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To determine the value of the car when selling it, many would like to get the schwacke list online for free. We give you information on the schwacke list and show you suitable alternatives when it comes to vehicle valuation.

For decades the schwacke list is used for the valuation of the passenger car. Especially before the internet age, most sellers used the schwacke list for the correct valuation of the car. Even nowadays the schwacke list is used to get the value of the car. the price list for the valuation is used by private individuals as well as by commercial car dealers.

Key data such as year of manufacture, mileage and vehicle type are entered online and the vehicle rating is based on statistical data. This data is collected in a time-consuming process and is only partially based on real market data. Although you get a valuation for the car, but no possibility to sell the vehicle after the valuation.

Schwacke list: the most important facts in brief

  1. The schwacke list is only partially accessible to private individuals, as the schwacke system is mainly tailored to the automotive industry
  2. The paid online access to the schwacke car valuation for private users was discontinued at the beginning of 2020
  3. With the schwacke-liste vehicle evaluation, it was only possible to determine basic values for end consumers without special equipment
  4. With deinautoguide you can get a free car valuation with your special equipment, without registration

Best alternative to the blacklist?


The alternative is provided by deinautoguide.De at your disposal. We do not only offer you a free vehicle evaluation for your car, but through us you also have the possibility to sell your used car. Our free online car valuation is based on real market data and thus reflects the current used car price on the market.

For this we need data like the first registration, mileage and the answer of qualitative questions about the vehicle condition. With the help of this data we will evaluate your car online and after the evaluation, if you want to sell your car, we will send you an innovative condition report& to get the final sales value. The neutral condition survey is checked by deinautoguide experts and reflects the vehicle’s condition and sales value. After the final selling price you can make an appointment to pick up the car at your desired location. This is how you can sell your car from the comfort of your own home without annoying renegotiation. In the following, we intensively compare which two models are best suited for vehicle valuation.

The history of the schwacke list

schwacke-list history

The schwacke list is almost legendary, because it has been used for decades. If you wanted to sell your used car before the age of the internet, you couldn’t get around the schwacke-liste if you wanted to know the approximate value of your car. On 15. November 1957 hanns W. Schwacke publishes the first Schwacke list with only two vehicles. As early as 1965, more than 29 models are included in the list and today more than 3000 models are represented with more than ten million equipment features.

The idea for the list came from hanns W. Schwacke by an american. the US soldier wanted to get rid of his cadillac at mr. schwacke, who was running a car dealership in frankfurt at that time. When the latter didn’t quite know what he could offer in return, the american asked if he couldn’t look in the "blue book", the uS price list for used vehicles. Schwacke decides on this day to copy the idea from america and thus establishes the schwacke-list.

The schwacke company today

Eurotax schwacke gmbh with headquarters in maintal is today is the publisher of the schwacke list with 86 employees in germany and 12.5 mio. Sales. The eurotax schwacke gmbh is a subsidiary of the former eurotaxglass’s group with headquarters in switzerland. In the meantime, the group of companies operates worldwide under the name autovista international AG and offers a similar version of the schwacke-liste under other names in countries such as France, the USA and Spain. The group currently employs around 800 people and operates internationally in more than 33 countries. Main business segment is the schwacke list and vehicle valuation in all target markets.

the schwacke list – used by whom?

Since its introduction, the schwacke list has been used by used car dealers, manufacturers, banks, leasing companies and appraisers for reliable vehicle valuations. The latter uses eurodax schwacke as a software solution to provide information for calculating residual values. Since 1995 it is also possible for end users to rate their cars on the internet for a fee. The online vehicle valuation can be used to determine the vehicle value for a fee of 7.90 €. In the meantime, however, the service schwacke list for private has been discontinued. Unfortunately, there is currently no access.

This is how the schwacke-list worked

When the schwacke list was still accessible to end users, you could enter your vehicle data for car valuation on the schwacke gmbh homepage. Vehicle data that are indispensable for determining the value of a vehicle are requested. These necessary vehicle data were:

  • First registration
  • Mileage
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Type
  • Motorization
  • Type

special equipment end users could not specify. The schwacke system has used statistical data from lists, car exchanges, small ads, internal price lists, ownership registrations, standing times, inventory figures, etc. to determine the value of the vehicle. A large amount of data evaluated to the specified vehicle to determine a so-called statistical residual value. The schwacke valuation was an average value that reflected the value of an average vehicle with average equipment and condition. Before this residual value was determined, one had to make a payment in the amount of min. 7,90 EUR afford.

