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A model car is a model-scale passenger car, bus or truck.

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Model cars are more or less fully functional and especially self-propelled cars in model scale.

In contrast, car models are usually not functional, stand models without drive such as z. B. Most models from wiking, herpa and many more.

The transition between these two terms is fluid, for example. B. For the car-system stand models equipped with the appropriate drive.

floor models

Model car

Model car

True to the original

They are mainly categorized according to their size or type. Scale or intended use of the prototype. In the german-speaking countries, the scales 1:87, 1:72, 1:43 and 1:18 predominate. In the field of construction machinery, the scale 1:50 is also widespread. The collector scale 1:24 has its origin in the U.S.A. And is still mainly collected there.

In addition, the scale of 1:24 is widespread in the model construction of floor models made of plastic or resin. Here, the models of the companies tamiya from Japan and revell are particularly worthy of mention.

Sheet metal models

Model car

In addition to the commercially available floor models, there have also been nostalgic models made of sheet metal since around the beginning of the 2000s. These stand models are offered in different scales and are made of sheet metal. The models are trimmed by finish to old, are collected and also used for decoration. These usually do not have a specific scale and are not an exact copy of an original.

Toy model cars

The model cars are intended to be played with by children. The matchbox company has become virtually synonymous with this category of toy. However, the transition from toy models to the higher-quality (more detailed) floor models is fluid, as can be seen from the matchbox line models of yesteryear or numerous schuco models can be seen. Just as for conventional car models, there is also an active collector scene for toy model cars.

Functional models

Model car

Similarly executed as stand models, it is in terms of faithful to the original the model car by means of radio remote control or as a slotcar to be able to operate on the car racetrack or. To be able to perform some functions.


The most famous manufacturers in this regard are carrera and ninco.

Remote controlled model cars

Main article: radio controlled model car

For the large scales there are companies like robbe and grauper.

Models with wiking-control are freely steerable in 1/87 scale like the large remote controlled models.


Under this term fit the car-system. These are models equipped with drive and magnetic steering. The models are known as faller-car-system or mader-magnet-truck.

For the garden, there are 1/10th scale models with electronically assisted steering, while 1/87th, 1/100th and 1/160th scale models are used on the model railroad.

The models independently follow an iron wire or magnet embedded in the street. the best known examples are the vehicles in miniatur wunderland in knuffingen: miniatur wunderland#the cars

Competition models

powered by electric or internal combustion engines, often purely purpose-built.

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