Mobile air conditioner car test – for a cool ride even on hot days – comparison of the best mobile air conditioners car 2022

Buying an air conditioner for use in the car is not an easy decision because there are many different designs and modes of operation. Our team of experts has created a list of the best mobile air conditioners for car.

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I have spent most of my life working with wood and wood materials. Over the years I have become an enthusiastic
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Mobile air conditioner car best list 2022 – the best mobile air conditioners car in test& comparison

Last updated on: 01.01.2022

Bernd Vogelsammer Author

Most of my life has been spent working with wood and wood-based materials. Over the years I have become an enthusiastic
tinkerers and tinkerers in other areas and have, also thanks to the numerous product tests for expert testing.De, about a proven handwerliches general knowledge.
My great passion is screwing on and driving oldtimers.

What is a mobile air conditioner car?

The air conditioning from cars is of great importance, because it is not only about the well-being of the driver and the other people in the car, but also about the increased safety. A pleasant climate automatically improves the driver’s ability to concentrate, and the windows do not fog up so quickly. A mobile air conditioning in the car ensures that the desired temperature is generated. Usually a fixed air conditioning system is installed in the motor vehicle, but older models lack such a ventilation and heating system. This is where the mobile air conditioners car from the test 2018 come into play.

The task of the mobile air conditioner car from the comparative test is therefore to produce optimal cooling. For mobility, these devices are housed in a compact, handy case. they often have a blower with two or three adjustable levels and vents that can also be variably adjusted. The air conditioner itself is mostly supported with adhesive pads or magnets fixed, but there are also models that are fixed with a belt or simply stand on a metal plate.

In most cases, the mobile air conditioners for cars only need to be filled with water in order to be put into operation. The compact devices then provide up to six or eight hours of cool air, depending on the quality standard.

diagram of the price-performance ratio of mobile air conditioners car

How does a mobile air conditioner in the car?

How does a mobile air conditioner work in the test and comparison at

In the test of mobile air conditioning system for the car, especially the mini units were evaluated. These are easy to attach and turn on. If you can’t fill up the tank of the air conditioning after filling it up with water, it can be switched on after just a few minutes. Then the warm air that fills the car is passed through the absorber. This receives the necessary cooling through the water and ensures that the air also cools, which is then distributed again in the vehicle interior. Depending on the requirements and equipment of the mini air conditioner in the car it is possible to use cooling capacity can be adjusted in two or three stages. this setting affects the maximum operating time, which is eight hours for most units.

Compared to the mobile air conditioning for the car, which was extensively studied in the test comparison, the compression air conditioner works more like a classic refrigerator. Here, evaporative cooling is produced by the evaporation of liquid. In some models, expansion cooling is also produced through the use of gas. With both types of function, a continuous cooling process is created, which is controlled by a heat exchanger is supported.

An integrated automatic air conditioning in-car works with an outside temperature gauge, which allows automatic adjustment of air conditioning controls. Here you can adjust the desired interior temperature or switch to automatic to set the optimal cooling or heating mode.

Basically, the mode of operation of the split- and monobloc units on the same principle. The warm air cools down at the cooling elements of the system and is led outside, while the cooled air remains inside the room, thereby reducing the air temperature here temperature reduces. In the case of mini air conditioners, the cooling process is somewhat different. Here, water evaporation provides fresh air, increasing the humidity of the air.

mobile air conditioner car: evaluation of customer reviews

In the top rated mobile air conditioners for car on amazon it is of course not about real air conditioners. It is only fans, which bring some refreshment by evaporative cooling. For many drivers without air conditioning, this is "better than nothing" according to the reviews. Here is the evaluation:

Mobile air conditioner car test

Mobile air conditioner car brigenius (125 ratings, 4.6 stars): this is a battery operated mobile clip ventilator, which according to the buyers should run for 3, according to others even 5 hours with a full rechargeable AA battery. Buyers use it not only for the car, but also for the office and other places, but one buyer, whose air conditioner in the car is broken, is very satisfied with this model.

