Milk frother: test& comparison (01/2022) of the best milk frothers

At milk frother test different devices are considered, with which one can foam milk. For the user it is important to have free test reports. A detailed list of all models is only available in these test reports. So this is the basic requirement that both the companies and the users demand.

The best manual and electric milk frothers

There are basically three different types of devices: the first are the very popular electric models. A electric milk frother may consist of a container in which the milk is automatically foamed by means of stirring inserts. It can also be an electric whisk that is used directly to froth the milk in the cup. In addition to these two electric types, there are manual milk frother. These are hand-operated, so you can get the milk foam without using electricity

Our personal winners in the milk frother comparison

For each type we have determined a test winner, which are now presented in more detail. All types have different advantages and disadvantages, which is why it is not possible to decide on one particular model. Whether the device should be operated electrically or by hand is perhaps also a matter of taste. If you are looking for a professional milk frother that can also be used in the catering industry, you should go for the electric models that work with induction. If you want everything to be as quick and easy as possible, you should probably buy a manual milk frother. So here are our three test winners in our milk frother test.

The manual milk frother bodum latteo

This model could convince us in the milk frother test despite small weaknesses very much. Supplied here is a beautiful hand-blown glass container, in which up to 250 ml of milk can be foamed. It comes with the "pumping device", a black lid with plastic button. Initially, it is disappointing that the lid does not fit perfectly tightly on the glass container.

  • Fast milk foam – pour milk into a container, heat as desired.
  • Battery operation – the milk frother is powered by two AA AA batteries.

  • COMPACT AND MODERN: sleek, slimline electric milk frother for.
  • EASY TO USE: with only two buttons can be used when foaming their.

WMF Lono Milk & Choc milk frother electric

  • Contents: 1x electric milk frother in cromargan stainless steel matt (23 x 20 x.
  • 4 programs: hot milk foam for cappuccino, latte macchiato. Cold.

So it wobbles and you have to hold it while pumping it. But this does not bother. Milk frothing is very easy after the milk has been warmed up. You can use for this z.B. Put the bodum glass container in the microwave oven. Then you start: you just have to pump until the milk foam is ready, whereby the technique is also decisive: we were able to achieve the best results by making quick pumping movements (as far down in the container as possible). The larger the volume of milk and foam in the container then becomes, the larger you can make the radius of the pumping motion. in the end, we were able to double the volume, i.e. from 250 ml of milk we were able to produce over 500 ml of foam.

The best thing is that preparing the foam takes only a few seconds. It is actually enough to manually froth the milk for about 30 seconds until you have enough milk foam for 2-4 cups of your favorite coffee drink. This is sustainable milk foaming, without electricity. The glass milk container can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. In conclusion, this model is highly recommended. The foam is not quite as good as with the induction milk frothers, but it is still excellent. In addition, this model is relatively inexpensive, which is why the bodum latteo is one of our best sellers test winner. In contrast to the use of electric devices, you can easily produce very good foam with such a model. So it is not a very big effort needed. This is what the milk frother test showed.

The milk foamer rod caso 1610 fomini

If the milk frother is battery operated, as this model here, you can relatively uncomplicated and quick to froth his milk. To do this, you simply hold the whisk in the milk. The stainless steel spring of the rod rotates very quickly ( with ca. 12000 revolutions per minute) to create the milk foam you crave. You can, of course, use rechargeable batteries instead of normal batteries to protect the environment. After a while, the batteries have to be recharged, or else. Replacing the batteries. But in the meantime, you should be able to create a nice lather a few times. the caso 1610 looks pretty chic hanging in its holder and doesn’t take up much space. So it is perfect if you do not want to make very much foam, or not every day foam. Because of the low price you can buy this milk frother in any case. In our milk frother test it is very convincing.

The milk foam is really good, which you can’t believe at first when you look at the small device. The caso 1610 fomini is definitely better received than the cheap competition in the milk foam bars. So this model is to be recommended in any case.

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