpose. Of course, we also offer you the possibility of renting an american sports car. In munich, the ford mustang with 5 liter V8 engine and other muscle cars are waiting for you. No matter which vehicle you ultimately choose, you will always receive a well-maintained car in top technical and optical condition.

  • Audi
  • BMW ///M rent
  • Rent a Ferrari
  • Lamborghini rent
  • Mustang rental
  • AMG rent
  • Nissan GTR rent
  • Rent a Porsche

Vouchers for an amazing driving experience: sports car rental in munich

you know of someone in your family or circle of acquaintances who is totally into sporty cars and would like to drive one themselves one day? Then we have the perfect gift idea for you! You can rent a sports car and give it away in munich and other cities in the form of a voucher. The recipient then has the opportunity to enjoy the chosen vehicle to the full for one or more days. You can get corresponding vouchers in our voucher shop. Of course you can specify more than one driver when booking. Then you can share the pleasure of driving a super sports car.

Renting a sports car in munich: a simple and straightforward process

Do you want to rent a sports car and explore country roads and highways in and around munich?? No problem, then book now your desired car comfortably online. For this purpose we offer you a sophisticated booking tool, which makes it very easy for you to reserve a sports car. Among other things, you specify the desired booking period and select from additional bookable options such as mileage packages. Afterwards you complete the booking request and within a short time you will receive a reservation confirmation from us. Of course, the possibility of renting a sports car is not limited to munich. We can also deliver the vehicle you have reserved to a location of your choice anywhere in europe.

rent a sports car in munich at fair conditions

Don’t miss the opportunity to rent a sports car today. In munich and at all our other locations you can rent your dream car at fair prices, for a day, a weekend or a whole week. Sufficient mileage is included in the rental price, as is fully comprehensive insurance, so you can enjoy all the facets of the vehicle you have rented with peace of mind. Take a look at our sports cars now and decide on your personal favorite!

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