Mobile air conditioner car telgoner (95 ratings, 4.3 stars): also here it is a mini fan to clip on. The battery can be charged via USB, which is very convenient if you have this connection in the car. As one buyer reported, the fan clamps very well to the driver’s and passenger’s visors. This is how you can get through a whole trip to italy in an unair-conditioned car. For some, the mobile air conditioner broke prematurely or something broke off.

Mobile air conditioner car fitfirst (84 ratings, 4.4 stars): this model is just like the previous two, but is said to have a longer battery life. According to the manufacturer, 6 hours on full power and 32 hours on low power. None of the buyers have timed it, but they confirm that the small fan runs for "several hours at a time" and has a "good battery life". The interior of a car would be pleasantly blown through.

Mobile air conditioner car COMLIFE USB (56 ratings, 3.9 stars): this is a double fan, which is mounted on the front of the dashboard and is supposed to cool down both the driver and the passenger. According to most buyers, this seems to work wonderfully and they see it as an absolute "lifesaver" in summer. The negative reviews are primarily about the fan breaking down prematurely. Once even after 8 hours.

Mobile air conditioner car mitchell HX-T303 (42 reviews, 3.6 stars): this double-puster is mainly used in the car by the customers. The noise is described as "quite quiet". However, one buyer writes that it would cause noise in the radio.

advantages& application areas

Whether it’s small cars, sedans or suvs, too much heat quickly makes feeling uncomfortable. In general, the cars of today are equipped with a powerful air conditioner equipped, but cars from earlier years lack an integrated automatic air conditioning system. Here the use of a mobile air conditioner in the car, which have been closely examined in various tests. For the most part, these mobile units are designed for use in cars or even minibuses with the cigarette lighter connected, but also the energy supply via an USB cable is possible. They are equipped with a water tank that can provide up to six or eight hours of reliable service, depending on its capacity cooling ensures. depending on the design and mounting system, a mobile air conditioner can be placed in the car on the dashboard, in the footwell or on the windshield.

The compact and mobile air conditioners in the car are characterized by a high flexibility and a decent performance. However, the powerhouses from the test of mobile air conditioners can be a bit noisy. Therefore, it is important to consider the exact product data when looking for the ideal mini air conditioner for the car. Especially in a hot summer it is important to cool down the vehicle interior. Meanwhile, most cars have an integrated air conditioning system air conditioning, but this sometimes does not create enough. In addition, owners of oldtimers would also like a little more cooling when cruising the streets. The advantage of the mobile air conditioners for the car, which were examined in the comparative test, is that you do not have to leave them in the vehicle all the time. Sometimes these compact devices can also be used to air other rooms cool.

The main purpose of the mobile car air conditioners is, however, to store water inside the vehicles lowering the temperature. This cooling effect improves safety, as it is difficult to concentrate and react in time in dangerous situations when the heat is too high. Also for the driving comfort is the air conditioning system indispensable, which is particularly evident on journeys lasting several hours.

Several studies have shown that the number of accidents at high temperatures is lower than at low temperatures temperatures actually rise. From 27 degrees upwards, you have to reckon with the fact that the attention decreases. The use of a mobile air conditioning system in the car, on the other hand, you keep a cool head and don’t lose your patience. One drives more prudently at a lower temperature and remains attentive. Of course, the use of a functioning air conditioning system also has an effect on the fog-free windows. So even at cooler temperatures it can be worthwhile to use a mobile air conditioner air conditioner to use in the car that supports a clear view.

When the weather cools down during the drive, you can use the mobile air conditioning simply switch off or unplug it in the car. So it does not consume energy and has more power when you need it again later on. For recharging, most of the mini air conditioners either use a usb cable or a cigarette lighter socket.

What types of mobile air conditioners car there are?

For the mobile air conditioners car from the test 2018 can be distinguished between different types of construction. Besides the classic mini air conditioners with charging cable, there are also models that run on battery power. These are even more flexible, so you can take them to a tent or another room, for example. No need for a power supply as long as the battery is still sufficiently charged. For these battery air conditioners and the mini car units are mostly evaporative air coolers that work with water. Here no exhaust hose is needed. This means that you don’t have to place these compact mobile air conditioners for the car by the window to run the hose outside. This would be difficult in a car anyway, so this point is more crucial for indoor use.

