Sony cdxdab700u car radio

Product description – sony CDXDAB700U car radio

The sony CDXDAB700U car radio has a highly sensitive yet compact DAB antenna that sticks securely to the windshield and ensures the best signal reception. The adhesive antenna is quick and easy to install.

With this car radio, drivers can experience a wide range of radio programs in excellent sound quality. Noise and interference are a thing of the past thanks to DAB. The display is generously dimensioned and easy to read. It provides detailed information about titles, names of radio stations and, of course, DAB-dynamic-label messages.

The CD slot itself is located under the front panel, but is still easy to reach at all times. For this reason the display area has the maximum size. Of course, this car radio has all conceivable playback options.

Product details

  • DAB /DAB+ / DMB-R tuner
  • FM /MW / LW radio reception
  • DAB antenna
  • 2-line adjustable display
  • variable lighting
  • Dynamic reality amp. With 4×52 watt output power
  • Advanced sound engine / digital signal processing
  • digital clarity tuner / improved FM stereo reception
  • Automatic level optimizer / reduces volume jumps between sound sources
  • USB connection / control of ipod / iphone or USB flash memory media
  • Aux input for MP3 player
  • Sensme (divides music into mood categories)
  • ZAPPIN and quick-browzer (facilitates music search)
  • 3 x 2-volt preamplifier outputs
  • Steering wheel remote control adapter possible
  • Included in delivery: remote control RM-X211

Customer reviews


80 percent of buyers rate this car radio very positively. They praise the excellent sound quality. In addition, the device is easy to operate. Also the reception of digital DAB stations is described as problem-free.


Two buyers rate this car radio with only one star. One of these customers writes that the DAB reception in rural areas is miserable, which could possibly also be due to the antenna. Also, the ipod or iphone control hardly works at all. Tracks cannot be selected, but the car radio always plays the same music tracks.

In addition, this customer criticizes the complicated operability, which is also perceived as negative by other buyers. Furthermore, another customer confirms the poor DAB reception in some parts of Germany.


This car radio from sony is rated quite differently by buyers. Although 80 percent of customers write a rating of 4 or 5 stars, 20 percent of buyers can’t give the product more than one or two stars. For this reason, the DAB car radio receives 3.9 out of 5 stars.

One of the complaints is poor reception of DAB stations. But the reception also depends on the antenna used. One customer writes that he hardly has any DAB reception in southern Germany. But another customer from the alpine foothills states that he has had only DAB car radios for 10 years, and that the reception quality is excellent.

But unfortunately, windshield antennas are not exactly the best solution. The remaining buyers are also very satisfied with the reception quality of digital DAB stations. Although some confirm that the instructions must be read carefully before commissioning, but most customers would buy the sony CDXDAB700U car radio again because of the excellent sound quality.

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