Joseph, moses and matthew

Biblical themes can currently be seen on several NRW stages at once. The Dusseldorf Schauspielhaus is showing "Joseph and His Brothers," "Moses and Aaron" is running at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, and the Bonn Opera House is presenting the "St. Matthew Passion" in John Neumeier’s production during Holy Week.

Thomas Mann’s "Joseph" novel tells the Old Testament story of Joseph in a complex and imaginative way. As a commissioned work for the Dusseldorf Schauspielhaus, author and dramaturge John von Duffel created the four-and-a-half-hour stage trap around the favorite son of the ancient patriarch Jaakob. He is thrown into a well by his older brothers and then sold as a slave to Egypt. There he rises to the position of Pharaoh’s deputy and years later in his court meets his brothers again without taking revenge on them. But in the end, Joseph’s economic success is not enough to receive his father’s blessing. The premiere on 15. February is already sold out. On 20. The new production of Schonberg’s opera "Moses and Aaron" premieres at the Dusseldorf Opera House in March. Moses is called upon to proclaim the only God to the people of Israel and to free them from Egyptian bondage. His brother Aaron is supposed to be the mediator of this order. While Moses represents the purity of thought and demands blind trust in the only, unimaginable and invisible God, Aaron knows that the people can only be convinced by visible signs. When Moses stays away for forty days to receive God’s laws on the Mount of Revelation, the people demand the old idols back. It comes to the dance around the golden calf, through which the Israelites forfeit the grace of being chosen, and to Moses resignedly breaking the divine tablets of the law. At the opera house of the federal city of Bonn comes on 7. April the "St. Matthew Passion" by the Hamburg Ballet is performed.John Neumeier is responsible for the choreography, staging and set design to music by Johann Sebastian Bach. For the world-renowned choreographer, working on this piece was "like finding a language for religious content and a choreographic form for Bach’s musical formulation".Neumeier’s "St. Matthew Passion" has already been hailed as a "world success with cult character" in Europe, America and Asia.

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