In some cases, flexible fans are used in place of the mobile air conditioners. These can also be used in the car. They require little power and work with a simple, proven operating principle. However, the air is not cooled down here, but merely swirled, so that one only has the impression that it becomes somewhat colder. Basically, however, these mobile ventilators are not air conditioners.

With the mobile air conditioners for the car, you can find not only the mini devices, but also somewhat more powerful models, with which the cooling reaches to the back seat or to the rear end. Apart from the performance data, the air conditioners can also be categorized according to the way they are mounted. There are models with magnetic or pad holder, devices for belt fixation as well as units with stable metal base, which are simply placed in the foot area.

The advantages of the mobile air conditioner for the car:

  • Easy to place due to compact shape,
  • Low weight,
  • Good cooling performance,
  • Versatile to use/high flexibility,
  • Low purchase price.

The disadvantages of the mobile air conditioner for car:

  • Limited efficiency,
  • Relatively high power consumption.

How to test the mobile air conditioners car

The test of the mobile air conditioners for cars deals mainly with the compact devices that draw their energy directly from the vehicle battery Obtain. So you should make sure that the air conditioner is suitable for the available voltage. In the following, we have taken a closer look at other selection criteria in order to make the decision easier for prospective buyers. The differences in quality can be seen in the adjustment options and in the power, but also the condition of the housing can be an important feature.

The fan

Often the fan of the mobile air conditioners two- or three-stage and can be set slightly stronger or weaker. So you can adjust the power specifically to the situation, depending on how hot it is. The maximum operating time is often only possible at a lower level, but the cooling effect is less than at the higher power level.

The voltage

Mostly the mobile air conditioners for the car designed for a voltage of 12 volts. They get their power from the cigarette lighter or a USB port, depending on the cable with which the units are supplied. If the units are for use in the house, they can also be operated with 230 volts. One should check what voltages are required for the use of the air conditioners are recommended. This information can be found in the manufacturer’s instructions.

The cooling power

How good the cooling capacity The quality of the housing depends on its function and on the quality and modernity of the technical components. Some of the mobile air conditioners from the test have ice inserts that cool the water for a longer period of time. This has a positive effect on the overall performance and operating time. For mobile air conditioners for the car, the performance is usually quite good, so you can feel the cooling effect even in the back seat. Some units are designed for caravans and have a correspondingly higher cooling capacity.

The housing

In the test comparison of mobile air conditioners for the car, the housing was also tested. It should be shockproof and robust, if possible, to withstand the vibrations and other influences. In general, it is made of durable plastic. The weight is often less than 1 kg, but there are also mini air conditioners, exceeding this value. Size is also important. Most are cube-shaped units, with sides often no longer than 20 cm.

The environmental aspect

The environmentally friendly characteristics of mobile air conditioners refer mainly to energy efficiency. Since with most mini air conditioners for the car no refrigerant is used, apart from the power consumption, there is no great environmental impact to worry about. However, you can still find out about the corporate philosophy of the various manufacturers and check the environmental awareness of the developers in this context.

The additional functions

Most of the mobile air conditioners from the test have extras such as a fan or a heating function. Especially the heating function is interesting, because it makes the air conditioner to a combined device. This saves the need to buy a second device to use in the cold season.

What to look for when buying mobile air conditioners car?

What should I look for when buying a mobile air conditioner test winner?

Whoever wants a mobile air conditioner If you are looking for an air conditioner for your car, you should first look at the design and the materials used. In most cases, the devices are small in size and are made of fireproof and resistant materials. There is no danger of warping during long term use. Very useful is a housing with a handle, on which the mobile air conditioner for car from the current test can be easily transported. A look at the environmentally friendly aspects is also useful. On the one hand, this is about the good consumption values of the air conditioners, on the other hand, responsible use of raw materials.

The mobile air conditioners offer good safety air conditioners with automatic shutdown. The mini devices for the car are quite inexpensive, but they still offer some additional functions that ensure reliable use. That is why you should not look for cheap devices from asia, but rather choose proven quality brands. Even the test winners of the mobile air conditioners for the car are affordable and offer a decent cooling performance.

