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We present you the best MP3 players on our test and comparison portal.

MP3 players are by no means a thing of the past. Although they are no longer the constant companion in your pocket as they were at the beginning of this millennium, since smartphones are now part of the basic equipment, so to speak, they have their relevance for some enthusiasts as well as sporty people but kept by constant further development.

Now take a look at our comparison table, in which we offer you a selection most diverse and recommendable MP3 players with a look at the most important purchase criteria according to tests, so that you can decide quickly and easily for a suitable model.

Buying advice for the MP3 player test or. -comparison: we help you to find your MP3 player test winner!

  • Among MP3 players, there are extremely different types, since the devices first sold over 20 years ago have been technically developed further and optimized for different niche uses. Bluetooth and WLAN belong to these developments, just like light and small formats and waterproof housing.
  • In comparisons and tests, MP3 players with rechargeable batteries are particularly common on average. Nevertheless, for some usage ideas, the question should be asked whether a device with batteries is not more sensible, which has both advantages and disadvantages compared to battery operation.
  • For compatibility with the smartphone or. For certain apps, the operating system can also be relevant for MP3 players. So there are not only MP3 players that run on android, but also windows, ios or various other operating systems.

MP3-players are nowadays available with radio, bluetooth and WLAN and in compact, lightweight design. Other variants cover more the areas of high audio quality and large storage volumes. They can also be coupled with a radio in the car, for example, by means of an FM transmitter. When the purchase of an MP3 player can come into question and how to find your personal favorite among the bargains, high-end devices, bestsellers and test winners among the MP3 players, you will find out with the help of our MP3 player comparison 2022.

1. What exactly is an MP3 player?

The MP3-player: what you can do with your MP3-player

The fact that smartphones are becoming mini-PCs with more and more functions is not necessarily just an advantage. The storage space that is forever occupied by the conglomerate of various apps and the size that is unmanageable in many situations are disadvantages that still make the MP3 player relevant today. There are devices with a clear, but not oversized display, which have a lot of storage capacity for music, audio books and the like and can sometimes even play videos, and again extremely compact micro-devices, which with a waterproof case and mounting device provide audio entertainment on every adventure.

An MP3 player is a portable audio device that came on the market in 1998 and was first mobile playback of stored music and audio files without analog audio media made possible, as was previously the case with the walkman and discman, which, unlike the MP3 player, had cds and cassettes inserted into them. It can be used like a mobile DVD player or a car DVD player on the road. The functionality is similar to an ebook reader, which eliminates the need for books in their physical form, as they are converted into playable audio files. The MP3 standard is a format for compressing digital audio files that was developed as early as 1982 and released as a standard in 1991. the following overview shows what the abbreviation MP3 is all about.

  • File extension .Mp3 actually abbreviation for MPEG audio layer 3
  • Works with sog. Lossy compression, which reduces file size by limiting audio signals to those that are audible to humans
  • standardization and simple, fast transmission trigger heated copyright discussions
  • MP3 encoding patent-free in germany since 2012 and worldwide since 2017, as patents have expired

2. What are MP3 players still made for today??

Despite smartphones with lots of storage space and music-steaming services, MP3 players are still very popular today.

The uses to which different types of MP3 players are put nowadays can be divided quite simply into the following sub-areas. We tell you, what is important in an MP3 player for each of these uses.

  • Particularly compact and small, often even without display
  • Low weight and waterproofness are important for MP3 players for jogging, cycling, workouts and for MP3 players for swimming
  • Bluetooth function for connecting wireless headphones makes sense in order to dispense with annoying cables
  • With sports wristband or clip, MP3 player can be attached to clothing or body
  • A special feature is the MP3 player and headphones in one, with the tiny player integrated directly into the in-ear elements
  • Playing music on high-end devices in finer sound quality than is usually possible on smartphones
  • Not only usable with headphones, also MP3 player with integrated speaker or. mp3 player available with bluetooth for speaker pairing
  • Size of memory for high-resolution audio files important, should be expandable if possible
  • MP3 player cheaper alternative to the first smartphone
  • Size and operation should be suitable for children
  • MP3-players for children in bright colors like blue, orange or pink or. Available as MP3 players with or without touch display

3. What other functions and features are important in MP3 players according to tests?

Sleep timer, radio, app connectivity are important functions. MP3 players can be bluetooth-enabled, equipped with integrated loudspeakers or can be upgraded to up to 128 GB of data storage through SD card expansion its. Details on these categories and what else is important when differentiating between MP3 players in tests on the internet and when choosing a suitable example, we reveal to you here.

