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Car recycling Hamburg

Welcome to the website of the free car recycling hamburg. With us, you can have your old car recycled free of charge and professionally in hamburg and the surrounding area. Simply contact us via our customer hotline – we will pick up your car free of charge, issue you with a certificate of destruction and scrap your car professionally and in an environmentally friendly manner. We are happy to answer any open questions in advance – we look forward to your call.

1. Call us and make an appointment: 040 40119133

2. Have your end-of-life vehicle collected and recycled free of charge

3. Receive the recycling certificate – done!

Our customer hotline:

Mon – Fri: 08:00 – 20:00 hrs

Sat: 08:00 – 15:00 hours


Don’t take any risks with the disposal of your old car

According to § 326 of the penal code, illegal disposal of end-of-life vehicles is a criminal offense and can result in a fine of up to 50 euros.000 euro fines. If, for example, a scrap car is parked illegally on public roads, the owner will be prosecuted. For this reason, certified disposal companies issue recycling certificates that prove the professional disposal of the old vehicle at a scrap yard. Don’t take any risks with the scrapping of your old car and turn to us, autoverwertung hamburg. We are a certified disposal company that takes care of the professional and proper recycling of your end-of-life vehicle. We also take into account all aspects of environmentally friendly car scrapping. Of course, we will provide you with a certificate of recycling, which proves that your car has been professionally disposed of by a certified scrap dealer. This way you are guaranteed not to take any risks. We are also happy to collect your scrap car from your premises. Both the collection and the recycling of your car are completely free of charge for you. Rely on a reliable and safe service of autoverwertung hamburg and avoid any risk. Simply call us via our customer pick-up line and arrange a pick-up date for your safe end-of-life vehicle disposal in hamburg.

Professional car recycling in hamburg with certificate of destruction

There are more and more cars in hamburg. At the beginning of the year (2016), there were over 615.000 private cars registered in the hanseatic city – that’s almost 6.000 cars more than in the previous year. On the other hand, many cars are deregistered because they are too old or are no longer registered for road use. Every year, more than 400 cars are scrapped in Germany.000 cars deregistered as end-of-life vehicles. In order to protect the environment and resources, end-of-life vehicles must be dried out, dismantled and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner if they are no longer to be resold or used for other purposes. exported. Are you looking for a professional car recycler in hamburg? Then we are exactly the right contact for you. With us you receive a complete service from a hand, which is also still completely free for you. Simply call us on our customer hotline and arrange a free pick-up appointment for your scrap car. We recycle it professionally and environmentally friendly in compliance with all regulations on our scrap yard in hamburg. As confirmation of the proper disposal of your old car, we will issue you with a recycling certificate. This way you are guaranteed not to take any risks when disposing of your car. We guarantee you a professional car disposal with which you do not have to worry about anything else than contacting us by phone. Convince yourself of the offer of the car recycling hamburg and call now.

Your scrap yard for environmentally sound car scrapping

At our scrap yard in hamburg, the car recycling is carried out according to all legal requirements. This is the only way we can provide our customers with the official recycling certificate. This means: fluids such as brake fluid, gasoline/diesel or oil are drained off (draining). Useable parts are dismantled from the scrap car and stored as resalable spare parts (dismantling). Finally, the car goes into the press and then into the shredder (scrapping). This ensures that your car scrapping has a minimal impact on the environment and preserves usable resources. In order to be able to offer this service to you as a customer free of charge and also to bear the costs for the car collection, the car scrap is then sold to a steel company. you would like to take advantage of our free car disposal service in hamburg with pickup and certificate of destruction? Then we look forward to your call to arrange an appointment.

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