The adaptation to your own car should not be overlooked in the selection process. In newer cars, it is not a problem to install the air conditioner can be connected with a USB cable, but for older vehicles you need a cable that fits into the cigarette lighter socket. Besides the practical mini air conditioners with 12 V connection, there are also models available with other connection options, suitable for 24 V connection in the truck, for example, or even for the standard 230 V mains connection.

If you read the tests of the mobile air conditioners If you read through the tests of the mobile air conditioner for car, you will learn even more about the product data and quality features of these devices. With the help of the detailed information, you can find out which product is best suited for your own use. It’s worth comparing, because when it comes to in-vehicle use, the question naturally arises as to how far the cooling effect ranges. With the more powerful systems, cooling not only reaches the back seat, but even the trunk. This is important, for example, if you drive a van or often travel with the dog

Brief information on leading 7 manufacturers

The developers of mobile air conditioning for car are oriented to the customer’s needs and try to meet all requirements as best as possible. In this way, it has been possible to produce high quality, innovative equipment. This short list of the most important manufacturers gives an insight into the strong future orientation of the traditional and young companies in the industry.

  • Eufab
  • Daikin industries
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mundoclima
  • Sichler
  • Comfee
  • Eurom

Internet vs. Specialist shops: where is the best place to buy a mobile air conditioner for your car??

Where is the best place to buy a mobile air conditioner test winner from

Mobile air conditioner for the car can be found in a specialist store for car accessories or in the electrical market. In some special promotions in the hardware store or supermarket, such devices are also available, and at a reduced price. It is even cheaper and also easier to buy in the internet. This saves shoppers a trip to a store, because online stores are easy to browse from the comfort of their own homes. Moreover, you don’t need to watch the clock, because while the stores are bound to opening hours, you can access the offer of the internet retailers at any time

Directly in the online store, on a comparison portal or in the tests of mobile air conditioners for cars, which are available on the internet, you can find a lot of information about these devices. In addition, you can compare the models directly by viewing them on the screen and listing the data side by side. This quickly shows which mobile what is the best air conditioner for your car and what are the advantages of the different devices?.

When researching, you can get valuable tips from previous buyers who give their opinion on the devices. Here you can find out exactly whether there were any problems during commissioning or whether the performance actually meets the manufacturer’s promise. The product search is also simplified by useful tools, namely filters and sorting that can be activated or changed. Those who are looking for the cheapest possible device click on the price in the sorting, while those who attach great importance to new technologies can select the mobile air conditioners sort by novelty.

When you buy in the store, you hold your new mobile air conditioner for the car right in your hand, which is not possible when ordering on the internet. Instead, you have access to all the detailed information and pictures that show how the air conditioning works. Once you have decided on a particular air conditioner, ordering it online is just a few steps away. If you are unsure, you can still call the customer service or use the chat function to obtain more information. The ordering process is self-explanatory, so you can quickly finish it. After entering the address, selecting the payment method and confirming, it does not take long for the mobile phone to be delivered air conditioner for car supplied.

Things to know& guide

The best advisers from a mobile air conditioner test

In the comparative test of mobile air conditioners car air conditioning is also a matter of background knowledge, which, among other things, indicates that this air conditioning technology was by no means a matter of course in the past. In earlier decades, air conditioners in vehicles were a luxury, so they were often only available in top-of-the-range cars. Over time, however, the demand for a pleasantly cool temperature in the car prevailed, especially because driving safety played an increasingly important role. It has been found that pleasant cooling improves concentration while driving. This is how car manufacturers adapted and permanently installed air conditioning systems. This was also made possible by falling production costs.

In the meantime, an integrated air conditioning is part of the standard equipment of a car or can be ordered as an option when purchasing a new vehicle. This is how the permanently installed air conditioning systems has meanwhile become established. Nevertheless, there are still cars without integrated air conditioning, and this is where the mobile air conditioners from the test become interesting.

Many air conditioning systems are mainly praised for their cooling function, but the integrated systems in particular can do even more. They have a heating function and at the same time serve as an air filter, so that the air in the vehicle interior remains clean. Here one speaks also of the pollen filter or the interior filter. These filter elements protect the vehicle’s occupants from pollen, soot, gases and dust.

