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  • sparkassen direktversicherung (S-direkt) offers inexpensive car insurance, but in many cases it can be even cheaper.
  • Many important additional options are included in the autoplusprotect tariff. It is the most expensive, but also the best tariff.
  • The insurance company was one of the first to offer a telematics tariff

In this guide

Sparkassen direktversicherung (S-direkt) serviced around 157 customers in 2015.000 vehicles in car insurance. The company is one of the smaller providers in germany, but insured 11 percent more vehicles than in the previous year. The company was among the first to offer a telematics tariff.

Prices: sometimes very favorable, sometimes rather expensive

S-direkt car insurance prices vary widely. The finanztip sample in january 2016 for four sample profiles sometimes showed very expensive and sometimes very cheap offers. On average, the prices were 30 percent higher than those of the cheapest provider on the nafi car portal. Our sample profiles differ, among other things, in the age, occupation, city and car of the policyholders. Not every insurance policy is favorable for every customer profile. Customers should always compare.

per year data. Conditions for our calculation were, among others: insurance despite gross negligence, workshop commitment, insurance in case of marten bite and "extended damage caused by game.
Sources: finanztip sample on sparkassen-direkt.De and market comparison on nafiauto.De (as of 22. January 2016)

Additional options: choosing the right rate

For our calculations, we used the autoplusprotect tariff, as this is the only tariff that covers important options such as the mallorca policy, collisions with animals of all kinds and animal bite damage. Apart from that, customers can add the following options:

Workshop commitment – if you have accepted the workshop commitment, S-direkt will specify the workshop in the event of damage. This saves on insurance premiums. We recommend that you choose the garage plan.

Traffic legal protection – you can take out traffic legal protection insurance in addition to the chosen tariff. Whether such a policy is worthwhile depends on your personal risk assessment and your inclination to take legal action.

driver protection insurance – this coverage is only interesting for customers who do not have occupational disability or accident insurance, but drive a lot. It compensates for loss of earnings and pays compensation for pain and suffering in the event of an accident for which the customer is at fault or partly at fault. With S-direkt, this point is called driverplusprotect.

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Telematics tariff: currently no longer offered

S-direkt was one of the first insurers to offer telematics rates. The pilot project ended at the end of 2015. Participants could save 5 percent on insurance premiums if they drove carefully enough.

insurance companies hope that their customers will cause less damage with such rates. Every insurance company calculates the quality of the driving style differently. S-direkt determined these via its cooperation partner O2 on the basis of four characteristics, which were included in the overall value depending on their weighting.

Driving style (40 percent) – those who brake heavily do not keep an eye on the traffic around them. This was penalized with a point deduction. Fast acceleration also led to a lower score.

Speed (30 percent) – excessive speed leads to more accidents and more severe accident consequences. If motorists adhered to the speed limit, the rating of the driving style increased.

night driving (20 percent) – visibility is worse in the dark than during the day, increasing the risk of accidents. The hours between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. were counted as nighttime trips.

City driving (10 percent) – more accidents happen in cities than in the countryside. If customers drove a lot in the city, the score also dropped.

To use S-direkt’s telematics tariff, customers needed a small box from O2, which the insurance company provided. Around 80 percent of S-direkt customers also had the box installed free of charge. S-direkt only charged a flat installation fee for policyholders with small insurance premiums. Depending on the case, this was either 18.95 or 71.40 euros. The box was equipped with GPS and its own sensors and in this way recorded driving style.

The pilot project involved around 1.000 insured part. S-direkt is checking when and how it will offer a telematics tariff again.

S-direkt customers who have the "car connection" module from O2 could also get a telematics rate.

Your way to the cheapest car insurance

You can find the cheapest car insurance if you compare several providers. Our large portal test has shown that it is best to combine at least two comparisons. Not all insurers are represented on all comparison portals.

saving with a combination of comparison portal and direct insurer. first calculate the cheapest suitable car insurance on either check24 or verivox. Calculate then a quote at the huk24. Take out a contract with the cheapest provider. How to find the right car insurance on a comparison portal, we explain in our guide to change car insurance.

S-direkt in portrait: good claims cost ratio

S-direkt insured around 157 vehicles in 2015.000 vehicles and took in almost 80 million euros in the process. The complaint-cost ratio in 2014 was 93.9 percent. The insurance company is in a good position and is considered profitable. The ratio shows the relationship between the expenses for insured benefits and the premiums collected.

According to statistics from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bafin), the complaint rate for S-direkt-Kfz insurance was 2.88 per 100 in 2014.000 contracts. That’s above the market average of 1.66. However, only seven insured persons complained during this period.

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