Marderschaden at the car – how can one prevent it and what pays the insurance?

The assumption that marten damage to a car can only occur in rural areas is wrong. The small predators can also tamper with vehicles in the city and sometimes cause considerable damage. Softer car parts, such as those made of rubber or plastic, are particularly prone to being attacked. Mostly a marten damage car is not immediately recognizable. If you do nothing about it, this can sometimes have unpleasant consequences.

  • 1.Marderschaden car – functionality significantly impaired
  • 2.Marten damage and insurance
  • 2.1.Watch out for the basic tariff

marten damage to car – functionality significantly impaired

marten bite (© horst schmidt / fotolia.Com) martens prefer to make themselves u.A. At various cables and hoses on the vehicle. This can be u.A. the fact that the car won’t start, fluids leak out or the lights no longer work as a result of a marten bite. marten bites are not an isolated case. Every year, these predators cause small and large nuisances for hundreds of thousands of motorists.

marten damage and the insurance

If a car is damaged by a marten, the question is, of course, to what extent the insurance company will pay for it. This is not a problem with comprehensive insurance. Direct marten damage is fully covered by a partial cover insurance üdamage is covered, whereas for consequential damage it depends on the tariff.

Important: motor vehicle liability insurance does not cover marten bites.

You are better advised to take out partial coverage insurance. The car parts damaged by the animal are then professionally replaced in a workshop at the insurance company’s expense. If the insurance tariff provides deductible the insured person also assumes responsibility for this amount himself.

Watch out for the basic tariff

Basic tariffs are often taken out because they offer more favorable conditions. In case of doubt, however, this can cost you dearly, because the scope of services shrinks along with the price. Marten bites are usually no longer covered by a basic tariff. This is an increasing problem for motorists, as insurance companies tend to reduce their benefits within the framework of the basic tariffs. As a result, it is no longer a matter of course that the partially comprehensive insurance always pays in principle for marten damage. Despite insurance coverage, you have to dig deep into your own pockets. And a consequential damage a marten bite can quickly add up to a five-figure sum, because it is not always enough just to replace a cable.

If you want to take out a basic tariff, you should first study the insurance conditions carefully. It can be very worthwhile to include direct damage caused by marten bites as well as the resulting consequential damage in the insurance cover.

Tip: if you live in an area where problems with martens are more frequent, you should always make sure that your comprehensive insurance marten damage and consequential damage covered. Under certain circumstances, it can also be worthwhile to look for a corresponding additional insurance look around, which is offered especially for marten damages. In this case, of course, the direct damage is also covered in full.

marten damage to a car – prevention

It makes sense to take out certain insurance policies in advance defense measures to avoid a marten bite in the first place or to avoid a marten attack in the second place. To prevent a renewed car marten damage.

  • especially males are very aggressive and can’t stand the scent of rivals, that’s why they nibble at everything that reaches for it, sometimes also car parts. If a marten has already been in the engine compartment, it is possible that a engine wash worthwhile to remove the marten scent.
  • wiring harnesses and ignition cables can be encased and can thus no longer be bitten.
  • Potentially deterrent odors, the moths, for example, which come from dog hairs or mothballs, show, if at all, only a temporary effect and are usually completely washed off again by the next rainfall. In addition, tests have shown that martens get used to unfamiliar smells very quickly and are no longer deterred by them.
  • Some car manufacturers offer certain sets offered, which seal the engine compartment from below, so that martens are prevented from getting in.
  • Also special metal plates, which emit a light electric shock, can be very effective in the fight against the unwelcome visitors. In any case, the installation should be carried out in a specialist workshop that has the necessary experience in this field. The electric shocks are of course neither deadly nor harmful. They only serve to chase the animal away before it can cause damage.
  • From wire mesh like to be placed under the car. This can have a certain effect, as the ground is unknown to the animals and therefore a deterrent. However, once they have become accustomed to the mat, it loses its effect.

why do martens bite cables and other car parts?

marten damage car (© andreas bohm / fotolia.Com) it may be less assumed that the small predators drive their pointed teeth into the car parts, because they appreciate their taste so much. It is more likely to have territorial reasons. Takes a marten perceive the scent of another marten, which has already roamed through the engine compartment before, it wants to defend its territory and therefore starts biting around.

Especially cars, which are often parked in other places, are preferentially attacked. Because in such a way the smell of the one marten gets into the district of the other and can with this a proverbial bite-rage trigger. It is enough that the car is parked a few kilometers away during working hours, in another marten territory.

this also means that the marten, which as a loner likes to visit the engine compartment once at home, is not necessarily a problem. He distributes his odor by means of glandular secretions or urine, but will usually not cause any damage. It only becomes problematic as soon as the car is parked in another area. If another marten then visits the engine compartment and perceives the smell of its predecessor, it will probably bite anything that smells like the other animal. Only metal parts are spared, because even against these the pointed marten teeth do not arrive. At the same time, he sets his own markings, which of course again irritate the original marten at home. And so this territorial fight without an actual opponent continues on and on.

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