Speeding at 417 km/h on the a2: speeders face punishment

Police in saxony-anhalt initiate proceedings against a czech millionaire: he is accused of illegal car racing. Coming a tempolimit?

At 417 km/h on the autobahn - that also rekindles the debate about a speed limit

Halle/MZ – – at 417 kilometers per hour on highway 2: the speeding of czech millionaire radim passer near burg (jerichower land district) could be followed by a severe penalty. As the central traffic and freeway service of the saxony-Anhalt police announced on Monday, proceedings have been initiated against the speeding driver. "it is about the accusation of a forbidden motor vehicle race", said spokeswoman doreen gunther to the MZ. the case is now with the public prosecutor’s office for legal assessment. "that’s where it has to be decided how to proceed," said gunther.

High-speed drive already in july 2021

According to Passer’s own statement, the high-speed drive that is currently causing a stir internationally took place in July 2021. On the dead-straight section of the A2 between ziesar and theeben, just over the border with brandenburg, the czech man accelerated his bugatti chiron to 417 kilometers per hour. The one with 1.500 hp equipped chiron is considered the fastest production car in the world. From zero to 300 km/h he needs 13.6 seconds. Only at 420 kilometers per hour does he reduce the speed limit. passer probably wanted to get as close as possible to this mark. Previously, no one had been able to do this on public roads.

The police were not alerted to the dangerous sprint by their own speed measurement. "our devices couldn’t record that at all," said doreen gunther. In addition, there is no speed limit on the A2 section, which is why no measurements are taken there. Radim passer himself indirectly triggered the proceedings against him, as he uploaded a video of the drive on the youtube platform in mid-January. Over 6.5 million people have seen it so far.

Car racing banned since 2017

The fact that a fine can be considered without a speed limit is due to the ban on motor vehicle racing that has been in force since october 2017. According to this, it is not even necessary to have a second vehicle to race with. "the offence is committed by anyone who is driving with the aim of achieving the highest possible speed and in so doing endangers others," said doreen gunther. Since the ride according to passer at 4.50 o’clock in the morning, there were only very few cars on the road. "but if the driver had lost control of the vehicle, the accident could have happened"."

Do we want to allow multimillionaires to have fun on public roads, which can endanger human lives?.

Ferdinand dudenhofer, car expert

the behavior of the czech millionaire, who made his fortune in the real estate industry, led not only to admiration from car fans but also to much criticism. "do we want to allow multimillionaires to have fun on public roads that could endanger people’s lives?" asked car expert ferdinand dudenhoffer, for example, and suggested that only cars that do not exceed a certain maximum speed should be permitted by law. saxony-Anhalt’s transport minister lydia huskens also voiced her criticism. It is up to each individual to handle the freedom of missing speed limits responsibly, says the FDP politician. "in the present case, one may have doubts about it."

Not an accident black spot

However, huskens is skeptical about a general speed limit as a result of the campaign. Even a restriction for the affected A2 section is unlikely, police say. "there has been no increase in accidents there in recent years," says doreen gunther. In addition, the road is in order and there are no impairments due to curves or climbs. "just because someone is speeding there is not enough."

If the case goes to court, radim passer could face either a fine or a prison sentence of up to two years.

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