Mobility punishable? At 417 km/h across german autobahn


A vehicle roars across a highway in the darkness. How fast is one actually allowed to drive? This question is once again causing discussion. Photo: frank rumpenhorst/dpa

Czech millionaire speeds down highway 2 at airplane speed. A video of the action causes a stir. Many ask: is it allowed to do that? And how dangerous is it?

Magdeburg/prague (dpa) – a czech multimillionaire sped across a german autobahn at 417 kilometers per hour – and posted a video of it on the internet. Police have launched an investigation into the man for suspected illegal road racing, a spokeswoman in magdeburg said.

The public prosecutor’s office will examine the case, it was further stated. According to the penal code, a so-called solo race is also punishable if the driver "moves at an inappropriate speed and in a grossly irregular and reckless manner in order to achieve the highest possible speed".

Recordings published on youtube

In the video you can see how a sports car shoots across the A2 at insane speeds. The apparently filmed speedometer shows a speed of up to 417 kilometers per hour. This behavior is unacceptable, said the police spokeswoman. Czech multimillionaire radim passer published the recordings two weeks ago on his youtube channel. Several media had reported on this and other videos of the 58-year-old, which are said to have been made in july 2021.

The federal ministry of transport voiced its criticism. Any behavior on the road that endangers or could endanger road users will be rejected, a department spokeswoman announced. According to the police, there is no speed limit on the stretch of road between berlin and hanover shown in the video. However, the road traffic regulations state that "anyone driving a vehicle may only drive at such a speed that the vehicle is constantly under control."

In the czech republic, multimillionaire passer has so far appeared less as a friend of fast cars than as a real estate magnate. its flagship project is the BB centrum office and business complex, one of the largest in prague. The Czech edition of the business newspaper "forbes" estimates Passers’ assets at the equivalent of around 270 million euros.

The higher the speed, the longer the braking distance

According to car expert ferdinand dudenhoffer, driving at more than 400 kilometers per hour is extremely dangerous. "the higher the speed, the longer the braking distance. And not just linearly, but exponentially, meaning that at twice the speed, it becomes more than twice as long," the professor emeritus told the deutsche presse-agentur.

"do we want to allow multimillionaires to have fun on public roads that can endanger human lives??", criticized dudenhoffer. in his opinion, the video should be the occasion to think about what should actually be allowed on german highways and what shouldn’t. The minister of transport could, for example, legislate to allow only cars that do not reach a certain speed limit.

Several german carmakers, such as BMW, audi and mercedes-benz, had already agreed in 1987 on a voluntary self-restriction and on a speed limit of 250 kilometers per hour. But not everyone takes this step. The bugatti chiron shown in the video was presented in 2016. According to the information on the manufacturer’s website, it has a 16-cylinder mid-engine with 1500 hp.

According to dudenhoffer, the development of the super sports car dates back to the time when volkswagen acquired the luxury brand under its then boss ferdinand karl piech. "engineers always want to show that it’s possible to push the boundaries of performance. And this is what he has done with the chiron."In the summer, VW sold a majority stake in the brand to the Croatian electrical specialist rimac.

In the czech republic, some people are now asking how passers drive can be reconciled with his christian convictions. After the death of his first son in 1998, the entrepreneur turned to God, according to his own statements. four years later, he founded the christian organization "maranatha. It is named after an aramaic call to prayer said to have been used by the original Christians. According to a spokeswoman, Passer does not want to comment on the freeway journey beyond what is stated on his youtube channel.

Environmental aid calls for rethink

Meanwhile, the German environmental aid organization "deutsche umwelthilfe" spoke out in favor of a rethink. "the federal government, with its no to the speed limit, explicitly allows this ultra speeding on 70 percent of the autobahn stretches," said federal managing director jurgen resch. He called on the new federal transport minister volker wissing (FDP) to act. "we need a speed limit on german highways now – for climate protection and safety," said resch.

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