Schwacke list or dat list – car lists as a basis for vehicle valuation

Schwacke list or DAT list - car lists as a basis for vehicle valuation

Once introduced to provide a solid basis for calculating the price of a young used car, the car list consisted of one A4 page and contained all the data available on a car model at that time, which served as a basis for assessment in price negotiations. As the number of models, data and facts increases, so does the number of car lists and their content. Providers are for example DAT or schwacke. Since the 1980s, the collection of data has become possible at an increasingly higher level. computer aided programs made this possible.

Schwacke list and DAT list are becoming more and more user-friendly

Through the combination of specialized software and the low-cost availability of the Internet, it is currently possible to calculate a value for almost any model in an instant, taking statistical data and thus providing an average market value for each car. The free and non-binding online vehicle valuation of autolos.De calculates a current and non-binding value of your vehicle with the help of market research companies, data from motor vehicle appraisal agencies, car sales exchanges and our own experience. The program compares this information with the vehicle data you entered and calculates an initial average value that reflects a professional and comprehensible valuation of your vehicle. Effortlessly and without having to invest a lot of time, you have taken the first essential step towards having your car valued free of charge, taking into account the latest data.

Sold below value, despite schwacke list

The car value of a car list is based on purely statistical data, which is collected every time a vehicle is sold. From these data, an average value is calculated, which, however, can stand for a large price range. So it is quite possible that you have calculated the value of your car on the basis of these lists and are not even aware that you could sell your car below value. because statistically obtained values can be misinterpreted. However, they serve as a first value orientation, which can be optimized to your advantage by a professional car evaluation, as we can offer you free of charge.

The list value always reflects the average of a possible price range. Depending on how well you have taken care of your car, this range can then vary.

So that you can find out the concrete value of your vehicle in its current condition conveniently and quickly, autolos offers you the following services.De offers a free, no obligation valuation service. If you wish, one of our experienced automotive experts will come to you and carry out the value analysis on site. of course you can also use this service in our branch in leipzig. You decide how it is most convenient for you. With just a few steps you know what your car is worth. Start now our free and non-binding online valuation for your vehicle.

List price is not purchase price

the principle still prevails that the valuation of a vehicle should be based on its individual specifics, which are reflected in an appropriate value. A well-maintained garage car will fetch a better price than the same model with rust already on the suspension because it has been exposed to wind and weather. Before selling a car, the valuation is essential. We support you free of charge.

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