Round trip canada: recommendations& comparison (10/19)

a round trip through canada is connected with adventure and national parks. But also with pulsating metropolises and sleepy french towns. In canada, all your travel expectations will not only be met, but exceeded.

But what exactly should you see on your round trip through canada?? This article will help you to make exactly this decision. We have information, pictures and also videos about all important cities, regions and national parks for you.

In this article you will also find a lot of important travel information and tips to make your round trip easier.

The most important in short

  • Canada is the second largest country in the world. Therefore, it is difficult to fit everything worth seeing into one round trip. however, you are allowed to stay up to six months without a visa, so you are not pressed for time like in other countries.
  • A round trip can be worthwhile at all times of the year. Peak season is in the summer months, but the winter months are also very popular due to the abundance of snow. However, not all routes are always passable in the winter months.
  • Canada is especially known for its nature. Therefore, you should not miss some of the beautiful national parks. These include banff and jasper national park in alberta.

canada round trip: the best travel agencies

To ensure that nothing goes wrong on your round trip to canada and that you can enjoy the country to the fullest, we have selected the best tour operators for you and presented individual tours.

Also interesting

travel highlights in canada: what you should see on your round trip

Canada offers you a unique mix of nature, metropolises and rural areas. Due to the sheer size of the country it is of course not possible to see all the sights and regions in a single round trip.

To make your decision easier, we have summarized all important information about canada’s regions, important cities and national parks for you.

Why is a round trip through canada worthwhile?

round trip canada: recommendations& comparison (10/19)

Due to the enormous size of the country, it is almost like a round trip through several countries. And no round trip is the same, which means you can come back again and again and travel a completely new itinerary without seeing anything twice (unless you want to, of course).

Which regions are there in canada?

Overall, canada is the largest country in the world with 9.984.670 km² the second largest country in the world. Russia (the largest country in the world) is slightly less than twice as large in area.


Alberta is located in the west and is the richest province of canada. This is mainly due to the high oil reserves in the region. On an area of 661.848 km² live about 4.3 million people.

Most of alberta is prairie, but parts of the famous rocky mountains are also located in western alberta. These are located in a total of five different national parks, including banff national park and jasper national park. We will come back to both parks later in this article.

cities you should not miss in alberta are edmonton (the capital of the province) and calgary. edmonton is the second largest city in the province and the fifth largest city in canada.

Which sights you should not miss in edmonton, we have summarized for you in the following list.

  • Edmonton valley zoo: the city’s zoo is located near the city center and is home to over 350 animals. It is a little smaller but offers you a nice day trip where you can see animals like the red panda, emus, monkeys and elephants.
  • Muttart conservatory: the muttart conservatory is a botanical garden in the center of the city. It houses several greenhouses and gardens outside. Unfortunately, the entire complex is being modernized and will open its doors again in 2021. So if your trip is a little late, don’t miss this highlight.
  • Telus world of science: a museum of a special kind. the world of science complex is not only something for science enthusiasts. Here everyone can learn something. the museum is state of the art and has exhibits for every age group.
  • West edmonton mall: the west edmonton mall is no ordinary shopping center. it is the largest in north america and houses over 800 stores, 100 restaurants, 2 hotels and a total of 9 attractions. These include an indoor amusement park, as well as an indoor water park, field hockey field and more. In any case, you can spend several rainy days here without getting bored.
  • Alberta legislature building: the alberta legislature building can be compared to the german bundestag. The interior of the building can be viewed through free tours and the exterior can also be viewed. Because in front of the building is a beautifully landscaped square with plenty of green space and several fountains.

British columbia

British columbia is one of the more touristy regions of canada. This is partly due to the cities of vancouver and victoria, but also due to the diverse nature that the province has to offer. The province is located in the west and borders to the east with alberta.

Victoria is the capital of the province and offers an absolute highlight on your round trip, especially from an architectural point of view. Old churches and mansions, mixed with parks and lots of green space characterize the cityscape here. unlike other big cities like toronto, there are hardly any high-rise buildings here.


east of alberta lies the province of saskatchewan. The climate here is above all harsh, because in winter (december to february) the temperatures are mainly between -8° and -21°. Even in summer, the temperature can drop to 0° at night, even if it gets as warm as 30° during the day.

The province itself is strongly influenced by nature and there are several national parks that are well worth a visit. As far as larger cities are concerned, the city of vancouver stands out saskatoon in the eye. the saskatchewan river flows through the city and is the reason for numerous bridges. In the city center you will find the university, several museums, parks and shopping facilities.


You have never heard of manitoba? This is not unusual, because this province is often overlooked by tourists and is therefore not quite as popular as for example british columbia. But if you make the effort to visit manitoba, you will not be disappointed.

The largest lake in the province is the lake winnipeg. It is located north of the capital of the same name and has a length of 416 km. on warm summer days you can relax on various sandy beaches or explore the surrounding area.

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