If you buy a car without installed air conditioning has a system that can be retrofitted. a lot of effort and is correspondingly expensive if a workshop is commissioned with it. The dashboard must be removed so that the system with the evaporator can be installed. Currently, fluorinated hydrocarbon (r134a) is used in the installed equipment. If you have an older air conditioning system, the old R12 may have to be replaced, as it is no longer approved. r413a, a mixture that largely contains r134a but whose flow and lubricating properties are more like those of its predecessor, r12, is also suitable for this purpose.

Unlike fixed installation, mobile air conditioning systems for the car can be used much more flexibly. This is a compact version of the air conditioning system, so to speak, which only needs one cable for the power supply.

A automatic air conditioning by the way, is not the same as an air conditioner. The air conditioners only produce the cooling power that has been previously set. If there is a change in temperature, a new setting must be made to adjust the cooling. The automatic air conditioning system, on the other hand, reacts automatically. Here one sets a certain desired temperature, whereupon the regulation takes place by a sophisticated sensor technology. You no longer have to worry about achieving and maintaining the desired level of cooling yourself. With this mode of operation, automatic air conditioning is considered particularly efficient, because it does not deliver more power than necessary. Instead, continuous operation is ruled out, so that energy is saved.

The manual and mobile air conditioning for cars, on the other hand, offers more flexibility, both in terms of individual temperature settings and in terms of possible applications. the following chapters of this guide present a variety of information about the origins and practical use of mobile air conditioning systems. For the buyers of the devices, the application instructions and maintenance tips are particularly useful, but the background knowledge also helps with the selection as well as with the later use of the devices.

The history of the mobile air conditioner in the car

The history of mobile air conditioning in cars

The development of air conditioners for cars began in the early 1980s. Interestingly, the increased interest in interior cooling was linked to the improved aerodynamics of the cars. Because the windshield and side windows no longer sloped straight down, but were installed at an angle, the interior heated up more quickly. At the same time, there were more and more vehicles on the roads, so that increased concentration was necessary. And also the comfort requirements car drivers’ growing. With the new development of the automotive air conditioning systems safety and driving comfort should be optimized.

In the early days, it was mainly luxury sedans that had an air conditioning system air conditioner was installed. It still took a while before more favorable vehicles were also available with such a air conditioning system but since around the start of the new millennium, these systems have been part of the standard equipment of small cars, sedans and vans.

With the further development of air-conditioning systems in vehicles, the cooling function extended by further extras. Meanwhile, modern air conditioning systems use filters to reduce exposure to pollen, dust and gases. The air inside the vehicle has therefore become much cleaner than it used to be.

Meanwhile, a car without air conditioner clearly worse rated than a passenger car with air conditioning, which is noticeable at the latest when selling the used car. However, it always depends on the vehicle class. In addition, one must pay attention to which refrigerant is used. Until the late 1990s, only R12 was used as a refrigerant, but then it was found to destroy the ozone layer and the use of R12 was banned. A new refrigerant The successor to r134a had to be found. In 2006, the european union issued a new directive stating that hydrofluorocarbons may only be used up to a certain GWP value. This GWP value stands for global warming potential and must not be higher than 1500 for air conditioning systems in vehicles. This limit value refers to newly registered vehicle types as of 2012 and to newly registered vehicles as of january 2017. The transitional period is also referred to as the phase-out window. For r134a, the GWP value is 1430.

As a further replacement option, carbon dioxide was on the test bench, which has the refrigerant designation R744 carries. Here, the GWP value is 1 and is therefore extremely low compared to conventional refrigerants. In comparative tests, it was also found that carbon dioxide has a very high energy efficiency, which is significantly better than r134a. In 2007, the automotive industry therefore opted for CO2, which was announced by the association’s president at the time, matthias wissmann. However, some automotive brands advertised tetrafluoropropene, known as r1234yf or under various trade names.

