Gps tracker find in the car or other vehicles

More and more often, concerned clients request the service "Find GPS tracker in car" at our place. Modern technology has made it possible to locate vehicles using GPS (global positioning system).

One such vehicle tracking by GPS or other systems is not allowed in other people’s vehicles without permission. The Federal Court of Justice has ruled that secret monitoring is a criminal offense. But again and again people use the technical possibility of the trackers for the not permitted locating and monitoring of strange cars.

If the position of your vehicle is tracked?

Do you have the fear or suspicion that someone is tracking your

  • car equipped with a GPS transmitter has?
  • Someone wants to locate and track them secretly?
  • And now you’re asking yourself, how can i track the gps tracker??

Then we can help you effectively.

experts find GPS tracker in all vehicles

The search for GPS transmitters in cars is a rather complicated process. This is because the driver or owner of the vehicle usually does not know where the offender has placed the monitoring device.

Technician searching for GPS tracker in the undercarriage area of the car. Here: inspection of the underfloor with endoscope camera.

Sure, if the GPS tracker is simply attached to the underbody with a magnet, it can be found quite easily.

If that were the case, you probably wouldn’t be reading this page now, because you would have found it long ago on your own.

Difficult when the GPS transmitter is professionally hidden. It may even be that the GPS tracker works without a battery. This is possible if the perpetrator has secretly connected it to the car’s electrical system.

In such a case you probably need the help from experts to track it down.

By the way, the linked technical article shows how we search for gps trackers in cars.

Search for the secretly installed GPS tracker requires a lot of technology

Our specialists search with special and sensitive search devices, which are very cost-intensive. We are talking about high-performance equipment. To operate the devices trained experts with the necessary expertise necessary.

  1. The specialist checks any form of surveillance by tracking device or GPS tracker for clandestine vehicle tracking.
  2. He examines cavities using endoscopy – a simple flashlight is not enough.
  3. Then the vehicle is completely measured by.
  4. It also examines it visually to detect hidden transmitters.

This is the only way to find out if someone is tracking you via tracker or GSM.

Duration of the search for a tracking device and tracker

The search is not done in a few minutes. Rather, the complete Checking a car for hidden GPS trackers a few hours.

This work is not possible on the open road. In fact, we usually carry them out in a hall in our company.

The high quality search devices cannot be used in the open air. In addition to that need a car lift or similar for the vehicle. This is necessary to completely examine the vehicle from below.

Moreover, we search for different transmitters.

The monitoring can

  • By means of tracking devices,
  • Via GSM,
  • About GPS tracking via satellites,
  • Or a GPS module in a cell phone hidden in the vehicle

GPS devices can be hidden in many places. If the perpetrator did not have access to the vehicle, he might place the device by magnet in easily accessible places. These are then places like bumper, wheel well or underbody. These places are relatively easy to check. It is different if the transmitter is hidden in the interior of the car. Behind the dashboard, no one sees at first glance that a GPS device is hidden there. That’s why we look for the hidden devices in both the obvious and hidden areas.

Finding different GPS trackers in vehicles

There are various trackers that can be used by strangers to locate them without them knowing about it.

The tracking is done secretly, you do not hear or notice anything about it. devices send or store the positions as well as all data like a GPS logger and you don’t get anything from the monitoring by GPS.

Inside the normal GPS tracker is usually a GSM sim card, similar to a cell phone. This card communicates via satellite and SMS with the tracking portal. The sim card is used for GPS tracking, because it sends the signal from the site live to a receiver. That is why we detect every active sim-card during the check, because it is used for transmission by a mini GPS tracker.

But there are other techniques of clandestine tracking. This is what makes the check so complicated. That is why even professionals need a lot of testing equipment, to inspect and measure your vehicle.

  • Are you afraid that someone has hidden a GPS tracker inside or outside your car??
  • Or a tracker or tracking device for a vehicle surveillance ?

Then call a specialist from the eavesdropping department for advice on what to do. We help companies as well as private clients to find the famous needle in the haystack.

Talk to us and we will tell you how we can find this tracker for you. Call now if you want us to track GPS transmitters for you:

(consulting monday – friday 08.30 o’clock – 17.30 hrs)

This is what professionals do when they check for tracking devices in vehicles as well

In addition to locating transmitters, during a full inspection we look for possibly hidden in the car.

Because who tells you that they are not even tapped in the car?

A tracking device itself is usually only used to locate the car. A GSM tool is also able to transmit calls inside the car to the outside, similar to a smartphone.

That is why the topic of eavesdropping protection is important for you when we check the car for transmitters. This way we find a bug in the car, no matter how well it is hidden.

Finding GPS transmitters in cars goes hand in hand with searching for listening devices in cars

it takes more effort to find gps trackers that are hidden from view and run off the car’s battery system. It should be noted that in various vehicle models of mostly expensive manufacturers such trackers are already factory-installed as theft protection, which run on the car battery. This way, if the vehicle is stolen, you either get an alarm or you can track the location live. This works for a fee of a few euros per month or year and is helpful when vehicles are actually stolen.

These systems are capable of making permanent tracking by third parties possible. So the perpetrator creates a movement profile of you. But that is certainly not in your interest.

This makes it even more important to find a GPS tracking device that may be in your car. This is definitely not possible with a simple app on your cell phone. It requires already very extensive search technology, to detect all GPS trackers.

If you should have discovered an advertisement on the internet, according to which apps find all tracking devices and bugs in cars, this is at best nonsense. An app cannot do what even specialists need many devices to do.

Report the perpetrator: legal options for you in the event of clandestine vehicle tracking using GPS trackers

The monitoring of the car is possible in several ways. If the investigation has shown that your car has been secretly monitored by a GPS tracking device or a bug?

Then they can fight back legally and get the monitor display.

By the way, all vehicles can be affected, even a motorcycle. However, there are far fewer ways to secretly hide a GPS tracker or tracking device in a motorcycle. Tracking a motorcycle is therefore much easier. It is unlikely to place a bug on your motorcycle for eavesdropping. Such a device is useless.

secret technical GPS monitoring of cars is mostly illegal. so you can fight against gps monitoring by such a tracker and report the perpetrator if you want to.

We remove the monitoring technology immediately

Our technician removes the secretly installed GPS technology immediately after detection. You can then present it to the authorities as evidence.

The investigation is carried out by a technician trained for this purpose, not by a detective. The specialist will later be your witness in court.

Let us advise you now, how we can help you Detect GPS tracker in car. This is how you protect yourself from clandestine, illegal tracking and gain security from surveillance.

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