Ph meter: technological excellence in a small format

A modern ph meter, the measuring device for determining the ph value has become a true all-round genius. wireless, digital and highly precise, it provides reliable data.

Ph meter: measuring instrument for the highest demands

Not only in everyday life, but also in science, everyone wants to have everything. This also applies to the measuring devices, which should no longer simply do their job, but must be true miracle devices. This trend makes before ph meter and there are manufacturers who bend to the demands and develop devices that exceed the wildest imaginations of the users.

Who needs a simple water tester, if he can have a small computer that transmits all the data via bluetooth? at "labvolution 2019 in hannover, it was once again possible to see where the trend is going. new ph meters from hanna instruments were presented here, which were everything and could do even more.

At the same time, the development of these ph meter the desire is taken into account not to have to spend a lot of time on familiarization. A ph tester must be self-explanatory, should be intuitive to use.

No matter whether the ph meter is used as a water tester or for measuring in chemicals: the smartphone is always with you.(#02)

The following facts speak for themselves and for the new ph meters that the ph measurement become child’s play:

  • wireless technology
    modern wireless technology allows the user to take ph measurements from anywhere and read the data. Whether stationary and therefore directly in the laboratory or in production or. In the field: ph and temperature are measured everywhere. The connection with the ph-measuring device is possible at the push of a button, the device can connect to the electrode, which is up to ten meters away. The electrode activity is indicated by a blue illuminated ring which flashes during the measurement.
  • Long measurement time
    the conventional ph tester have one big disadvantage: their running time. This is often very short, which can lead to problems in everyday laboratory work. Hanna instruments uses a particularly economical electrode series and a lithium battery with a service life of up to 500 hours. The battery level can be read at any time thanks to the associated app, so there are no nasty surprises due to a suddenly drained battery.
  • Temperature compensation
    temperature is an important influencing factor when measuring ph values. When heated, the water ions react differently than at cooler temperatures, which leads to falsification of the value. the integrated temperature sensor, with which new ph meters from hanna instruments are equipped, provides the temperature compensation. This is essential to generate comparable readings and can be manual or automatic. the temperature is recorded directly with the ph-value in this ph-measuring instrument, the temperature compensation takes place automatically.
  • Data storage
    in order to be able to collect data reliably, the calibration of the measuring instrument is important. The HALO electrodes from Hanna Instruments have a memory that enables the internal recording and storage of calibration data. Coupled devices can be changed easily, they do not need to be recalibrated. Stored data can also be sent to other users by e-mail.

Measurements in the food sector are particularly tricky, as it is not only a matter of purely recording the values, but also of extreme accuracy. An incorrect pH value that is not detected can seriously compromise food safety and hygiene. The latest addition to the ph meters hanna instruments has been designed and developed precisely for the sensitive measurements in the food sector.

The samples, however, are always different in terms of consistency and composition. In addition, the hygiene regulations differ between individual products, which must be taken into account when choosing the electrode. The measurements with the new HALO bluetooth ph-electrode on the other hand, they promise reliable and, above all, stable measurement in compliance with regulations.

Measurements in the food sector are particularly delicate, as not only the pure collection of values is important here, but also the utmost accuracy.(#01)

The following specifications characterize this new technology:

  • Smart technology via bluetooth
    bluetooth has become an indispensable part of everyday life and is an easy way to transmit data. The new ph meter communicate via bluetooth with smartphone, tablet or any other terminal device that has the appropriate android and ios requirements. Data is easily transmitted and can be easily read and analyzed.
  • low temperature glass
    thanks to the low-temperature glass used, the electrode can be used in a wide measuring range. measurements are possible from minus five to plus seventy degrees celsius. The measuring range is wider than with many other measuring devices, and at the same time precise measurement is possible.
  • Conically shaped tip
    the tip of the electrode is conical in shape and allows measurement in substances with different aggregate states. Whether chemicals are liquid and have to be measured, whether it is a question of measurement in the food sector and here in solid or semi-solid substances, or whether emulsions have to be measured in laboratory science: the specially shaped glass tip permits measurements in all these substances.
  • Triple ceramic diaphragm
    the flow rate between the reference junction and the electrolyte must be as high as possible. To increase it, a triple ceramic diaphragm is used by hanna instruments, which also ensures better continuity between sample and electrode provides. Measurements in substances with low conductivity become much easier.
  • Temperature sensor
    the temperature variations already described must be compensated for in order to obtain comparable values. The new ph meter are equipped with temperature compensation technology.

