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"like backwards?! But it’s not that small anymore. How do you get him into the seat, is that still a baby seat??! And isn’t that dangerous, because of the little legs on the backrest? And anyway, the little one gets bored there, he surely wants to see something on the way…"

Just to name a few of the (unasked) opinions that you will encounter when you decide to buy a reboarder. Re… what are some of you wondering now and that’s why i want to tell you today, why we have decided that emil will continue to enjoy his car rides backwards after the baby car seat is finished.

What happened so far… in the beginning there was the baby car seat.

At the end of last year, almost every car journey became a challenge. The child thrived and became bigger and bigger, but above all wider and the clothes thanks to the onset of winter thicker and thicker. The stay in the baby car seat became sooner or later simply uncomfortable. A new child seat was needed. But my baby sat just a few weeks, was still quite wobbly and for my eyes still much too small for a "normal" forward-facing child seat. After the last months the voices about the standard ECE R129 became louder and louder, the decision was made very quickly. Emil should continue to drive backwards, in a reboarder.

What is i-size?

When dealing with child seats, you have the feeling that you have to learn a new language. I-size, R129, ECE R44 regulation? What exactly is i-size and what is the norm to be followed soon? That’s a lot to get your head around…

I-size (also known as the current standard ECE R129) is the first phase of the EU safety regulation R129, which came into force in July 2013. I-size child seats require children up to 15 months of age to ride in a rear-facing position. the new child seats are compatible with all i-size cars and almost all ISOFIX cars. They also offer more safety:

Better fit due to length specifications in centimeters: the choice of the right child seat is simplified and replace the previous data in kg. This counteracts the premature change to the next larger seat.

Easy installation: incorrect installation is much less likely with an i-size seat, as they are mounted with a simple click installation on the ISOFIX anchor points and are compatible with almost all ISOFIX cars.

Protection for the head and neck area: improved protection in the event of a side and frontal impact.

Side impact protection: i-size seats provide better protection for the child in the event of a side impact accident.

Rear-facing child seats: it offers maximum protection because forces are better distributed over a larger area of the child’s body in the event of a head-on collision, meaning that the head and neck have to withstand less pressure.

Forward, backward, sideways, stop! The DUALFIX i-SIZE has the knack out

The DUALFIX i-SIZE is the most flexible option for your child – from birth to 4 years (105 cm). The 360-degree swiveling child seat offers ultimate comfort for parents and children and can be used both forward and rearward facing – and thanks to lateral rotation towards the open car door, putting the child in or lifting him/her out is easier than ever before. Not only does it look good, but it also incorporates all of our child safety expertise to help you feel good every time you ride.

when i visited the britax romer stand at last year’s child und jugend fair, i was attracted by a huge crowd of people. Everyone gathered around this new child seat which, let’s face it, is a real beauty.

The DUALFIX i-SIZE, which has only been on the market since the beginning of the year, is a premium reboarder for babies and toddlers made in germany, the seat can be rotated 360 degrees. This means forward and backward driving is possible from birth up to the age of 4 years (105 centimeters and up to 18 kilograms body weight). The seat offers a total of twelve seating positions, including an ergonomically flat lying position for newborns. The DUALFIX i-SIZE can be used forward-facing from a height of 76 – 105 cm. Reverse driving is possible from birth with a newborn insert and a minimum body height of 40 cm, as well as up to a body height of 105 cm! In other words, the DUALFIX i-SIZE offers the option to be used permanently as a reboarder for the entire 4-year period.

But why actually drive backwards?? Because it is safer! The rear-facing shells protect the head, neck and back area of the smallest better and in the event of a collision the weight is distributed in the seat and not only held by belts.

The turning of the seat also offers another advantage – relaxed buckling and unbuckling. Everyone knows the situation: the child is whining, perhaps doesn’t want to get into the seat, and buckling up becomes a struggle. The DUALFIX i-SIZE can now be turned towards the open car door in a relaxed manner, without having to perform back-breaking acrobatics. Lifting the child out of the car seat, for example if the child has fallen asleep while driving, is also much easier as the child sits perfectly facing you thanks to the swivel mechanism.