Modern MP3 players are characterized u. A. Due to their compact size and often waterproof properties from.

3.1. Operation and functions

MP3 players today can offer a wide range of functions. Whether you want an MP3 player with radio, an MP3 player with WLAN or an MP3 player with speakers is up to you. Who wants to test an flexible device buys, which contains many functions and is more expensive for it, can still do something with it with changing use requirements. Those who want to save money and find it sufficient to use the MP3 player for audio books and podcasts, must pay attention to not too many functions in addition to a large memory.

The operating system with which an MP3 player runs can be windows or ios. An MP3 player can also run with android. MP3-players, which run with various free operating systems like rockbox, are also available. Often incompatible firmware can be more cumbersome when connecting and transferring data, which often leads to complications, especially with ios.

3.2. Power supply: battery or rechargeable battery?

Classical MP3-players draw the necessary energy mostly from a battery, which is partly integrated with the purchase. A battery-powered MP3 player, on the other hand, is always also equipped with a suitable charging cable when purchased. But which advantages and disadvantages compared to a battery device has an MP3 player with a battery? We have gone to the bottom of the differences and the pros and cons.

  • Less special waste due to environmentally harmful disposable batteries
  • Fast reusability without buying new batteries
  • Saves the trouble of having accidentally bought the wrong batteries
  • Also battery does not last forever, partly strong decrease in performance with incorrect charging
  • The bigger the battery, the less compact the MP3 player can be, while tiny button cell batteries take up little space
  • Battery life usually only between 5 and 10 hours

3.3. Memory and connectivity

In addition to a 3.5 mm jack for common headphones, an MP3 player should also have a USB-C or USB port. The either direct or cable-based connection of the MP3 player to the PC facilitates data transfer and often serves to charge the battery at the same time.

If the MP3 player is equipped with bluetooth or even has WLAN, a particularly large memory is not absolutely necessary, since a lot of content can be downloaded directly online from spotify, audible and co. Can be retrieved. MP3 players with only 2 GB of memory are often sufficient. If you wish, you can use a bluetooth adapter if the device is not equipped with bluetooth by itself.

Attention: subscriptions to streaming platforms for music, podcasts, audiobooks and the like bring the advantage of cheap access to a seemingly unlimited amount of content. If you want to use the MP3 player mainly for audiobooks, saving MP3 files directly avoids the risk that the audiobook you were listening to will suddenly be deleted from the database because the provider no longer makes it available.

4. Which brands offer the best MP3 players??

woman with wireless headphones

In contrast to older models, modern MP3 players can usually be connected to other devices via bluetooth or WLAN.

Our buying advice should not be without a selection of some recommended and popular manufacturer of MP3 players which we put at your disposal here. You can buy MP3 players both from the manufacturer and from the retailer. Various retailers on the internet as well as at tchibo or lidl.

  • Agptek
  • Sony
  • Apple
  • Sandisk
  • Lenco
  • Intenso
  • Emtec
  • Finesound

5. MP3 player test or. Comparison: the most important user questions and answers about MP3 players

To conclude, we would like to present these important questions about MP3 players, which are frequently asked by customers and potential buyers, along with the answers to them.

5.1. Has the stiftung warentest already dealt with MP3 players?

There are no current tests on MP3 players from the renowned consumer institute, but if you’re interested in a little trip down memory lane, you can read about the wide range of between 2000 and 2007 published tests and reports look forward to MP3 players from stiftung warentest.

5.2. which mp3 players are suitable for seniors?

As a compact replacement for the broken radio or for reading aloud your favorite novels when your eyes are getting worse, an MP3 player for seniors can represent a significant improvement in the quality of life. It should be noted, however, that the majority of today’s older people use the entering the late 20s. the rapid emergence of digitization in the twenty-first century hardly made it and the use of computer, digital printer and co. For some grandparents the help of the children and grandchildren requires.

If you want to give an MP3 player to an older person who is not technically up to date, you should therefore choose a device that is intuitive to use and not too complex, which includes only the most important functions.

MP3 players are especially useful for sports or other activities where you want to listen to music without your smartphone.

5.3. What designs, colors and materials can an MP3 player have??

MP3 players come in various colors and shapes. So you can play in retro style almost remember small gameboys, what is obvious with mp3 players for children, for example, can also follow the style of the ipod nano or ipod shuffle or even be shaped more like a usb-stick and be equipped with a very small, narrow or no display at all. Otherwise, in addition to black and white with blue, green, orange and pink MP3 players can occur all possible colors, while the housing is usually made of metal, plastic or a mixture of both.

