Milk frother buying guide – application, manufacturer& models

italian coffee specialties are also very popular in germany. People have come to know and appreciate drinks such as latte macchiato or cappuccio on vacation and enjoy the coffee specialties also in our widths to get a slice of vacation mood to bring into the everyday life.

Numerous baristas offer excellent versions in coffee houses and bistros. Nevertheless, one would like to prepare such a speciality for oneself and one’s guests at home from time to time. With a milk frother this is also possible no problem. Numerous manufacturers offer practical milk frothers for the home, and it’s worth comparing the individual models. This is how you can find the perfect model for your own household and treat yourself to a cappuccino for breakfast.

Milk can be foamed in this way

There are several ways to froth milk for specialty coffees. From inexpensive entry-level models to sophisticated professional appliances, there is a wide range of milk frothing devices, which can often be quite confusing for the layman. Especially if you have no experience with the making specialty coffees If you are a first-time milk frother and would like to froth milk at home, you should try an inexpensive device first.

This is the way to find out if making coffee specialties will continue to be part of your home routine. Once you have decided to prepare drinks with milk foam on a regular basis, you can later purchase a more expensive machine.

The various milk frothers offer different advantages

wand milk frother – practical, uncomplicated and inexpensive

The milk frothing wand brings several advantages with itself. On the one hand, such a device is available quite inexpensively, and on the other hand, it is also handy and small, so that it can be stowed away even in the smallest kitchen. In general, the milk frothing bars consist of a long bar with the spiral for frothing and a handle part in which the motor and battery are housed.

To froth the milk you need an additional vessel, and it is best to choose a high pot in which the milk can be heated on the stove at the same time. The milk frothing wand is simply held in the pot and turned on until the milk has reached the desired consistency.

The milk frothing with such a device is more laborious than with one automatic device. That’s why milk frothing wands are more suitable if they are only used now and then.

The electric milk frother

A electric milk frother is an excellent solution for those who want to froth milk and heat it at the same time. The device resembles a kettle and heats the milk in the same way. Inside the machine, however, there is still an insert that froths the milk while it is being heated up. As a rule, this insert consists of a spiral, which spins quickly and thus lifts air under the milk. In this way, two operations can be carried out in one and the warm, frothed milk is available in a short time.

A variation of the automatic milk frothers are the induction milk frothers. They work in a very similar way, but with induction technology and offer fully automatic programs that can be easily controlled via push button can be started. This eliminates the need for a direct connection between the power source and the whisk and also makes cleaning easier. The milk container can be washed in the dishwasher in most cases.

Manual milk frother

There are also manual milk frothers that do not require electricity. These appliances usually have a milk jug which can be placed on the stove for heating. A fine sieve, which is mounted inside the milk jug, is now moved quickly up and down on a handle, causing the milk to foam up. This device also appeals to many coffee lovers who like to turn the preparation of a special ceremony and control the consistency of your milk foam in a first-class way. Of course, you should have a little time for this task.

Frothing milk with steam

Many fully automatic coffee machines, especially those used in the commercial sector, are equipped with a steam nozzle that is held in the milk for frothing. with such a device, milk can be quickly made, even in large quantities, into a creamy foaming consistency. In the private sector, however, such machines are used relatively rarely.

How to make milk foam every time

If you use a milk frother for the first time, it can easily happen that the wonderful froth collapses after a short time. The perfect milk foam should also be able to be moved with the spoon in the cup without breaking down. In the mouth, however, it melts creamy soft. To get perfect milk foam every time, you first have to think about how the milk foam is created. Air is mixed with the milk during the frothing process. This is firmly enclosed by the protein molecules in the milk. A stable foam is created when many protein molecules come together and bind a large number of small air bubbles. Many factors play a role in the success of milk foam:

  • Protein content of the milk
  • Fat content of the milk
  • temperature
  • degree of freshness
  • Weather conditions

To prepare milk foam, you should already make the right choice when buying the milk. You can expect a firmer froth with low-fat milk than with full-fat milk. The foam of full-fat milk tends to be creamy. UHT milk is better for foaming than fresh milk.

If you want to achieve good results with fresh milk, the milk should be fresh and just opened. The next step is to choose the right temperature. As a general rule, the protein structures in the milk begin to break down at around 60 degrees celsius. Therefore, the milk should never be heated too much when foaming. The interaction of temperature and fat content also play a role. While low-fat milk develops the best foam when cold, high-fat milk can be made in the medium temperature range best results achieve.

The most important factor However, the most important factor in successful frothing is the protein content of the milk. However, you have no influence on this and you can not determine when buying which milk more proteins contains than the other. However, it is possible to orientate according to certain conditions in the seasons. If, for example, the cows take in more liquid in warm summer weather, the protein content of the milk may drop.

Why do you need milk foam?

Popular and simply delicious with a frothy milk topping

When you think of milk froth, the first thing that comes to mind is of course italian coffee specialties. Cappuccino and latte macchiato receive their luxurious consistency through the milk foam. But there are also other ways to use milk frother. For example, you can make delicious desserts by preparing a sauce with frothed milk.

In this way, a milk frother is versatile and can be used in the kitchen for various recipes.

If you buy such a device, you can experiment with different recipes and family and guests surprise with a new idea more often. you can read an interesting article on the topic of milk foam here at n-tv.

The most popular milk frother suppliers and models

There is a wide range of milk frothers available in specialized shops and on the internet. one of the most popular brands is nespresso. The name is known from the coffee capsules and also the milk frothers of this company, which include the models aeroccino 3 and aeroccino 3192, are characterized by high quality and great reliability from.

milk frothers are also available from the severin brand, with which excellent results can be achieved. With the brand there is a wide choice of different devices and you can choose both simple, battery-powered milk frothers choose a practical automatic machine that runs on electricity from the socket.

It is also worth mentioning the saeco brand, which has made a name for itself in recent years for high-quality fully automatic coffee machines. The milk frothers of this brand are excellently crafted and perform well excellent work when it comes to making good, long-lasting milk foam.

The 3 best "foam whippers

Which milk frother you finally buy is decided by a variety of factors. Here are our three recommendations for guaranteed perfect milk foam.

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