Protecting your car from marten damage: tips against uninvited guests in the engine compartment

Engine compartment © oAMTC

engine compartment© oAMTC

Martens cause vehicles to go on strike

In the worst case, the consequences of a marten attack can be short circuits, a destroyed catalytic converter or even engine damage. Not every insurance policy covers the damage comprehensive insurance. In this case, you need to ask your insurance company whether the furry attack is covered by the contract.

Particularly at risk are people who commute between two locations and park their vehicles overnight. If martens have made themselves at home in the engine compartment at both locations, the animals try to defend their territory. Often a marten bite not noticed right away, because the teeth of the animals leave only very small punctures.

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cable killer marten

They weigh about three kilograms, are 70 centimeters long and have 38 teeth. Martens are attracted by the heat of the engine in the car and can easily paralyze a vehicle weighing several tons. With their small sharp teeth, they particularly like to work on insulation materials, ignition cables, coolant hoses, brake hoses, windshield washer system or the cables of the lambda probe.

tips& protective measures against marten attacks

  • After each marten attack must be in any case one engine wash carry out a cleaning procedure to remove the odor from the engine compartment. The rodents leave behind scents that could attract other species.
  • Mostly the small animals are persistent. ultrasonic and electroshock devices provide relief for long-suffering car owners. Sound waves in the ultrasonic range are unpleasant for martens and keep them away from the vehicle.
  • However, as some animals quickly get used to the frequency tones, the only thing that can help then are electroshock systems. Metal contact plates are attached to the underside of the engine compartment. If a marten touches one of these plates, it gets an electric shock, comparable to a pasture fence. These systems are not dangerous for people because they are switched off when the hood is opened.
  • Also the sheathing made of hard plastic for ignition and other electric cables protect against the biting attacks. However, axle boots, cooling hoses, insulation mats and other components remain unprotected.
  • Short term help special scents on and around the vehicle. Martens find the car then less tempting, but the scents evaporate quite quickly in wet conditions and especially in the hot engine compartment and must be reapplied at least after each rainy drive.

In any case, protective measures are worthwhile in view of the possible damage after a marten attack.

Rather ineffective

The success of dog hair, toilet stones, urine (human or canine), wire mesh or ticking alarm clocks in the engine compartment, on the other hand, is open to doubt. Transparent plastic bottles filled with water, which are positioned around the car and are supposed to scare the marten away with light reflections, keep some away, but have no place on public roads.

If you suspect a marten infestation, call in a specialist

If you suspect that you have uninvited guests in your car, you should call in a specialist.

If the marten has struck, z.B. The technicians at the oAMTC bases use modern technology to quickly locate the damage. If nothing goes wrong, the oAMTC breakdown service can be reached around the clock on the emergency number 120.

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