Investigation in stuttgart adac advises strict rules for e-car charging

those who drive an electric car are often dependent on public charging stations. Many cities have very different rules for using them. Photo: dpa/jens kalaene

the traffic club compared the regulations in 16 cities. He advises the city of stuttgart to adapt its modalities for charging stations.

Stuttgart – parking and charging time regulations for electric cars vary widely in germany. The automobile club ADAC has compared the targets in the 16 state capitals. There is praise and blame for stuttgart.

According to holger Bach, head of the traffic department at ADAC Wurttemberg, the fact that electric vehicles can only be parked at public charging stations when they are in a charging state is fundamentally positive. However, the city leaves the timing of charging up to the operators. In addition to the electricity costs, the operators charge different standing fees with which they want to control the duration of use and get the columns free for the next customer as quickly as possible. energie baden-Wurttemberg (enbw) speaks of a "blocking charge" in this context.

In order to ensure regular availability of the stations for as many users as possible, a time limit on charging is necessary, according to ADAC. Cities should not leave this regulation "exclusively to the operators". Possible would be the regulation with the sign, which requires the use of a parking disc and shows a time limit.

No limit in stuttgart

bach sees it as a plus for stuttgart that electric vehicles of all kinds – even without an "E" in their license plate – are allowed to use the charging stations. Parking without simultaneous charging is prohibited in stuttgart, as it is in five other municipalities.

According to the ADAC survey, there are no time restrictions on the use of standard charging stations (up to 22 kilowatts) in stuttgart and Dusseldorf. stuttgart also does not limit the time spent at the fast-charging stations, which is different in all the other cities surveyed.

The traffic club criticizes the signage of the charging stations, which is sometimes unclear and misleading. Cities are not always happy even with the current regulations, says test director axel haberstolz, because they are open to interpretation. In view of the increasing demand for charging stations, the ADAC advises the use of legally binding wording and unambiguous signs throughout Germany.

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