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Smart ForTwo Convertible EQ

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Smart ForTwo Coupe EQ

Smart ForTwo Convertible EQ

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Smart fortwo as the perfect leasing car for every parking space

smart fortwo in white from the front

When the first smart fortwo was delivered in 1998, it had hardly any competitors to fear. There was no other ultra-compact city car on the market that could offer two people not only generous space but also enough stowage space for a week’s shopping in a length of just 2.5 meters. Especially in big cities, where drivers had to contend with a lack of parking spaces on a daily basis, the first smart found numerous supporters.

Five years after its launch, the smart city runabout has undergone its first makeover. While nothing has changed in terms of dimensions, the engines, chassis and appearance have been subtly revised. In addition, the smart fortwo was now also available in a version with an electric fabric roof, which, in conjunction with removable roof bars, turned the smallest car into a cabriolet.

The second generation of the smart fortwo was launched in 2007. Despite an extension of 20 centimeters, the smart was still unbeatable when it came to finding a parking space. Drivers of the third edition of the automotive dwarf, which was introduced in 2014, also benefit from the compact dimensions.

In developing the third edition of the fortwo, the designers at the daimler-benz subsidiary also took their cue from the characteristics of the first smart. Like its predecessors, the current leasing model feels most at home in the city. Although other tiny cars, such as the VW up, the Renault twingo and the Kia picanto, are now on the road, the smart with its 2.70 m length and two seats remains largely unrivaled. nevertheless we have of course interesting leasing offers for the other stadtflohe in the program.

Economical or sporty – the engines under the magnifying glass

In contrast to its external dimensions, however, the smart’s engines have grown over time. If you choose the basic engine, you will get a one-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine with 71 hp. The small car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 14.4 seconds. At a top speed of 151 km/h, propulsion comes to an end. Much more agile goes the 0.9 liter turbo gasoline engine with 90 horsepower to work. Here, the sprint from a standstill to 100 km/h is four seconds faster. With an average consumption of 4.1 liters of super, the more powerful engine in conjunction with the optional twinmatic six-speed dual-clutch transmission uses just as much fuel as its smaller brother. In order to turn the likeable citymobile into a real giftzwerg, the in-house tuner brabus has taken care of the engine. It elicits 109 resp. 125 HP. However, this increase in performance must be rewarded with an average of 4.5 liters of expensive super plus.

In addition to internal combustion engines smart also with an e-drive to get. The 81 hp electric motor provides a maximum range of 160 kilometers. Of course, you can also lease this emission-free variant at favorable conditions from our partner dealers.

Presentation of the equipment lines

For the fortwo, smart offers the following lines in addition to the basic model passion, perfect and prime at. In addition, various special models as well as the especially sporty brabus and the fortwo tailor made to get the infinite possibilities for individualization.

In the basic version, the fortwo rolls off the production line under lease with steel wheels, black upholstery, electric windows, central locking and a sidewind assistant. the smart passion comes in a much more colorful outfit. on request, the seats, door panels and dashboard can be upholstered in white or orange fabric instead of black. In addition, this version of the city runabout comes with 15-inch alloy wheels and a multifunction steering wheel as standard.

The simple elegance of the smart perfect. Leather-look seats with brown fabric inserts, which are also found in the instrument panel and doors, create a dignified ambience. An instrument cluster with a color 8.9 cm display and an on-board computer as well as a center console with drawer and double cup holder make the smart the perfect companion. our low leasing rates for the smart also allow you to take a more intensive look at the top version prime think about it. Here the seats are not only heated, but also covered with high quality leather.

Compare Smart fortwo offers – also lease without down payment

If you, too, are now interested in the ultra-compact cityfloh, you’ve come to the right place at leasingmarkt.De just right. Take a look around our site and discover the attractive leasing models we can offer you for the smart. Tailored to your individual wishes and needs, the small car fits not only into any parking space, but also into your very personal options.

As always: compare the different offers and vehicles carefully. Choose from special offers for private customers or the self-employed, with or without a one-off special payment at the start of the contract. If you prefer to drive a smart with 4 doors, you will also find leasing offers for the smart forfour.

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