After some time, most manufacturers decided against CO2, as the production of suitable air conditioning systems was very expensive. The changeover to r1234yf was the simpler and more cost-effective solution. It has a GWP of 4 and is therefore also not harmful to the ozone layer, but it is a flammable refrigerant that can lead to dangerous consequences in the event of an accident followed by an attempt to extinguish the fire. For this reason, the EU Commission had issued a ban on r1234yf, which until then had been produced exclusively in the USA. However, an exemption was made that allowed its use for a limited period of time. The low flammability of r1234yf, combined with additional safety measures, has led to this refrigerant now being used in many areas of application.

In the fall of 2015, Daimler decided to equip various vehicle models with CO2 air conditioning systems as standard in the following year. Other series continued to use r1234yf, but with certain safety measures to comply with the regulations. In the meantime there are also some series vehicles with R744 air conditioners.

In the case of mobile air conditioners for the car it is an alternative solution for the fixed air conditioning systems. Here, a simple operating principle is used that does not use refrigerants. Nevertheless, mobile air conditioners are rarely used in cars, as most vehicle owners prefer to use the functions of integrated air conditioning system use.

facts and figures about mobile air conditioning for cars

All figures and data from a mobile air conditioner test

Without a air conditioning system it can get extremely hot in the car when it is parked in the blazing sun. This is the case even if the temperatures are not that high. anyone who looks at the facts knows how the energy requirements of car air conditioner can be lowered. For example, you can park in the shade or leave the windows open to dissipate the heat. Sun visors and special blinds for the side windows are also useful. such sun protection systems reflect the sun’s rays so that the interior of the vehicle does not heat up so much.

To lower the interior temperature, you can open the doors wide before getting into the car, so that the temperature depending on location and weather conditions within a few minutes reduced by 5 degrees or more. Then close the car doors and switch on the sunshade air conditioner a.

It is recommended that the inside temperature is a maximum of 5 degrees lower than the outside temperature. This saves electricity and reduces the risk of catching a cold. The air-cooling system must not be too cold, otherwise you may freeze and suffer another heat shock when you get out of the car.

Some of the mobile air conditioners for the car, which were considered in the test, do not only have a cooling function, but they can also heat the car. The devices with an additional heating function are also called combi air conditioner designates. If you decide to use this additional function, you will not need to buy a second unit when the cold season sets in.

The mini air conditioners for cars often weigh no more than 1 kg and are as small as a handbag. So you can comfortably take with you. If necessary, cool not only the car, but also the study or the caravan. Even in the office, a compact cooling system come into use. Depending on the environment, you only have to make sure that the device is designed for the available power connection.

Mobile air conditioner car in 6 steps correctly prepare and switch on

The mobile air conditioning for car are quite easy to handle, whether it is a splitter or a monoblock model. How to set up and fine-tune the cooling is explained here in a few points. It is best to read the instructions beforehand to avoid making mistakes and to ensure that the mobile air conditioner working properly in the car.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6

10 tips for care

With the mobile air conditioners there may be an unpleasant odor in the car. However, this problem does not occur as often as with the integrated sunshades air conditioning systems with refrigerant. Nevertheless, you should not wait too long before cleaning, otherwise mold may develop, which not only smells musty, but is also unhealthy in the long run. Other cleaning tips are also listed here so that the air conditioner works in the long term and stays clean.

  • Tip 1
  • Tip 2
  • Tip 3
  • tip 4
  • Tip 5
  • Tip 6
  • Tip 7
  • Tip 8
  • Tip 9
  • Tip 10

Useful accessories

The best accessories for mobile air conditioner in the test

The accessories for the mobile air conditioners in the car ensures optimal cooling or is used for replacement if individual components are defective. Unlike the integrated automatic air conditioning however, mobile small appliances do not require refrigerant, but only water and energy. In some cases, the adjustable louvers can be adjusted for targeted airflow and can also be replaced if damaged. Of course, you also need the right connection cables, which are connected to the USB socket or the car’s cigarette lighter. Since the mobile air conditioner usually in the direct vicinity of these connections, the cable does not have to be very long. Other useful accessories include brackets and, if necessary, distribution boxes if you want to connect several devices. for the mobile air conditioners with adhesive pads or magnetic holders, however, no additional mounting parts are necessary.

