Freeway tolls abroad

While most car drivers in Germany are more concerned about receiving a fine, other problems arise when driving abroad. Freeway tolls are payable here, and there is a lot of confusion due to the numerous different regulations. Each country has its own regulations for freeway tolls, just as each country has its own traffic laws and regulations. We have compiled the freeway tolls for popular destinations from other european countries for you.

FAQ: freeway tolls abroad

Yes, because it is often not possible to drive on a freeway without paying in advance. In other cases, the license plate is registered and drivers receive a bill or even a penalty notice afterwards.

No, each country determines how much is charged for the use of the freeway and how this is accounted for.

This can also not be determined as a general rule. each country decides for itself what the consequences of non-payment are. Both fines and driving bans are possible abroad.

What are highway tolls?

How much are the freeway tolls abroad?

How much are the freeway tolls abroad??

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to get an overview of the freeway tolls, as the regulations are constantly changing. How easy is it to calculate the amount of the fine with a fine calculator?! Unfortunately, there is no such fine calculator for freeway tolls (toll calculator), which is based on the binding table of fines, but we hope that the following points on car tolls abroad can still be of help to you. Different rules apply to truck tolls here.

Freeway tolls in bulgaria

How much do freeway tolls cost in Bulgaria?

What do freeway tolls cost in bulgaria??

The freeways and expressways in bulgaria are mostly subject to tolls. The cost per kilometer is about 10 cents, plus a flat toll of 2 euros. If you do not pay, you will be banned from driving. Also, the use of tunnels and bridges or. Ferries across the danube is subject to tolls. plan your route in advance and find out where you can pay the tolls.

Freeway tolls in france

In france, most freeways are toll roads, with the exception of the city and ring roads of paris, lyon, bordeaux and marseille. Some stretches such as.B. The A 31 between toul and luxembourg also cost nothing. Otherwise, the average toll is about 7 cents per kilometer. But watch out for exceptions to the toll in france. Above all, it is important to find out about the payment modalities before you start your journey. Because EC cards are not accepted for the payment of the toll france. Please also note that the toll may vary depending on the car you are driving. Trucks or buses often have to pay more – but this does not only apply to france.

Freeway tolls in denmark

The use of the traffic roads in denmark is free of charge. There are two exceptions: the oresund bridge from denmark to sweden costs 46 euro for a normal car. The "storebaelt" bridge is also subject to a toll of normally 46 euros. If you do not drive a special vehicle, but only a normal car, you normally just buy the vignette at the vending machine. but plan the costs into your travel budget.

Detailed information about tolls in can be found in our guide "tolls in denmark.

Freeway tolls in greece

Highway tolls are often cheaper in Greece than elsewhere

Freeway tolls in greece are often cheaper than elsewhere.

In greece, the freeway tolls are extraordinarily favorable. you’re used to more from many other european countries, but here you hardly have to pay more than a tip to use the highways between thessaloniki, athens, patras and tripoli or the "preveza-aktio" tunnel or the "rio-antirrio" bridge. The rio – antirion bridge is by far the most expensive, with a toll of 11.80 euros for cars. Otherwise, the stretches usually only cost between two and three euros for a car.

detailed information about tolls in greece can be found in our guide "tolls in greece.

Freeway tolls in italy

In italy there is a toll on many routes. Since you cannot pay with a credit card at many toll stations, it is advisable to buy a VIA card. This toll card is not limited in time and can be transferred. The VIA-card is for example available at the german automobile clubs and with it you can pay the toll in italy. Get your via-card in advance and you will have one less problem on your trip. the cost of using the freeway differs not only according to the route, but also according to the class of your car. A normal car belongs to category 2 and pays z.B. For the route bologna – firenze even 10 euro.

Freeway tolls in croatia

When traveling through Croatia, you should be prepared for the fact that tolls will almost always be charged. You have to pay this fee when you leave the freeway. you can pay by cash or credit card. for motorhomes, trailers and trucks there are graduated prices. the ucka-tunnel and the krk-bridge are toll roads just like most of the freeways.

Freeway tolls in the netherlands

in the netherlands, for a change, everything is relatively simple: there are two toll routes. the kil tunnel between dordrecht and hoekse waard costs 1.50 euro for cars and motorcycles. The use of the willem-alexander-bridge costs 1,30 euro.

Freeway tolls in norway

in norway you should have norwegian change ready at the toll station, then you can easily print out your vignette yourself, but there are also service personnel available here. Sometimes there is no possibility to pay cash, you can pay the amount at the next gas station. If you are going to travel on the freeway more often, consider buying a so-called "autopass". This is a chip in your car on which you have previously stored an amount of money and paid a deposit. If you now drive on toll roads, the amount is automatically booked from the chip!