Turning the seat is child’s play, by the way, by unlocking it with the help of an easily accessible side button. The seat can be rotated super smoothly in both directions on the base. once in driving position, the seat locks into place and the red warning area turns black – ready for departure.

And how is he now so our DUALFIX i-SIZE

Since the end of january, we have been happily driving the mini backwards through the area. The installation of the seat via isofix was very easy. Put it in place, latch it, adjust the height-adjustable support leg, finished. In the meantime emil was already chilling in his uninstalled seat and didn’t want to get out of it, which was a good sign! The seat offers enough space, even with thick winter jacket. We have the seat currently set relatively flat and yet the structure is high enough so that the mini can look out the window during the ride. Often I have thought he fell asleep because it was so quiet in the car. When I got out, however, a satisfied child grinned at me, who apparently enjoyed the passing view during the ride very much.

But what you can’t do with the DUALFIX i-SIZE in the first few months – transport the "baby car seat" outside the car. The mini for example in the baby seat on the shopping cart is omitted (I personally always found totally annoying and have therefore usually resorted to the stretcher).

Furthermore, there is one shortcoming that we have observed in the DUALFIX i-SIZE so far, our car – an opel astra station wagon – is too small. We have emil’s seat permanently installed behind the driver’s seat. When I drive, there is only a few centimeters of free space between my backrest and the child seat, so that I can turn the child seat as intended without any problems. However, if my husband drives, it will be tight. The driver’s seat then abuts the tub and the space for my husband is not 100% sufficient.. And although he is not necessarily a giant with his 1.83 cm.

Also, when getting out of the car, you must always remember to move the driver’s seat forward a little so that you can turn the DUALFIX i-SIZE, otherwise it will be jammed. A point on which one should pay attention with the purchase of the child seat. For us, there is now only one solution – we need a larger car& but as soon as the child seat is set in a somewhat steeper position or forward facing, the space problem also goes away.

The purchase price – an example of calculation

The new DUALFIX i-SIZE of britax romer costs according to manufacturer 579,90€. The price seems to be quite high at first sight, but if you take a closer look at it, I think it is absolutely justified. What I would like to explain to you by means of a small calculation example.

With the DUALFIX i-SIZE you buy a child seat for a period from birth to about 4 years of life. Let’s break it down by the child seats on offer that you would otherwise have to buy. The first purchase would be the baby seat, which is used from birth to about 1 year, if you have a petite child maybe 15 months. For example, the britax romer BABY-SAFE i-SIZE for 199,90€.

For reasons of safety we want to attach this of course with an isofix station in the car: BABY-SAFE i-SIZE BASE for 149,90. So we are already in the first year of life at around 250€.

At a little over a year it is time for a new seat, you decide for example for a solid classic, which only offers the option to drive forward-facing. Here, too, are the models such as the KING II – black series once again at 199.90 €. This accompanies you if everything fits then up to the 4. Year of life. Added up, you have thus also spent quite simply 549.70 euros. With a simple basic equipment, without backward driving you are just 30 euros below the purchase price of the DUALFIX i-SIZE. From the time saved researching, installation and conversion, whining child, because the baby seat is too tight, etc. Once completely apart.

A question at the end. And why does felix not drive backwards?!

Well, that’s actually a good question, but it’s easy to answer. in 2015, when felix, at around 9 months old, also changed very early from the infant carrier to the next larger child seat, the topic of reboarder was still very fresh. The regulation ECE R129 had perhaps already heard here and there, but so really one did not perceive the topic yet. By the way, at that time the few rear-facing seats were still unaffordable and impractical, since they could usually only be used for a short period of time. That’s why we decided against a reboarder more unconsciously than consciously, or rather, it was simply not an option at the time. Of course, Felix didn’t miss the opportunity to take a seat in the new DUALFIX i-SIZE.

One advantage of this is that the two boys can look at each other while driving. we hold hands or do stupid things and I get immediate feedback from felix when emil falls asleep. Since we have the DUALFIX i-SIZE, we are finally happy again in the rear seats. Apart from joyful squeals or pleasant snoring, we haven’t heard much in the car since then. We’re really super happy with our new child seat and are enjoying driving together again.

Reboarder?! Yes or no. Is this an issue for you?

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