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In our carwashes, carwashes, self-service carwash parks and self-service carwash boxes at OIL! millions of car washes are carried out at service stations every year – with brilliant results for the car and the environment, regardless of the season. Because our car washes with individual care programs for every need clean intensively and yet gently for your paint thanks to modern technology and environmentally friendly washing chemistry. And once you’ve got the urge to clean your car yourself, you’ll find the right care products at the OIL! Stations. OIL! Car washes& car care – for an equally radiant smile of our customers.

OIL! Wash pass – car wash free of charge!

Car washes at OIL! Gas stations pay off: get the OIL! Car wash passport or. Order it from your participating OIL! station and receive as a loyalty bonus after the 10. Mal* wash a car wash for free. just keep your wash passport in the glove compartment. put it then with the purchase of each car wash before.

*valid up to 12 months after the first wash

OIL! wash pass

OIL! washing tips – here’s what you should look out for:

How often should you clean your car and take it to the car wash in the first place?? Recommended ca. Once a month your car should be cleaned, because a regular paint and body protection is also important for the value of the car. Frequent drivers and drivers in regions with slush, for example, should clean their cars much more frequently to protect them from paint and body damage.

The biggest culprits for your car paint and bodywork are insect dirt, bird droppings, pollen, sand, leaves and road salt, as well as the salty air at the seaside. They scratch the surface, deposit or. They corrode paint and bodywork, which is why you should remove them at all costs. The longer the dirt on the paintwork or the. The more the car’s shell adheres, the deeper the components eat into it. Our tip: remove insect and droppings traces as well as deposited salt, leaves and pollen as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage to the car. Special cleaners, which they also sell in their OIL! Stores receive, help you on the road to treat first spots. We advise you in any case in the short term an appropriate OIL! wash program at your gas station.

In areas with crows and larger flocks of birds as well as tree resin it is advisable to refrain from parking under trees as far as possible. In addition, there are tarpaulins for your car that you can use as a cover to protect it from bird droppings, salt deposits, leaf fall as well as pollen and other dirt.

To ensure that you always keep an eye on things, we recommend that you regularly use our windshield cleaning products in addition to washing your car. So you can easily ensure a clear view on the road and clean your windows from the inside and outside streak-free and spotless. Be sure to refill your windshield washer system with the correct windshield wiper fluid according to the temperature and season – in winter, a different mixture (antifreeze) for sufficiently low temperatures than in summer. An all-round view is important for your safety.

Want your rims to remain a real eye-catcher? Then you should not do without special rim cleaner. For all car lovers a must in the care. And this, of course, protects your rims just as much as it contributes to the shiny result. After applying the rim cleaner, it is recommended to use an elongated brush and clear water for rinsing.

Why is wax used in a car wash program or in a car wash?. Good for car care? Wax closes the smallest irregularities on the paint and thus provides a smooth layer that makes your car shine and also protects it. This is why water also beads z.B. Afterwards from your car windows and the paint off. If you are planning a trip to the sea or to a wintry region, a car wash with wax is recommended as protection in any case. But also for the monthly care a washing program with wax care is advantageous.

Whether cockpit, leather seats, plastic trim, upholstery, mirrors and interior windows – interior care is also important. For hygienic reasons and, of course, especially if you ever want to sell your beloved car, it should appear well-kept and clean from the inside and smell pleasantly. Aggressive agents such as methylated spirits are not advisable; instead, there are useful care products for all areas of application.

Plan to do an interior cleaning on your OIL! The best way to do this is at a gas station, where you can also use a vacuum cleaner and water. In the first step, it is recommended to remove all loose objects and a thorough vacuuming of all interior areas, especially the seats and foot areas as well as the trunk incl. All mats. When cleaning the trunk, also clean and check the area of the spare wheel. dirt often collects there, and water should be able to run off there. After vacuuming, the headliner can also be sprayed with an appropriate interior cleaner. For windows and mirrors there is glass cleaner. microfiber cloths in particular facilitate interior cleaning activities. Be careful not to use too much water, this can damage the electronics (also in the seats). Plastic surfaces can be wiped with a damp cloth first and then cleaned with cockpit spray or a cleaning agent. plastic freshener (special cockpit cleaners). Cockpit cloths are also good. Do not use household or dishwashing detergents to clean the dashboard, as they can damage the plastic. For the cleaning of seat covers (upholstery) there are special upholstery care products that can be used after vacuuming for the sets. Leather care products are also available and should always be used on leather seats and no other product. Leather care products should not be applied too thickly. For light-colored leather upholstery, first test the product carefully in one spot. Another option is to have your car professionally cleaned inside, where professionals will do the work for you, even if this is the most expensive option.

If old chewing gum gets into the upholstery, it can be removed with ice spray. After icing, these can simply be scraped off. Only in the case of leather, it is better to consult a professional and not to experiment.

Just ask in your OIL! Store according to the desired areas of application – we will then be happy to provide you with the appropriate cleaning agent from our product range.

Did you know that car washes are not open on Sundays everywhere in Germany?? some federal states prohibit operation on sundays and holidays. In this respect, you are welcome to inquire at your preferred OIL! Check with your local gas station to see if you can use our car wash facilities at these times. Contact details of your OIL! you can find a service station via our service station finder.

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