Negative schufa entries make car registration more difficult

Anyone who has one or more negative schufa entries will have problems everywhere. Finding an apartment is much more difficult because landlords have to pay a "voluntary" amount of want to have a credit report, loans at the banks are not even to think about. What many people don’t know is that it is also much more difficult to register a car! However, the problem is not with the vehicle registration office, but with the insurer. However, there are still possibilities!

auto hartz iv 300x200 - negative Schufa entries complicate car registration

Bad schufa score makes car registration difficult

Anyone who wants to register a car with the motor vehicle office must present a confirmation from their car insurer. Most insurers check the creditworthiness of the policyholder. For this purpose, the provider obtains a schufa report.

schufa is the "protection association for the general credit protection" and collects data on whether z.B. loans have been paid off on time, a private insolvency exists or accounts at banks are overdrawn.

Negative entries at schufa can be, for example, if there have been payment defaults, if there have been payment arrears or if loans have been cancelled. Beyond that also information from public debtor lists are referred.

Motor vehicle liability insurance is required by law

the conclusion of a motor vehicle liability policy is required by law in germany. Accordingly, insurers may not simply reject an application, even if there are negative entries in schufa. However, insurers are allowed to cancel a contract if premiums (already from the first amount) are not paid.

Reduced liability with fewer benefits

If the credit rating of an insurance applicant is low, the insurer may offer liability insurance with significantly reduced benefits. For example, the amount of coverage may be reduced to the statutory minimum.

Accordingly, only 7.5 million euros are paid out for personal injury, 1.12 million euros for property damage, and 500 million euros for property damage.000 euro paid for property damage. In most tariffs, the sums covered are significantly higher than this. This is how most providers pay z.B. 100 million euros for personal injury claims. Additional services such as.B. the mallorca policy, the motor vehicle insurance policy or traffic legal protection will then no longer apply.

It becomes difficult when you buy a car on installments and partial and fully comprehensive insurance is required. this is certainly not offered with a negative schufa result. The same applies if there is an increased risk of accidents because many accidents have occurred in the past. Even then, providers regularly refuse partial or fully comprehensive cover.

Not all insurers require schufa information

However, there is also a lot of competition with the insurance providers. Not every insurance company therefore refuses certain rates or does not even ask for a credit check, which is why a longer search- also on the internet at comparison portals- offers itself.

If you seek personal contact with your insurance broker, you also stand a good chance of getting a reasonable car insurance policy, as insurance expert wolfgang schutz from the comparison portal verivox also advises. “If possible, the applicant should also offer the advance payment for one year by itself", reports schutz. If you can prove that you have paid your insurance policy regularly beforehand, you are also at an advantage.

Last resort: insurance through another person

If all this does not help, it is advisable to ask a friend or close relative to register the car in his name and to take out the insurance. However, this requires a high level of trust and also a good credit rating of the person who wants to register the car.

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