Long car ride to vacation: how to arrive relaxed


Vacation time for many Germans is also the time when a long car trip is in the offing. It is not uncommon for enormous distances to be covered. So that the vacation trip does not become a torture or even a safety risk, some things must be considered. In this guide article you will read how you can relaxed travel and arrive well at your destination.

The right preparation

There are many tips for long car journeys, but the "be-all and end-all" is proper preparation. Step on long distances only rested at. It does not make sense to start your vacation right after work, for example on a Friday afternoon. On the one hand, there is traditionally traffic chaos on such dates, on the other hand, their driving ability is enormously limited. Get as much rest and sleep as possible. Have a light, healthy breakfast before you start your journey. For example, fruit and cereals are recommended.

Before you start your trip, also take a good look at your diet route planning. Find out which routes are particularly congested at which times, for example by using the relevant map services on the Internet. There may be alternate routes or alternate drive times that you can leave at. If you are traveling long distances, it can also be a good idea to make a stopover with an overnight stay. Even on the road, there are certainly beautiful places you can explore to travel more pleasantly – be creative.

Also make sure in time that your vehicle in perfect technical condition located. Among other things, check brakes, tires (incl. tire pressure), windshield wipers and fluid levels (oil, coolant, brake fluid). Think also of warning vests.

The right clothes

Another important part of preparing for a trip is choosing the right clothes. In order for you to be able to travel in a relaxed manner, you should consider several criteria here. Choose comfortable, loose fitting and breathable clothes from. In any case, the waistband should not "constrict" them, so that they can always breathe well. Feel free to open your belt or a button when you are sitting in the car.

Provisions – snacks for long car rides

For a long car ride you should suitable provisions take along. In fact, driving a car consumes more energy than you might think. According to estimates, it is about 80 calories per hour. foods that are heavy on the stomach and cause fatigue, however, are not suitable. Take fruit and vegetables with that can also survive several hours in a warm car without damage. For example, apples, carrots, celery, kohlrabi or even granola bars are recommended.

Even more important than the food, is a optimal fluid intake. the best thirst quencher is (still) mineral water or tea. For additional energy, fruit and vegetable juices, which are rich in vitamins, are also suitable. By the way: coffee, cola and energy drinks only provide a short-term energy boost. If you are tired, you should take a break in any case.

Tired? break!

A good travel preparation includes the planning of the trip regular breaks. As a rule of thumb: take a break after 2 hours or 200 kilometers at the latest. 20 minutes one. Do not stay in the car, but move around. stretching and stretching exercises get the circulation going and also prevent back pain. When you’re really tired, take a short nap at the rest stop.

Long car ride with children

Traveling long distances with children on board is a special challenge. However, there are a number of entertaining games to pass the time. classics are for example "i see something you don’t see!" and "i’m packing my suitcase". audio games, children’s songs and picture books are also useful. small cuddly pillows or your favorite stuffed animal also help to bridge long time gaps. The sense and nonsense of "rear-seat-entertainment", i.e. playing films on small screens, is debatable. Such purchases are probably only worthwhile if you regularly travel longer distances with children.

Driving alone in a car

A long car trip alone is a special situation: here it is especially important to take a break plan route in detail, as there is no passenger to support you. While a navi can help, it is not a panacea. Discipline is also important when break design in demand. Stop as soon as you feel tired and do not try to arrive quickly at any price.

Especially at night, however, you should take a break at well-lit and well-frequented rest stops so as not to risk criminal assault. If possible, keep the windows of your car closed and lock the doors while you sleep. It would be better to get a room for the night. Even during the day, don’t leave your vehicle unattended for long periods of time.

Traveling with animals

Some vacationers travel with their pet – mostly with their dog. The most important rule here is: never leave your pet in a closed car, even for a few minutes. Also make sure secure accommodation in the form of separators or boxes. Also keep in mind that some countries have special requirements for traveling with animals have (z. B. EU pet passports, rabies vaccination, microchip). Just like humans, dogs need regular breaks and enough exercise in between. The time intervals depend on the animal. Water and food are of course also on board.

Your vacation should be restful overall. It is equally important that you do not arrive at your destination completely stressed after a long car trip. the motto is: the way is the goal, you can reduce the potential stress factor with our tips. no matter where your vacation destination is, be it italy, austria or france, proper vacation planning is the first thing to do on your trip. With the right preparations and a few things to keep in mind, you might even be able to make your route a part of your actual vacation.

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