Nio: chinese electric car maker plans market entry in europe

Electromobility chinese electric car maker nio plans market entry in europe

In september, chinese carmaker nio will open its first branch in europe. In a prime location near the norwegian royal palace. The area is to become a meeting place for nio fans from all over europe and at the same time act as a retreat and discussion forum.

this is entirely in the spirit of nio founder william li, who sees the idea of togetherness as an elementary component of his company. The nio customers can even communicate directly with him via app and formulate their wishes and suggestions. Li takes time every day to answer inquiries personally. "The companies that listen are successful", says the vice president of the nio group, hui zhang.

New german wave

Change station battery Nio

Sedan nio ET 7 makes a start

The first vehicle to be launched will be the all-electric SUV ES8. After the sales start in norway, a first wave of other countries will follow in the fourth quarter of next year. Besides sweden, the netherlands and switzerland, germany is also to be included in the nio community. The spearhead of the models is the nio ET 7 sedan, which has already completed the first test drives and is scheduled for delivery to customers in china at the end of this year.

The 5.09 meter electric car costs 448 in china.000 RMB (56.000 euros) without and 378.000 RMB with a monthly battery rental and will be adapted for europe. For example, there will be a European version of the voice assistant nomi. The ET 7 is preferred to an SUV because it offers the latest technology. "You only get one chance to make a first impression", knows european head oliver schwarz.

Nio focuses on customer service

This is particularly important in countries like germany. After all, nio sees itself as a premium brand and wants to poach customers from audi, BMW and mercedes. To hold its own against big-name competition from germany, the chinese carmaker is focusing entirely on customer service. It starts with charging.

Nio wants to bring both alternating battery technology and classic 180 kw fast chargers to germany. In china, there are already 470 such changeover stations, which now house 13 replacement battery modules and only require the space of four parking spaces. The Chinese government has identified the technology as important. Meanwhile, carmakers geely and saic also rely on this technology. In the future, it will no longer be necessary to maneuver the car into the changeover port; the car will do this on its own at the push of a button. If that’s too much trouble for you, you can order a kind of valet service that will change the modules and deliver the car back to the owner.

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Service for nio customers doesn’t stop there. To enable younger drivers to afford a nio, the carmaker is offering leasing deals for the batteries, which are handled by its own subsidiary weineng battery asset. Behind this business model is the idea of "battery as a service" (baas), so you can drive a car with a small battery pack every day and order a bigger battery if needed – for example for a longer vacation trip. the purchase price of a nio car is reduced by around 9.000 euros. Without the expensive but also aging battery, the residual value of the cars is also increased. Furthermore, the chinese carmaker has the material cycle in its own hands.

Automaker seeks cooperation partners in germany

Those who prefer to take the charging cable into their own hands should also have the opportunity to do so in europe. The chinese are watching the charging station scramble very closely and want to partner with "a strong partner" join forces. That’s why nio in norway is cooperating with plugsurfing, giving customers access to 20.000 charging points. The goal is to create a comfortable charging experience. With a roof and brightly lit, not in the farthest corner of the parking lot, as is currently the case with some charging stations. Nio officials have not yet revealed which company they will be working with in germany.

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