Rally in stuttgart peace activists call for de-escalation in ukraine conflict

the society culture of peace(GKF) had called for a rally under the motto "win the peace – not the war. Photo: LICHTGUT/max kovalenko

on stauffenbergplatz in stuttgart, the motto on saturday was: "win the peace – not the war". The organizers of the rally called on the conflicting parties in the ukraine conflict to find a political solution to the crisis.

Stuttgart – under the motto "win the peace, not the war", the tubingen society culture of peace (GKF) called on the conflicting parties in the ukrainian conflict to seek a political solution to the crisis on saturday afternoon at stauffenbergplatz in stuttgart. Around 50 left-wing activists gathered at the memorial for the victims of national socialism at the old castle to set a sign for peace. As the chairman of the GKF henning zierock emphasizes, in view of the "verbal and military armament" in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, it is necessary to "raise our voices ourselves".

During the rally, former member of the Bundestag Heike Hansel (left) sharply criticized German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (green) for her staunchly pro-Ukrainian stance: "The people have a much more reasonable view of the conflict," Hansel said. The left-wing politician was referring to recent surveys by ZDF television, according to which a majority of Germans do not expect Russia to invade ukraine. majority of germans also reject arms deliveries to ukraine.

Zierock criticizes the UN

"we demand that there should generally be no military threats to enforce political goals," Hansel said. According to the former member of the Bundestag, nato’s claim that there was never a declaration of renunciation of the alliance’s eastward expansion is "simply a lie. Corresponding verbal statements had been made by both the german and the american side. She called for "overcoming nato as a relic of the cold war" to enable a new security architecture in europe.

Zierock criticized the fact that the UN has so far played no role whatsoever in the ukrainian conflict. He announced a "peace offensive. According to the report, the Tubingen-based peace organization is planning a human chain between the Russian and united states embassies during the normandy-format negotiations scheduled to take place in berlin in two weeks’ time.

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