Skoda – a czech manufacturer of cars and the facts about the company

The importance of skoda vehicles in germany

Skoda is popular as a car especially in the Czech Republic

Skoda is popular as a car especially in the czech republic.

The company skoda serves the production of vehicles. The company was founded for the first time 1895 in czech republic. However, the czech car manufacturer is not only represented in its own country. After the creation and highs and lows the company has made a name for itself. In the meantime, many skoda cars are also on the german roads to see.

In addition, there are also some branches of skoda in germany. here it is possible for you to buy a characteristic car from skoda without much effort.

the following guide will give you an insight into the history and origins of the automotive manufacturer skoda. What is typical for a skoda car and which models are a special value in the company, you will also find here.

FAQ: skoda

In 1895, the czech car brand skoda was first established as a bicycle manufacturer laurin& klement founded by vaclav laurin and vaclav klement. The first car was produced in 1905.

The company takes its name from the industrialist and engineer emil von skoda, who is said to have a flair for both new developments and problem areas.

In addition to the czech republic, skoda vehicles are also produced in china, india, russia and slovakia.

Specific guide to the skoda car brand

The diesel scandal has also caught up with Skoda

Over one million diesel vehicles were affected by the emissions scandal in 2015. To what extent the skoda car brand was involved in the affair of manipulated emissions values and cheating software and which ,vehicles were affected, you can find out in the following guidebook. » read on.

Skoda: the history of the manufacturer of the car brand

Fabia and Octavia models are very popular at Skoda

The fabia and octavia models are very popular at skoda.

In the year the automotive company was founded, it was still called laurin& klement. Later the engineering group with the name skoda bought the group on.

Because after the first world war the company financially very weakened. after the second world war the skoda company was nationalized. The company is named after industrial emil from skoda.

Emil von skoda was honored by the use of the name, because this was a particular sense of research and development of vehicles has possessed. As technician and production manager he was able to put this knowledge into practice.

Skoda and its vehicles are since 1991 part of the volkswagen AG, which made the group more famous and bigger. The production as well as the variety of different motor vehicles has increased since then.

Skoda is quite familiar with the production to the bicycle construction and therefore has a connection to cycling. Since 2004, the manufacturer has therefore been supporting the "tour de france" intensive. Laurin& klement had started making bicycles and after the takeover was mainly focused on the production of vehicles. Since 2006, bicycles with skoda brands produces.

the history of the skoda logo

With used cars from skoda and also new cars you can always find the typical brand logo find. This has evolved several times over the years. However, the basic idea of the drawing has always remained the same.

This is a arrow with another graphic, the headdress with feathers of an indian. This feather decoration connects to the arrow. Since 1991, the graphics have been in a shade of green. The green stands for the ambition of the company to environmental protection and recycling.

within the feather ornament an eye is recognizable. This is intended to indicate the precision in the processing of the vehicles as well as the technical acumen.

Skoda and important models

Skoda is known as a manufacturer for vehicles not only in the Czech Republic

Skoda is known as a manufacturer of vehicles not only in the czech republic.

Skoda has car models which have special features in development. the models are wide-ranging and range from a smallest cars over the compact class up to an SUV. The skoda range also features race and rally cars as well as commercial vehicles on.

Popular models are the skoda fabia and the skoda octavia. These models are available in several versions and have been further developed over the years with improved equipment. Since the small cars and the compact class in europe popular, there are many buyers for these models.

The fabia was also the first car to come out of the union with the VW group. In this context, skoda also acted as a service provider for volkswagen. Because the model of the skoda fabia serves to give the other brands of the group the experience for the development of other vehicles to give.

As a subsidiary of VW, there is an approval or rejection for each vehicle. Therefore there are some models which not mass produced have been or have been put on the market. decision lies with the volkswagen group as the parent company, which sets guidelines for new model types states.

The skoda models and prices

With skoda the prices can be very different. The costs are related to whether it is a new cars or a skoda used car is traded in. The type is also decisive. The equipment can also play a significant role in the price.

For the respective models of the new cars, the prices are usually directly from the manufacturer or in a local branch to find. Here a customer receives on demand for the desired model and the associated extra equipment a price list.

Skoda: the country of production and production sites
originally the actual country of manufacture of a skoda is czech republic, the founding country. In the meantime there are four more countries of production of czech cars. These are:

  • Slovakia
  • Russia
  • India
  • China

Mainly most of the models and also the transmissions in the czech republic produced. There are three skoda plants here. The fabia and the rapid model are increasingly produced in india. In slovakia, it was mainly the skoda octavia production instead of. Currently, however, the model of the skoda citigo is more likely to come off the production line here.

Audi and seat are manufacturers of the parent company just like skoda and therefore also partly produce in the joint plants.

Official facilities of the company

Skoda brands can be found more and more on the roads in Germany

Skoda brands are increasingly on the roads in germany.

The company skoda owns a university, which is called the "skoda auto vysoka skola" carries. The school was founded in 2000. Specialized university on courses of studies from the area of economy.

So are offers for the subject management and financial management usual.

The headquarters are located in the founding city mlada boleslav in the czech republic. In order to 950 students the school has in the meantime.

In the same city, belonging to the skoda plant, there is a museum of the car manufacturer. Here visitors can get information about the company and view models of skoda. Thereby older, almost historically valuable vehicles and more modern cars on display.

Some of them have a special history or otherwise famous obtains. the plant itself can also be visited on site.

Another skoda museum is located in denmark on the island of fyn been built. Here, too, the visitor has the opportunity to find out older models view. Especially among car lovers the museums are very popular.

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