Lego 40532 vintage cab in review: the free gift goes ahead!

With the LEGO 40532 vintage cab on a great ride through the "landle": convince the current free gift?

After a "GWP for january" was announced in december as a review copy, which didn’t find its way to me until the beginning of january, the surprise and excitement was great when a mail from DHL announced a delivery from LEGO before Epiphany. What could this be? But still the new year tiger? DHL meant well with me and instead of the estimated five days later the postman rang already two days after the surprise mail and pressed a small, fine, rustling package in my hand. First of all: at the time of writing this review there were no leaks and no other information about the set.

The joyful surprise was even bigger after opening: a fancy old car could be seen on the packaging. it’s a good thing i like old cars. I am not an expert, but I do appreciate such a nice oldtimer. Of course I first asked the editor-in-chief if he knew any details. But he was even more clueless than me, what this pretty little set is all about (yes, I’m anticipating the conclusion a bit – I like the car!).

But before I continued to work on the backgrounds, I built and photographed them.

Key data

  • Subject: LEGO 18+
  • 163 parts
  • GWP
  • 1 minifigure&

Packaging and contents

The set comes in the now familiar 18+ packaging. Since the set was announced as "GWP for january", I assume that there will be a promotion for the new modular after all. It would fit from the style also. The front side shows the cab including the cab stand and the driver with his lunch and a briefcase. on the backside you can see the cab driver in his car. The side of the box shows a photo of the car in frontal view.

The content consists of three small bags, the instructions and the vehicle chassis.

The body

With 163 parts, the assembly is done in a jiffy. Honestly, I can’t say much about it either. It is a car. The shapes are of course a little different than modern cars, but it is a car. Four wheels, a steering wheel, a seat for the driver and – because it’s a cab – space for a passenger and the luggage. But I would like to point out a small detail: although not visible, the engine is indicated in the hood. I like that!

In addition to the vehicle, a "cab stand" will be built. It’s nothing more than a plate with a lamp and a trash can. Still a nice addition. In the trash can you will find a chocolate cake or dog poop. Everyone can interpret this for themselves.

Cab stand with cab and cab driver

I also like the figure quite a bit. The cap is great and the part I have not yet noticed. But since the set is not listed in the databases yet, I can’t check if it’s new at the moment. Well, I could if I just looked through all the headgear, but I didn’t have the time for that. I have rather put into the research of the template.

The shapes of the oldtimer are well done for the small scale. My research gave me two models that could have served as a template: the austin FX3 london cab from 1957 or the barcelona cab from 1927. In these two vehicles, the colors and shapes fit the model halay. Probably I am completely wrong and a completely different vehicle served as a template. Maybe I’ll find out more when the set is officially presented.

The game function is limited to "take the roof off, put the suitcase and the man in, close the roof, push the car around". But since the set is a free addition (and maybe intended for the new modular) and is more secondary intended as a game set, it doesn’t bother me so much. Besides it is a car. What else can you do with it?? For children this would be sufficient. For me, the optics are more important and I find them very successful. I love the color combination and the little one is instantly recognizable as a vintage cab.

Roof off, figures and luggage in, roof closed and off you go


Of course, I could complain that the doors and the trunk can not be opened. And that there is only one figure, even though it is a cab. But the last police car in the city series also has no movable doors. This is not unusual for models of this size. And if my assumption with the hotel is correct, then the cab driver picks up his customers there and therefore a second figure would be superfluous. Short and sweet: I like the little car and it will get a place of honor on my desk!

On a long drive

Thanks to the LEGO group for providing us with these sets for our review. However, the article reflects only my personal opinion.

Your opinion!

How do you like the little vintage cab? Will you allow your minifigures a ride in it? Or are you possibly annoyed that this beautiful set is "only" available as a free gift?? Feel free to comment in the comments!

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