The schwacke-vehicle evaluation itself has as mentioned omitted the complete special equipment. This was not evaluated with final consumers and could also not be booked against surcharge additionally. For this a commercial account for over 400,- EUR was necessary with schwacke-correction lists, which were again subject to a surcharge. However, the valuation of the schwacke list, which is subject to a fee, was by no means a guarantee that the vehicle value determined would also be achieved in the actual sale. All in all, the online schwacke list was only a tool to get a price reference in the private environment. Nowadays there are many far better and free alternatives that reliably take the special equipment completely into account in the car valuation. An example for such a car valuation is deinautoguide.De

Are there any free alternatives to value the car online??

If you want to sell your car, you must first set a realistic selling price. Therefore it is advisable to have a reliable appraisal of the car done. This could be done for a fee of 7,90€ via the schwacke-liste or now exclusively free of charge with an online vehicle valuation. The schwacke list is an excellent way to reliably determine the approximate value of a vehicle for a fee. The valuation is based on a constant market observation and an extensive market analysis. The price data bases form thereby different lists, which are consulted internally and externally.

Schwacke obtains information from car dealers and also takes into account real transaction values in order to correctly record regional differences in value and price fluctuations. This results in a value that is to be classified as a guideline value, but is not to be seen as the actual sales price. By the guideline value one approximates the actual vehicle value. So the vehicle value can be better narrowed down. To get the price from the schwacke-list you need the manufacturer, type of car, year of construction, first registration and the mileage. Of course you can also use schwacke car index, which is the digital form of the schwack list.

FAQ: schwacke-list what you should know

The access to the list can be found under schwacke.Net. The schwacke list is an online software product, for which you need a paid account, which is only available to professionals.

The schwacke-liste is a system or. Tool for companies in the automotive sector to determine the residual value of vehicles for purchase and sale.

No, the schwacke-list is no longer accessible for private individuals. In the past, there was a one-time fee of 7.90 € a calculated base residual value. In the meantime, only companies from the automotive industry can access the online service for a monthly fee.

You can not give a general answer. For this purpose, vehicle data such as make, model, vehicle type, mileage, etc. are used. Needs. Schwacke determines individual vehicle values as well as residual values for used cars. The use of this system is not free of charge and only commercial users can use it against payment.

Are there different schwacke-lists?

Important: the various schwacke lists only include models with average mileage and condition and with standard equipment. Who has a vehicle with a lot of special equipment or in a particularly good condition needs so-called correction lists. This is the only way to get the right value for your individual used car. To use the correction lists you need a subscription of 419,- euro, which has to be paid monthly to schwacke.

The schwacke list does not only provide information about the value of the car. The list also provides a large amount of data on various vehicles. Among other things, information about the different makes, models and types of vans, commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles can be obtained from the schwacke list. The market-driven valuation of residual values is only possible up to 12 years for vehicles and up to 10 years for motorcycles. Vehicles or motorcycles older than 12 years respectively. 10 years, cannot be valued via the schwacke list.

Schwacke list for professionals

In the meantime, the offer of the schwackeliste can currently only use tradesmen. Whether there will be another product for end consumers is currently still unclear. We show you the different variants of the schwacke list:

  1. There is only blacklist for traders. Since used car dealers and car traders have to value several vehicles daily with the schwacke list, these are the target customers of schwacke. There was a schwacke list for private persons which is no longer accessible.
  2. Schwacke list pro with the monthly membership, which costs about 79 euro per month for the use of the car in the subscription. The list is updated monthly here. The necessary correction lists for special equipment are included
  3. Schwackeliste pro or "super schwacke" with a much more comprehensive offer, including the application areas customs, car insurance and damage management for experts. this schwacke-list costs 129 euro per month for a subscription.