On a long car trip in the summer or to particularly warm regions, people would like to rely on the integrated or mobile air conditioning not to do without. Other travel accessories can also be adapted to the hot season, so that the trip is comfortable and stress-free. For the children are useful backseat bags, which you can use as a storage system for mobile games and other varied utensils. In addition, comfortable travel cushions and seatbelt pads make the trip even more relaxing. Some of these are special items for children, but the upholstered elements are also available for adults.

ergonomic support pillows and neck pillows are worthwhile for longer trips. These help to relieve the strain on the back during long sitting periods. Accordingly, the car ride is pleasant and no one starts to complain after an hour about the heat to weigh down.

Against too much heat and sun will be gladly sunshade systems used. These shades also act as a privacy screen, so you feel safe in the car. Often the sunshade for the car is available as a set. Sun blinds are available for the side windows and also for the rear window, which are easy to install and can be pulled down or pushed up as needed. Because the material is semi-transparent, the view from inside to outside is unobstructed, so you can see everything that is going on in the traffic. Such a sunshade keeps off the UV rays and serves as a light blackout. It provides a certain thermal protection.

If you have car when you park in the sun, you can put a sunshade over the windshield. These protective elements turn into a sheet of ice during the winter months. Before setting off, you have to remove the protective films and stow them in the trunk so that you have them ready to use again at the next parking lot.

A cool box is worthwhile for vacation trips or day trips. It keeps drinks and food fresh so that you can have something cold to eat at a picnic. This is not only an advantage when camping or taking a break at a rest stop, but also at the vacation destination itself. If you have a cool box with you, your supplies are also well stored and the contents stay pleasantly cold. Depending on how many people are to be catered for, you may need a small carry box or a larger one cool box. The larger boxes often have wheels built in, and there is also a folding handle to make carrying or pulling easier. For a good visibility while driving you can read our H7 lamps test comparison.

10 questions about the mobile air conditioner car

Question 1: what can be done to extend the maintenance periods of the air conditioning system??

A air conditioning in the car keeps its functionality longer if you turn it on occasionally even in cold temperatures. At least once a month you should run the system to distribute the lubricant inside the system. This also prevents the seals from becoming brittle and fragile.

Question 2: why it makes sense to switch off the air conditioner in time and let the fan still run?

If you use the mobile air conditioner off before parking the car, but the fan continues to run, the components already adjust to the ambient temperature. It prevents the system from fogging up. Furthermore, in this way the residual cold is used, so that the device consumes less electricity. Turning it off earlier also reduces the risk of germ and mold growth, saving you the hassle of disinfecting it.

Question 3: what are the causes of poor or no air conditioning cooling??

When the mobile air conditioning if the car does not cool at all or cools insufficiently, it is necessary to check the possible sources of error. Possibly, the electrical supply is not guaranteed, so you just need to connect the power supply. When the water tank is empty, you have to refill it. A poor performance can also be linked to a fundamental malfunction are interconnected and in this case it is necessary to replace the unit. Small leaks in the ducts may be repairable even by amateurs.

Question 4: where does the unpleasant smell come from??

If the mobile air conditioning if it gives off a musty smell, it may be related to mold growth. Not only in water tank, the humidity can also promote the development of mold on the pipes and valves. This problem should be solved with a basic cleaning and careful drying of all components.

Question 5: what are the main advantages of mobile air conditioning for car?

In the comprehensive test of mobile air conditioners for the car, the great advantage of the compact format became especially apparent. As a mini air conditioner, these devices are also suitable for small cars. At a maximum of 1 kg, they are very light and can therefore be conveniently transported and flexibly used, whether in a car, caravan or at the workplace. The low price is also well received by buyers.

Question 6: what are the components of a mobile air conditioning system??

The basic construction of the mobile air conditioner consists of the water tank, the filter through which the air flows, and a fan. This fan provides the evaporative cooling that brings pleasant freshness to the vehicle interior. A control panel assists the user in making the correct settings.

Question 7: why is the air conditioning in the car so important?