Video: ph-meter PCE-228 calibration – measurement – conclusion | PCE instruments

With the smartphone to the measurement?

Whether the ph meter used as a water tester or for measuring in chemicals: the smartphone is always with you. This is made possible by the new technology that allows data transmission via bluetooth. "edge blu" is compatible with all HALO electrodes and interacts with tablet or smartphone.

The measurements of the ph-value are fully valid and also possible in the food sector. However, it is important that the hanna lab app is installed on the relevant tablet or smartphone. Various data are recorded here, and the app can be downloaded free of charge via itunes or the google play store. Various data are recorded in real time, such as the value measured by the pH meter and the temperature.

The data is displayed in different graphs. This facilitates their evaluation and the creation of reports immensely. Furthermore, the app provides a reminder of the upcoming calibration, in addition there are measurement alarms. The data, which can be read in the protocols, can also be sent by e-mail.

This facilitates cooperation within a research group, because in this way each of the participants can be provided with the relevant data. In the app, it is also possible to define threshold values to be set by the user. If they are exceeded during the measurement, the corresponding values are highlighted in color. There is no limit to how much data can be stored, the only limitation is the memory of the device.

Video: ph meter calibration adjustment and measurement

Many areas of application for new ph meters

Digitization has become an indispensable part of everyday life and has now also arrived in laboratory technology. Thanks to the new technology, all measurement values can be collected safely and precisely, with site dependency being a thing of the past.

The new ph meter are not only found in food technology, but also in production, industry and laboratory technology, as well as in all other areas where the recording of ph values is important. Particularly in swimming pool technology, it is important to have reliable equipment that can ph values record and display. Here come the ph meter thanks to their bluetooth technology, they are particularly useful and facilitate data acquisition.

In the meantime, however, the "all-rounder ph meters" will soon be able to do more than the user himself. At least that is the opinion of many users who are still familiar with conventional instruments and have had to undertake many individual measuring steps in order to collect reliable data. New ph meter are no longer just meters for ph measurement, but are available on the market as multiparameter meters such as the "accumet" series from the manufacturer coleparmer.

Digitalization has become an integral part of everyday life and has now also arrived in laboratory technology.(#03)

You measure the ph value, also the following parameters:

  • Conductivity
  • oxygen
  • salinity
  • temperature
  • Resistance

users agree that collecting all this data with just one device is certainly very convenient. at the same time, however, high-end devices are required. The LCD screen must glow blue-white, the stirrer control must be automatic. The CE operating system from windows is just as self-evident as the RS-232 interface, via which the data can be transferred to the PC.

Printers and other devices must be able to be connected to the computer, and new software can be installed on the PC via an ethernet port. It goes without saying that the devices are suitable for wifi and bluetooth. Many a laboratory technician mutates into a computer scientist here, and it is not uncommon to end up with the old-fashioned "computer" ph meter which has only a few functions, but does not require any computer training for its use.

However, the developers of such technologies are convinced of their product and are well aware that there are always users who swear by the latest possibilities. However, it remains questionable whether these will then become established.

At the moment, users seem to be convinced by the combination of ph-value measurement and temperature measurement, and the demand for devices that can do or are capable of doing much more is less than for such combination devices as those presented by hanna instruments at the relevant trade fairs.

Certainly, some manufacturers will soon follow suit and also bring such measuring devices onto the market, whereby the wheat will be separated from the chaff.

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