Maxda credit without schufa – our test report + all important 07/2021

Maxda, the credit broker from speyer, has long been established on the market. One of the Palatinate company’s specialties is brokering credit without schufa. We want to know what the maxda credit without schufa is all about.

A loan without schufa is possible for borrowers who consider their creditworthiness to be weak. You also think that after a negative decision of a bank only a credit without schufa comes into question.

Experience has shown that in many cases there are other options as well.

read here why maxda credit without schufa is not the only alternative and what other options are available.

Who is maxda and what does the company offer me??

Maxda has specialized exclusively in the mediation of loans, the wunschkredit. the company from speyer does not offer its own loans.

The intermediary cooperates with numerous banks in the country. the maxda credit without schufa is distributed in cooperation with the liechtenstein sigma bank.

The offer of maxda includes

We present the individual offers of maxda in detail in separate articles.

in this guide we will limit ourselves to the conditions for the maxda credit without schufa.

in contrast to other credit mediators maxda does not offer a credit comparison calculator. The applicant only finds out which bank will grant a loan when the application is sent out.


For credit without schufa maxda works together with the sigma kreditbank.

the conditions for the maxda credit without schufa

Since maxda does not grant its own credit, the conditions are those of the sigma bank from liechtenstein. Maxda has no influence on this.

To take it in advance, the sigma bank does not offer much variability. The conditions for the borrower are comparatively restrictive. But first, the conditions at a glance:

Procedure of the credit request

maxda’s inquiries follow one and the same pattern, regardless of the type of loan involved. It does not matter whether the applicant is looking for a loan without schufa, a car loan or a loan to restructure debt.

The purpose of use is not asked for. The application section is structured as follows:

  1. The entry is made via the button query desired loan. The entry of the credit amount and term is required.
  2. The following is the collection of the applicant’s personal data. This includes of course the name, date of birth and address.
  3. In the next phase, the income and the expenses are compared.
  4. In an intermediate step, the applicant can still order a free maxda credit card. However, the order does not improve the credit conditions.
  5. The proof of salary can be sent by upload, by mail, whatsapp, fax or mail.
  6. Maxda now checks the entries in order to forward the credit request.
  7. If there is a possibility of granting the credit, the applicant receives the credit application both by e-mail and by post.

An offer for a free credit card may be attractive. However, only those who do not yet have a credit card should apply.

The background is that too many credit cards can worsen the schufa score. Especially those who have a weak credit rating should exclude this risk.

too many credit cards arouse the suspicion, even among banks, that the holder is shifting his minimum balances back and forth because he cannot close them out. Anyone familiar with the series "two and a half men" remembers alan harper’s credit card lottery.

Which documents do I need for the maxda credit without schufa??

First of all, proof of salary is required. If a credit agreement is concluded, the applicant must prove his identity with a valid identification document.

If it is a passport, it must contain a residence confirmation. The sigma bank also wants the confirmed salary assignment.

Our test report

It is important that an advisor also contains a test. Especially when it comes to such a sensitive topic as credit without schufa.

We have subjected the maxda credit without schufa to a classic test.

The criteria differ in part from other test templates in our numerous guides due to the special features of a loan without schufa.

Points:104 of 192



Product features

Target groups

customer experience

Credit intermediary

credit without schufa


Repayment phase


Overall impression

Points:104 of 192

Duration until payment

the question "maxda kredit wie lange dauert die bearbeitung" is one of the most frequent that can be found in google for credit without schufa. The answer to the duration from application to payment is not only of interest in urgent cases.

neither maxda nor sigma bank currently offer a fully digitalized credit process. This speeds up the processing.

The customer can send his documents in digital form and use the videoident procedure. postal delivery times increase the time until the money is on the account.

The experience says that the deadline can be up to 14 days. Competitors who rely on fully digital processes can also offer genuine instant loans or lightning loans for a classic installment loan.

Accelerate payout – 7 tips

For his part, the customer can at least ensure that he is not responsible for delays in the application process.

To do this, it helps to take the following seven tips to heart:

  1. Maxda sends all documents by e-mail as well as by post. Immediately process the e-mail with the credit application and do not wait for the contract delivered by mail.
  2. transmission of the requested documents in digital form, not by mail.
  3. The videoident procedure also saves time compared to the postident procedure. The way to the post office becomes superfluous.
  4. Process not only the application, but all of maxda’s digital mail without delay.
  5. clear and precise answers to questions from maxda. This avoids unnecessary queries.
  6. No queries means in reverse time saving. Maxda usually takes a few days to process queries.
  7. If there are ambiguities in the own income or expenses, the tax advisor knows further.

Even if we haven’t reached our conclusion yet: our numerous tests have shown that there are competitors who act faster and less complicated.

Is maxda serious?

This question can be answered with yes. Maxda has already been active as a reputable credit broker for many years. In some things we would like to see a little more transparency.

But the old sales adage "say as little as possible, as much as necessary" also applies here.

Maxda can look back on very good ratings on the consumer portal ekomi. What bothers us a little is the contact or inquiries by field staff.

Cross-selling is all well and good, but with an online product you are taken back to the old days of sales in the 80s. The aim of these visits is usually the conclusion of insurance products.

Has maxda been tested by the stiftung warentest??

No, the stiftung warentest has not reviewed maxda.

Postident or videoident?

maxda offers both the postident procedure for legitimation and the videoident procedure. Videoident offers several advantages:

  • The legitimation can be done from home.
  • The customer is not dependent on the opening hours of the post office branch.
  • The way to the post office and the possible search for a parking space are no longer necessary.

maxda credit without schufa experience

It would of course be interesting to know what other users have experienced with maxda credit without schufa. Unfortunately, there is no information about this on the internet.

