Ludwigshafen: the hammer has fallen! The balance of the big car auction

As here in 2014, many vehicles are once again up for auction at the city of Ludwigshafen. (archive photo)

ludwigshafen – the city auctioned off deregistered and towed vehicles that were simply unclaimed by their owners. The balance of the auction:

Update from 1. Octoberthe final hammer has fallen! The big auction of the city of ludwigshafen, which on thursday auctioned off a total of 44 vehicles that had been towed away and never picked up by their owners, has come to an end. LUDWIGSHAFEN24 takes stock: of the 44 cars and motorcycles sold, 33 were finally sold to the man or woman. Brought to the woman. The biggest bargain was a knockdown for 121 euros. With 3.500 euros was the highest price paid by another of the 53 bidders present for the new vehicle. A little disappointing the response to the east german cult car: the wartburg brought in only 300 euro.

Auction bids were placed in sealed envelopes in this box. (archive photo)

But what actually happens to the vehicles that were not sold at the auction?? „The apparent and by the appraiser as ‘scrap value’ valued vehicles, go into a tender for scrapping, vehicles with a higher value go into the next auction, but then with a lower minimum bid“, explains a city hall spokeswoman to LUDWIGSHAFEN24.

By the way: the money collected remains with the city for an initial period of three years. Only if the owner does not report by then does it go into the city’s coffers. However, the costs of towing and storage are deducted.

Ludwigshafen: towed away and forgotten – city auctions off over 40 cars

Initial report from 27. September: are you just by chance looking for a ‘new’ car? May it also be something used? Then LUDWIGSHAFEN24 has a hot tip for you: because the road traffic department of the city administration of ludwigshafen is holding an auction on thursday (30. september) once again cars and motorcycles from 2. Hand. From the rust bucket to the real bargain, everything is possible here! highlight of the auction with more than 40 vehicles this time: a car of the east german cult brand wartburg.

City ludwigshafen on the rhine
state rhineland-Palatinate
population 172.253 (as of 31. Dec. 2019)
area 77,55 km²
mayor jutta steinruck (SPD)

Interested parties can view the ‘forgotten’ vehicles from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the custody grounds of the road traffic department at achtmorgenstrasse 9 and robert-mayer-Strasse 6 (next to the fire department’s disaster control hall). Written bids will be accepted until 1 p.m., from 3:30 p.m. onwards it will be announced who was the highest bidder in each case. The auction conditions are posted on the spot.

By the wayour LUDWIGSHAFEN24-newsletter informs you regularly about everything important that happens in your city and region.

Ludwigshafen: towed away and forgotten by the owner – city auctions off vehicles

The vehicles are deregistered or not registered for traffic, which have been removed from the public traffic area by the city council months ago. The owners simply didn’t pick up their cars, despite a parking ticket and a request to do so. Accordingly, the vehicles are sold without vehicle documents and keys, test drives are not possible. The used condition of the vehicles is unknown, no warranty or guarantee is assumed.

Auction 2014: the forgotten cars of the ludwigshafeners

Ludwigshafen: the hammer has fallen! The balance of the big car auction

Important auction rule: the submission of bids obliges the bidder to accept the vehicle and to pay on the day of the auction.

Due to the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, the city administration asks visitors to observe the applicable hygiene rules when viewing and auctioning the vehicles. (PM/pek)

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