5.4. what equipment and accessories are included when i buy an mp3 player?

when you buy an MP3 player, the included accessories usually consist of headphones, a USB- or. charging cable and a user manual. If other accessories are also included, the compact MP3 players suitable for sports can be ways to attach them while jogging.

5.5. what kind of batteries are needed for MP3 players?

Most of the time, for the few that are produced today MP3 players that run on battery power, AAA batteries are needed, which are available everywhere as a standard format. Suitable replacement batteries for battery-powered devices, on the other hand, can often only be purchased from the manufacturer or from the manufacturer itself. Buy at amazon.

Information about irulu surfans F20 runtime

other playback formats

can you receive radio with the irulu surfans F20 MP3-player?

customer favorite: best rated product in amazon comparison
iRULU Surfans F20
price found: from 128,99 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
up to 10 h
the mp3 player from the mp3 player comparison can receive radio. It can also play the following playback formats: MP3, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, APE, FLAC, WMA, M4A, WAV, OGG.
Information about the timoom M6 runtime

other playback formats

is it possible to play videos with the timoom M6 MP3 player??

Timoom M6
price found: from 45,96 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
up to 50 h
To do this, the videos must be converted. On the MP3-player is a program for it. This you install on the PC. Then you can convert the videos to a format that the player can play.
information about the AGPTEK MP3 player runtime

other playback formats

does the AGPTEK MP3 player have a sleep function?? And it sets z.B. audio books continue where you left off?

AGPTEK MP3 player
found a price: from 44,99 €
" now to amazon " now to ebay
up to 40 h
The story starts where you last left off, but unfortunately the MP3 player does not have a sleep timer.

What grades received the individual MP3 players in our comparison?

You can choose your personal MP3 player test winner from the following list:

  • First place – very good: surfans F20 from irulu – sample internet price: 129 euro
  • Second place – very good: MP3 player from agptek – sample internet price: 45 euro
  • Third place – very good: M6 from timoom – exemplary internet price: 46 euro
  • fourth place – very good: 8GB MP3 player sport from wodgreat – sample internet price: 30 euro
  • Fifth place – very good: MP3 player with bluetooth 4.0 from MECHEN – exemplary internet price: 37 euro
  • Sixth place – very good: A65XBL-EU from agptek – sample internet price: 44 euro
  • Seventh place – very good: A19 from agptek – sample internet price: 46 euro
  • Eighth place – very good: klipp sport plus from sandisk – exemplary internet price: 49 euro
  • Ninth place – good: A02 from agptek – sample internet price: 36 euro
  • tenth place – good: 3601460 from intenso – exemplary internet price: 20 euro

The listing shows: from a total of 7 different manufacturers, the MP3 players are divided into 8 "very good" MP3 players and 2 "good MP3 player on. the comparison winner surfans F20 of irulu received in the ranking under all notes the best honor and costs at the same time only 128,99 euro .

The MP3-player manufacturer agptek has the most MP3-players with 4 products in the comparison table for the MP3-player comparison.

How many different manufacturers were compared and rated by the editors in the MP3 player comparison?

Our editors have examined and compared 10 different MP3 players from 7 manufacturers in order to offer you the best choice of products. More information "

How much do the best mp3 players cost in mp3 player comparison?

The best product in the MP3 player comparison, our comparison winner surfans F20 from irulu , you get for 128.99 euro . If you don’t want to spend so much money on an MP3 player, you can take a look at our price-performance winner MP3 player from agptek. More information "

Which of the MP3 players is rated and described by a large number of customers??

The sandisk mp3 player is particularly well known, because over 7452 customers have given their first impressions after purchase and rated the klipp sport plus from sandisk. More information "

Which MP3 players did the editors rate particularly well??

The editors have the grade "VERY GOOD" several times and in particular the following 8 MP3 players: surfans F20 by irulu , MP3 player by agptek , M6 by timoom , 8GB MP3 player sport by wodgreat , MP3 player with bluetooth 4.0 from MECHEN , A65XBL-EU from agptek , A19 from agptek and klipp sport plus from sandisk . More information "

Which similar articles have consumers, who have put an MP3 player in their shopping cart, still looked at??

Before buying an MP3 player, customers often reviewed other ipod touches, walkmans and ipods. More information "

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