The schwacke car index – eurotaxschwacke

If you are looking for more than the schwacke-list and want to or have to get more information than just the schwacke-list, you can use the online vehicle catalog of the eurotaxschwacke (formerly schwacke pro) on the internet. This is designed exclusively for tradesmen. This system of schwacke is a fully comprehensive online system, which includes all important indicators for the vehicle value. In other words, you can also say that the schwacke-list can be fed with many other functions and valuation-relevant data, so that, for example, experts can also use the program to determine the residual value. A pure schwacke-list would be useless for this kind of car valuation. Eurotaxschwacke is mainly used by insurance companies, garages, appraisers and of course used car dealers

The best free alternative to the schwacke list – deinautoguide.De

Are there any free alternatives for reliable vehicle evaluation?? Online vehicle price calculators offer good alternatives for determining the value of a car free of charge. However, online based vehicle valuations need to be based on real market data in order to produce reliable values. The best way to evaluate your car through deinautoguide.De

With us you can carry out a car valuation free of charge. The best alternative to get the vehicle value free of charge with subsequent sale option. You have not only the possibility to evaluate your car for free, because after the free calculation of the car value you can sell your car through us. To calculate the value of the car, you only have to enter the basic data such as make, model, generation, engine, first registration and mileage. Qualitative questions about the condition of the vehicle are also used by us to accurately determine the value of the vehicle. after entering your data, you will receive your car valuation free of charge in just a few seconds.

Our online valuation tool uses real market data and is constantly optimized by real transaction values.

Yourautoguide.De schwacke list
online valuation ✓ free of charge for all cars ✓ chargeable (7,90€) for all cars up to a maximum of 12 years
online certificate ✓ free of charge by mail ✓ chargeable (7,90€) by mail
estimated time ✓ 1 minute online ✓ 10 minutes online
data base of the car valuation ✓ daily updated comparative values ✗ statistical data (updated every 4 weeks)
possibilities for sale ✓ for all cars up to 200.000 km and max. 15 years
on-site car valuation ✓ ca. 30 min online at your desired location

In addition to the schwacke list, there are of course numerous other providers for vehicle value determination. among other things there is the possibility to get an online car valuation mostly against payment at u.A. DAT, ADAC and TuV. It is important to note that all these providers will only give you a vehicle value for a high fee. The advantage of the vehicle valuation is that here is no purchase thought behind it.

of course there are also free car valuations from the vehicle exchanges or also from suppliers who would like to buy your car. Here only purchase offers are made and you will always get a price well below the actual market value. This difference is usually always around -30%. Therefore, we do not list them here for you, because we want you to get the best price for your vehicle.

Advantages with deinautoguide.De

The advantage of our online valuation tool is the extensive use of real market data to determine prices. the price development on the dynamic used car market changes quickly and is optimally taken into account by our valuation tool. But this is not the only advantage of our free car appraisal.

Through our service you have the practical possibility to sell the vehicle through yourautoguide. As a professional online buyer of used vehicles, we have specialized in the optimal purchase of used cars. Our daily endeavor is to get you the best price and provide you with maximum convenience during the sale.

while at schwacke the different lists are updated every month, every three months or every six months, at deinautoguide the ratings are.De up to date every day. Our free online valuation tool compares the used car market day and night and delivers the latest vehicle values on a daily basis. as a result, we reliably supply up-to-date market data on a daily basis.

How to find the car sale through yourautoguide.De instead of?

  • Free vehicle valuation: when selling used cars we offer our independent and free car evaluation. Here you can see real market data get your selling price estimated.
  • Detailed condition report: every customer has the possibility to have a final sales price determined after the sales price estimation. simply enter your last vehicle data here and immediately receive a final sales price.
  • Final purchase price: we pay 100% of the selling price agreed online. So you can avoid annoying renegotiations and have the car picked up conveniently. Another advantage is that we also take old cars in payment.
  • Pickup at the desired location: trust is crucial when selling a car. that’s why we keep our purchase price and offer to pick up your old car at the location of your choice. So you can conveniently have your car picked up without having to leave the house.
  • Purchase price payment in real time: to keep the online agreed selling price without renegotiation is not enough for us. We pay you in real time by bank transfer the agreed sales price, so you profit without delay in the sale of used cars.
  • Safety: whether it’s data protection or a digital purchase contract, we place a high value on security. Your vehicle will be deregistered the following day and you will receive confirmation by email. Everything is done digitally on the spot, so you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Selling a car in hamburg with deinautoguide – this is how you do it you have decided to benefit from the many advantages of working with deinautoguide to sell your car? Whether it’s hamburg or the surrounding area, we’re easy for you to reach. Get a free online car valuation now and take the first step towards a successful used car sale.

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