Rent a van and minibus in chemnitz

With 3 seats in the cab, transporter carl offers comfortable space for moves and deliveries.

you get transporter carl from us with a full tank and bring it back with a full tank as well. It needs diesel.

the winterized M+S tires are worn by every van from october to easter.

Thanks to bluetooth you can listen to your music through carls speakers and make phone calls comfortably and safely while driving.

  • some of our cars have a trailer hitch, which allows you to pull up to 2000 kg additionally.
  • If you need a transporter with AHK, there is one in the 2. Booking step on.
  • Since a car wears out faster when towing a trailer, the rent increases by ten euros per day.

dimensions of carl:

Our 9-seater minibus carla in chemnitz

space for nine people and a large trunk is provided by our minibus carla.

You pick up carla with a full tank and bring her back with a full tank. please note that the minibus needs diesel!

Thanks to the winterized M+S tires that carla wears from october to easter, you can get through the winter safely with the minibus.

Thanks to the bluetooth radio you can listen to all the music you can agree on in the big group.

  • With a trailer hitch you can tow an additional 2000 kg with the minibus.
  • If you need them, please let us know in booking step 5 in the note field.
  • since the wear and tear is higher with a trailer, we charge an additional ten euros a day for it.

dimensions of carla:

blog: interesting facts about van and minibus rental

Carlandcarla.De in chemnitz – rent vans and minibuses cheaply

Saxony’s third-largest city is known for its diversity in art, culture and business. Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the redeveloped Grunderzeit districts such as the kabberg or by the all-round changed city center of chemnitz! Gone are the days of dreary concrete buildings – in the meantime, the city in the southwest of saxony has developed into a tourist magnet.

Transporter rent cheap in chemnitz

You will soon be living in the city on the northern edge of the Erzgebirge mountains? Then you can rent a transporter and get to know chemnitz a bit from the street. It’s worth it, because the name "city of modernity it’s no coincidence: industrial monuments form a charming contrast to modern architecture, while over 1000 hectares of parks and three nature reserves in the urban area of chemnitz provide for relaxation.

the city center attracts art lovers in particular: in theater square, the opera house is waiting to enchant its visitors, and art collections can also be found here. Chemnitz has been working on its reputation as a museum city for years and has exciting exhibitions to offer, including the railroad museum and the archaeology museum. the market hall is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings of its kind in all of europe – events of the chemnitz cabaret take place here regularly. A visit to the karl marx statue, affectionately known as "nischel", is obligatory is called: it is one of the largest portrait busts in the world.

Chemnitz: plenty of space in a minibus

Students and other young people are always happy about the large number of pubs, bars, cafes, clubs and bistros in chemnitz. Especially in the city center you get your money’s worth if you want to go out. in summer the kosmonaut-festival and the rock am kopp are also very attractive. Here you can easily rent a minibus in chemnitz and arrive with a whole group of friends at the same time – so there are no difficulties to find each other later and put up the tents together.

you love nature you like to hike outside or do other sports? Then the fact that the erzgebirge starts right at the gates of the city is probably especially nice for you. In winter, for example, you can rent a 9 seater minibus in chemnitz with a group of friends or family and go skiing in the oberwiesental valley. Once the snow has melted, grab your friends instead and go climbing with them in a minibus to the "greifensteine". If you want to enjoy the nature directly for a few days, it is worth to rent a transporter in chemnitz. So you can easily get your equipment, tents and food with you. If you just want to switch off for a while, chemnitz offers the best conditions for this: stroll through the kitchen garden or one of the many other green areas such as the castle grounds, and you will quickly forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Car and period

On our site you decide if you want a carl or a carla – that means a transporter or a 9 seater minibus. During the booking period you can book the van flexibly every day via your customer account or by phone within business hours between 8.00 and 20.00 o’clock pick up and return.

What we need to know from you

In order to rent a van or minibus from us, you must provide your name, address and the information from your driver’s license and ID card. you simply bring your passport and driver’s license with you when you pick up your vehicle.

The rental price per kilometer

you pay a rental price at the beginning – this makes your booking binding. Later, when the van is back, we calculate the exact price according to the kilometers driven. We will send you an invoice, and if you have paid too much in advance, we will transfer the excess back to you.

If the booking was successful

after you have finished your booking, check your mails: we will send you a confirmation directly. Also check your spam folder, sometimes our message ends up there as well.

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