For detailed information about tolls in norway, see our guide "tolls in norway".

Freeway tolls in austria

Besides freeway tolls, there are also tolls for tunnels or other roads in Austria

besides freeway tolls, there are also tolls for tunnels or other roads in austria.

the tolls in austria are a science in themselves. find out about the car tolls you have to pay on your personal route before you drive; we can only summarize the most important information about the tolls in austria for you here. The austrians have their own word for vignette: "pickerl" it is called there. The "pickerl" is available as an annual toll sticker for 82.70 euro, as a two-month toll sticker for 24.80 euro and as a weekly toll sticker valid for ten days for 8.50 euro. At some tunnels and roads you have to pay an additional fee. if you are found without a vignette and you pay immediately, you will get away with a fine of 120 euro. In the alps, in addition to the vignette, there is usually a toll for brennerautobahn passenger car 8.18 euro, for the tauern freeway 10.50 euro and for the arlberg tunnel road 9.70 euro. Here are the tunnel tolls in austria: the felbertauern-tunnel costs 10 euro and the karawanken-tunnel 6,50 euro.

detailed information about tolls in austria can be found in our guide "tolls in austria".

Freeway tolls in poland

On the A1, A2 and A4 you have to pay freeway tolls. the 50 km from wrzesnia to konin costs 11 euro for a car and also for motorcycles. unlike in many other countries, you belong here with a car to which a trailer is coupled already in category 2, and then this stretch already costs 27 euros.

freeway tolls in portugal

In portugal, distance-based tolls must be paid on almost the entire freeway network. Once you have purchased a toll sticker, it is valid for 12 hours; if you exceed this time limit, you will have to purchase another one. Except at bridges, you can always pay by credit card in portugal.

detailed information about tolls in portugal can be found in our guide "tolls in portugal".

Freeway tolls in switzerland

There are also freeway tolls in switzerland. Here it is recommended to purchase a corresponding vignette – this is possible at the german automobile clubs, but also swiss customs offices, at the post office and at gas stations. An annual vignette costs 33 euro and is valid on freeways and other roads with the green and white signs that are common in switzerland. It is only valid for cars with a weight not exceeding 3.5 tons; it is valid for 14 months, starting from the 1st month.12. Until 31.1. The swiss toll must also be paid for tunnels such as the great st. Bernhard tunnel to be paid. the toll for this swiss tunnel is 18,70 euro for a single trip.

detailed information about tolls in can be found in our guide "tolls in switzerland.

Freeway tolls in slovakia

There is a vignette obligation. You only have to choose between a 7-day vignette for 10 euro for a car up to 3.5 t, a monthly vignette for 14 euro or an annual vignette, which is available for 50 euro.

Freeway tolls in slovenia

In slovenia you have to buy a vignette. Depending on the duration of your trip, you can buy a vignette for the car toll in sllovenia, which is valid for one week, one month, six months or one year. Normal cars fall into category 2A. The 1-month vignette in this category is available for 30 euros – at petrol and OMV petrol stations, in post offices and at the border stations.

Freeway tolls in spain

What are the freeway tolls in Spain?

What are the freeway tolls in spain??

You can tell if you have to pay a toll on spanish roads by the traffic signs, which in this case are marked with a white "A" or "AP" on a blue background. The toll must be paid in cash or by credit card, EC cards are not accepted. With a so-called "VIA-T-box", the toll can be paid automatically, but this is not possible on all toll routes in spain. Freeways on tenerife or gran canaria are not subject to tolls.

Freeway tolls in turkey

If you have to pay a toll in turkey, you can only do so with an "OGS device" or a "KGS card", which you have to load with any amount you wish. You will then be charged at the toll stations. Here is an example of the cost, which of course depends on the category of your car: 5.50 lira is charged for a car on the istanbul – bolu route. converted into euros, this is about two euros.

Freeway tolls in the czech republic

motorcyclists do not have to pay tolls in the czech republic, but car drivers do, on all stretches marked "freeway" or "expressway. Attention, if you do not fill in your vignette correctly, it will be considered invalid and you will not have paid the toll for your car!

Freeway tolls in hungary

Since 2008, hungary has a user-friendly system for paying tolls. You must buy an "e-ticket" before driving on the freeway. By the way, this is also possible online! Please note, however, that the data you provide must be correct, otherwise it cannot be guaranteed that your vignette will be recognized as valid.

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