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Classic cars not only serve as a lucrative financial investment, but also represent an form of prestige. Unfortunately, the maintenance costs of the vehicles are usually quite high. This is why the sale of the car is usually the only option considered.

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Despite the attractiveness and collector’s value, the upkeep of a classic car can quickly become expensive. With wekaufendeinauto.De you have the possibility without problems your classic car for sale.

classic cars not only serve as a lucrative financial investment, they also represent a form of prestige. Unfortunately, the maintenance costs of the vehicles are usually quite high. As a rule, the sale of a car is therefore the only option considered.

We buy a car.De is your expert if you want to sell your classic car. We are familiar with all makes and models from and appraise all vehicles professionally and uncomplicatedly. Use our online tool today and book your appointment now at one of our branches near you!

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1. Retro cars as a financial investment: selling oldtimers despite appreciation in value?

To have a rarity from the 60s or 70s in the garage at home is the best thing in the world wish of many car drivers. more and more dealers are offering american classic cars for sale on the market. Whoever owns such a vehicle, owns a piece of history, which sometimes drives better than one or the other new car.

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In principle classic cars according to §2 abs.22 the vehicle registration ordinance vehicles that were first put on the road at least 30 years ago, are as close as possible to their original condition, are in a good state of preservation and are used for the maintenance of the motor vehicle cultural heritage.

The cars bear the so-called "H license plate" and are considered historic vehicles.

A license plate with advantages

The age as well as the condition play with the vehicles the largest role. Such vehicles may not be used for regular purposes and must be insured for tax purposes basically worth preserving its. Such an H license plate offers the owners some advantages:

  • exhaust emission regulations of some city centers do not apply to vintage cars
  • Facilitation of the main inspection
  • Special insurance policies are available

classic cars are considered to be real prestige vehicles, which are particularly popular due to their tax advantages and their value make a purchase at a good price so attractive.

Tax advantages

Due to the sporadic use of vintage cars compared to conventional used cars, their owners benefit from a favorable annual amount in car tax. according to §9 of the motor vehicle tax act (kraftstg), this amounts to an average of 191.73 euro per year for passenger cars.

as for insurance premiums, they are calculated according to the age of the vehicles.

The older the classic car, the cheaper the car policy. The vehicles can be purchased for as little as age of 25 years but are limited to private use and a mileage of up to 9 kilometers.000 kilometers limited.

However, classic car drivers may unlike older used cars, you can do without the environmental sticker, which makes a city trip thus more carefree.

price increase for rarities

For decades the ford mustang, the dodge challenger and the chevrolet camaro among the most popular classic cars in the u.s. automotive industry. As the epitome of the sporty coupe, the icon of US cars or America’s number 1 sports car: compared to the conventional used car, each of the models shines with an increase in value that pays off.

According to automotive experts, the first generation of the camaro has seen an almost constant price increase in germany since its market launch in 1967. The 67 model is now available for around 55.000 euro available. In the last seven years, the value has increased by almost 15.000 euro increased.

Of course, there are also classic cars that are considerably more expensive. Rare models like the one that appeared in the middle of the 50s BMW 507, whose number was limited to 260 cars, sell in best condition for over two million euros. Such rarities are among the most valuable in their class.

classic car vs. Old car: continued increase in value

What also makes a classic car so attractive is that, compared to a used car, it has an hardly any loss of value. On the contrary: a classic car often steadily increases in value over the years. Therefore, for many, ownership is a good investment and a better option than selling the classic car.

For comparison: the mercedes C 200 T CDI avantgarde with year of construction 2011 is currently available at a new price for just under 38.000 euro to buy.

After three years and driven 55.000 kilometers, the value is only just under 19.000 euro. This corresponds to a depreciation of 50 percent. A BMW 733i from the 1977 model series, on the other hand, can be bought in well-maintained condition for as little as 20.000 euros available, retro feeling included.

However, to ensure that the value is actually maintained, needs regular care and partly complex maintenance, which quickly goes into the money.

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2. classic car sale: the problem of value retention

Maintaining the value of these vehicles over the long term is probably one of the biggest challenges facing their owners. Although most oldtimers linger in garages, humidity or excessively dry air quickly become a danger. If the air humidity is too low, cracks in the plastic, porous seals and broken cables in the electronics will occur.

If, on the other hand, the humidity is too high, there is a risk of extreme damage corrosion, mold and unpleasant musty odor, what affects the condition of the car.

To counteract this, there are various climate managers, such as dehumidifiers, humidifiers or ozone generators, which are designed to provide an optimum environment for the vehicle. The costs for such technologies, however, amount to four-digit sums.

aCClimatIon anD assemBLe

Small jobs such as fitting new brake pads are also particularly important for inexperienced owner quickly a problem. Not to mention the necessary tools and the suitable vehicle parts, some of which are difficult to obtain on the market.

Although classic cars may seem like an attractive investment, as an owner you should always be prepared for the possibility of five-figure costs and a lot of hassle. The maintenance of a classic car costs money and the vehicles need regular and intensive care.

So that you do not hope in vain for an increase in value and make financial losses by repairs, there is still the possibility to sell your oldtimer and that easy and for a fair price.

3. Selling classic cars made easy – with wirkaufendeinauto.De

As an expert on the used car market, we are very familiar with all types of vehicles. We appraise any oldtimer and determine if our quick sale is available for the vehicle. So we are your partner for classic car sales in germany.

You are looking for a buyer? Book an appointment of your choice at one of our branches now. one of our experts will take a close look at your oldtimer. on-site appraisal usually takes no longer than 30 minutes. We also inspect youngtimers and other classics.

This is how you can quickly and reliably find out the best way to sell your classic car.

The following oldtimers were sold by wirkaufendeinauto.De already purchased:

make model year mileage
renault 4 0.9 1956 85.325 km
trabant trabant 0.6 1963 20.431 km
ford mustang 4.0 1965 14.812 km
pontiac firebird 5.7 V6 1967 69.868 km
mercedes-benz eight 200 1970 243.930 km
jaguar XJS 5.3 1974 172.800 km
porsche 924 turbo 1980 27.792 km
fiat 124 sport spider 2.0 1981 95.553 km

  • Renault 4 0.9 (year of construction: 1956, mileage: 85.325 km)
  • Trabant 0.6 (year of construction: 1963, mileage: 20.431 km)
  • Ford mustang 4.0 (year of construction: 1965, mileage: 14.812 km)
  • Pontiac firebird 5.7 V6 (year of construction: 1970, mileage: 69.868 km)
  • Mercedes-benz dash eight 200 (year of construction: 1963, mileage: 243.930 km)
  • Jaguar XJS 5.3 (year of construction: 1974, mileage: 172.800 km)
  • Porsche 924 turbo (year of construction: 1980, mileage: 27.792 km)
  • Fiat 124 sport spider 2.0 (year of construction: 1981, mileage: 95.553 km)

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