The ratings of maxda do not refer to the individual products, but to the offer in general. in general, we can only point out that maxda received 4.9 stars at ekomi and currently has 4.6 stars at trustpilot.

As of today (status 22.07.2021) lie with us 16 maxda experiences of our readers before. From the ratings are 62,50 % positive, getthereview neutral and 12,50 % negative.

The reader experiences you can read here in detail:
maxda experience

Maxda credit without schufa top up

Maybe one or the other already uses a maxda credit without schufa in the amount of 3.500 euro or 5.000 euro. He may want to reduce this to 7.500 euro top up.

Basically, he must clarify this question not with maxda, but with the sigma bank. A second credit without schufa is not possible, but a top-up is.

The interest rates of maxda

We have to answer this question from two points of view. The interest rates for the maxda credit without schufa are set by the sigma bank. Maxda has no influence on this.

The interest rates of the other cooperation partners are also determined by them, but they are dependent on creditworthiness. The total range of effective annual interest rates payable at maxda ranges from 3.99 percent to 15.99 percent.

The two-thirds interest rate of 8.90 percent, which is required by law, is comparatively high. this interest rate says which maximum interest rate at least two thirds of the customers have to pay.

Either the credit ratings that maxda brokers are rather weak, or many customers resort to the credit without schufa.

What to do if the credit application was rejected?

With the restrictive requirements of sigma bank, we are not surprised that there are more frequent rejections. These do not result from the creditworthiness of the applicant or a negative entry at schufa.

If you’ve been sick for eleven days a year, you’re "out". The same applies to the relatively high minimum income.

Who does not fulfill this, can also not expect a loan. The question arises what a borrower can do if the credit without schufa has already been rejected.

It also raises the question of whether there are any solutions at all. Let’s get to the most pleasant part of our guide to maxda credit without schufa.

There are solutions for an installment loan. In most cases, these are less complicated, cheaper, more flexible and easier to apply for.

What can I do to improve my chances of getting a loan??

Let’s start at the beginning, at schufa. schufa manages data records in the hundreds of millions of euros.

With this volume, it is quite possible that incorrect data has been stored or that old data has not been deleted. first task of a borrower is to check his schufa entries.

Every citizen has the right to receive a free schufa self-assessment once a year. Take advantage of this opportunity.

If you find an entry that is incorrect or outdated, ask the initiator to delete it. The second look is for existing loans.

Here a car loan, there the television financed via the electronics market, there the cell phone paid off in installments. This constellation pleases neither schufa nor potential new lenders.

bundle your existing loans into one loan. For debt restructuring, the credit broker smava has proven its worth. We will explain why in the following.

Get rid of superfluous credit cards. You remember alan harper?

Once this cleanup is complete, they can dare to apply for credit again. The starting position is definitely better.

If your schufa is in order, you do not use any other loans and only have a credit card, your chances are still better. Why, we explain.

The alternatives to maxda

Maxda is a long-established credit broker, but not the only one. Finanzcheck, creditolo, check24 or smava also play in the front row.

Smava’s business model, however, offers an exception. Usually, a credit comparison portal forwards the loan request resulting from the credit comparison to the desired bank.

This bank is now carrying out the credit check. If it is declined, the borrower has to start all over again.

Smava offers the "extended credit request". the customer’s request is received by smava.

Smava checks now on the basis of the customer data whether still further banks are found, which would approve a credit.

In addition to the offer from the directly requested bank, the customer receives up to six other loan proposals – with just one inquiry. Experience has shown that smava customers usually receive at least three proposals.

What does this tell us? A rejected credit application, even for a credit without schufa, means nothing. It depends rather on where the request is made.

Smava works with over 20 partner banks. The provider does not mediate loans without schufa, but very successfully loans despite schufa.

The smava service is provided at no cost to the applicant. Smava finances itself exclusively from the commission of the partner banks. We have written an extensive guide about smava, which you can read here.


It has probably become clear between the lines that we are not unreservedly opposed to the maxda credit without schufa. In our opinion, this offer is too restrictive and too expensive.

As an alternative to the credit without schufa offers the credit despite schufa.

Credit brokers such as smava can very well assess in advance which bank an applicant has a chance with and which does not.

The applicant saves time through the preliminary work of a credit comparison. With only one request he receives an overview of all banks that grant a loan.

Of course, it’s nice when an advisor not only analyzes and tests, but also makes a recommendation for action.

Based on our test, our recommendation for action can only be to use a credit comparison service such as smava. This saves disappointment, time and is, experience also shows, promising.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Not all of the questions that arise from our readers can be answered in a textual context.

We have therefore collected the most frequently asked questions and answer them here.

the applicant must meet all the requirements of sigma bank. If this is the case, the applicant can submit the application to maxda.

Countries such as switzerland or liechtenstein do not have an institution such as schufa and therefore do not have any inquiries there. Against this background there is definitely no entry of the credit at the german schufa.

Borrowers also keep in mind that no schufa inquiry is made in advance either. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. Maxda explicitly refers to the schufa clause.

The sigma bank has quite a reputation for a serious credit without schufa. Basically, we are in a gray area with this topic, however.

At sigma bank, the maximum loan amount is 7.500 euro possible. The prerequisite is compliance with the strict general conditions.

Maxda also mediates credits despite schufa.

the so-called swiss credit of maxda is granted by the sigma bank from liechtenstein. It is a so-called credit without schufa.
The term swiss credit results from the time when the lenders were still based in switzerland.

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