With a permanently installed or mobile air conditioner driving a car is safer, because too much heat impairs the driver’s ability to concentrate and react. From this point of view, the air conditioners an important measure for accident prevention. Comfort also plays an important role, especially on long car journeys. When the air gets hot and stuffy, not only do you feel uncomfortable, but you also lose track of potentially dangerous traffic situations.

Question 8: where else can i use the mobile air conditioner?

A mini air conditioner is not only suitable for use in the car. it can also be placed in the study or bedroom, where it cools down the room temperature. For which room size the different air conditioners are suitable, you can read in the detailed description.

Question 9: what functions and requirements should a mobile air conditioner for car have?

The test winners of the mobile air conditioners for the car convince with a particularly high performance. But for normal use, it is sufficient if the unit meets the minimum requirements and provides satisfactory cooling. The built-in fan should be adjustable to two speeds, and it is also advantageous for the air vents to be adjustable. If you want a particularly intensive cooling effect, freezable cooling elements are useful, which are included in the scope of delivery of some devices. In addition, you need at least a cable with a 12-volt adapter to connect the air conditioner to operate in the car. Some models also have a USB cable and/or a 230-volt mains plug.

Question 10: why not just install a real air conditioner in the car??

The subsequent installation of a car air conditioner is a lot of work and requires a certain amount of skill. Experienced tinkerers can do the job themselves, but the amateurs turn to a workshop that pays well for the installation. In most cases it is necessary to remove the dashboard, which is something car owners are afraid of. Using the mobile air conditioner in the car is clearly the simpler method and can be done in two simple steps.

Alternatives to the mobile air conditioner car

Instead of a mobile air conditioner it is possible to have automatic air conditioning installed in a car, but this involves a high financial outlay. But this retrofit of air conditioning is a real upgrade, so that the resale value of the vehicle increases.

The simple alternative to mobile air conditioning is to drive with open side windows, so that the interior is well ventilated. Parking in the shade or rolling down the windows more often also helps to combat summer heat in the car. But these measures are not as effective as active cooling.

If the temperature in the vehicle When the temperature rises, you can fall back on tried-and-tested tricks that worked even before there was an air conditioner air conditioners gave. if you simply stretch a damp cloth in front of the car’s ventilation, evaporation also occurs, which counteracts the heat with a certain cooling effect. Cold, wet towels also help if you put them on the back of your neck.

Some people are sensitive to drafts and evaporative cooling and fear that they will catch a cold easily. They prefer to use a sunshade, which not only keeps out the light, but also heat. Sunblinds and similar elements are particularly popular when children are sitting in the back seat. Shading protects against too much sunlight, but it cannot keep out all the heat and does not actively reduce it cooling as it is the case with the mobile air conditioners for the car is the case.

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How exactly does a car air conditioner work?

A fully-fledged air conditioner fulfills the functions of heating, humidifying, cooling and dehumidifying. if one of these functions is missing, then it is not a full air conditioner, but only a partial air conditioner or simply a ventilator.

How much does a good mobile air conditioner cost?

Entry-level units in the mobile car air conditioning segment can be had for less than 100 euros. These mobile air conditioners have disadvantages compared to the more expensive models starting at 400 euro. In conclusion, it should be remembered that solid models cost around 250 euro.

For whom is an air conditioner a suitable purchase??

An air conditioner is a sensible purchase if you want to have a pleasant indoor climate in the warm and hot seasons of the year. The various filters in these systems have a purifying effect, which contributes to general well-being.

Are mobile air conditioners healthy for the car?

In principle, air in rooms with serviced air conditioning systems contains fewer bacteria compared to normal room air, which contains allergens, dust or dirt particles. Comparable results are achieved by ventilation systems with an appropriate filter. Proper functioning requires regular maintenance of air conditioning systems. If this is neglected, germs and bacteria could develop.

Are there alternatives to the mobile air conditioner?

Basically, the windows of the vehicle can be lowered while driving. This creates a draft of air that can have a cooling effect. Otherwise, there are fans that can also be used. However, these are not fully-fledged alternatives to an air conditioner for the car.

Where can I buy a mobile air conditioner?

The mobile air conditioners for the car can be bought in specialized markets for cars. But also the internet offers a good selection of these models. in terms of price and comparison, the internet is hard to beat.

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