Free car appraisals compared to schwacke list

Unfortunately, the used car industry does not have a particularly reputable reputation due to a few black sheep. If you want to sell your car, you want a reliable estimate of its residual value.

In addition to the schwacke list, there are a number of free comparison portals on the internet that offer exactly this service.

We have made the comparison for you and carried out a vehicle evaluation for our test vehicle on all common platforms.

Schwacke list and free alternatives in comparison

With the flood of comparative offers, it is easy for users to lose track of what they are looking for. Each portal of course claims to make the most reliable offers and to be at least as good as the paid schwacke-list.

Is it worthwhile to invest the almost eight euros at all?? And which of the free schwacke alternatives is the best??

We made an independent test for you in january 2020 and checked the most popular portals:

  • Schwacke valuation (price 7,90 euro)
  • ADAC (extensive list of common models available free of charge, individual evaluation free of charge for members)
  • DAT (free of charge)
  • CAR.De / mobile.De (free of charge)
  • Autoscout24.De (free of charge)
  • We buy a car.De (free of charge)

Our test vehicle: volkswagen golf VII 1.4 TSI (bluemotion technology) highline

  • station wagon, 5-door, manual transmission
  • gasoline, power: 92 kw (125 PS), HU new
  • Euro pollutant class 6 (green environmental badge)
  • first registration: may 2015, mileage: 78.000 kilometers
  • non-smoking vehicle
  • optional extras: xenon headlights, automatic climate control, parking assist, 17" alloy wheels, heated seats, navigation system, business package, urano gray paint

note: if the location was decisive for the residual value assessment, we have consistently indicated berlin (zip code 10115).

Before we introduce you to the portals in detail, here is an overview of the test results:

Overview of the determined vehicle value for our example vehicle

provider rating result
schwacke valuation 10.950 euro (purchase value ) / 13.300 euro (retail value)
ADAC 12.650 euro (sales value)
DAT 10.753 euro (purchase value)
PASSENGER CAR.De / mobile.De 12.650 euro (purchase value)
autoscout24.De 14.100,- euro
wirkaufendeinauto.De 12.835,- euro (basic purchase value)

Schwacke rating

the schwacke valuation is considered the institution for determining the residual value of used cars. In addition to cars, motorcycles and motor homes can also be checked, among others. 7,90 euro costs the service for the private user.

The delivered results are based on 700.000 reference values, which come from manufacturer portals, internet car exchanges and the trade press, among others. These data are updated in intervals of one or more months.

You can check around 3.000 vehicle models. Important condition: the first registration may not be older than 12 years (10 years for two-wheelers).

For the evaluation you can either work with your vehicle registration document or fill out an online form with the vehicle data.

If you use the vehicle registration certificate, you only have to enter the month and year of first registration, the mileage as well as the HSN (manufacturer’s key number) and TSN (type key number).

Then you use the same forms as for manual model selection.

After you have chosen your car model, you can enter the exact specifications for the paint and the wheels / tires. Then you choose your interior equipment as well as equipment packages and if necessary. Special equipment in all areas.

Compared to all other tested rating platforms, it is noticeable that you can enter a lot of equipment details here.

You will now be shown the total new value of your vehicle. before you get the residual value of your car, you have to pay the amount of 7,90 euro via paypal or credit card.

The result for our test vehicle with the schwacke rating: a purchase value of 10.950,- euro and a retail value of 13.300,- euro.

Free car appraisals compared to schwacke list

ADAC also offers residual value assessments of used cars. For example, a list gives you a free overview of average used car prices for selected models depending on the year of manufacture.

Our test car is unfortunately not included in the list, a similar golf 7 model of the same year has an average retail value of 12.700 euro.

To see the current list of used car prices for the season autumn / winter 2019 / 2020, follow the link.

In addition, ADAC members have free access to a residual value calculator. The calculation is based on a database of approx. 8.000 references.

The first registration should not be longer than 10 years ago for both cars and motorcycles.

The ADAC calculator only collects basic data such as vehicle model and type, mileage and registration date. special equipment is therefore not taken into account.

The result for our test vehicle with the ADAC calculator: a dealer selling price of 12.650,- euro.

DAT (deutsche automobil treuhand)

Similar to the schwacke group, DAT is also a leading institution in used car valuations. For example, it is mentioned by TuV-nord as a contact for the residual value estimation of private used cars.

Similar to the schwacke calculator, you can enter your vehicle model here both by manual selection and by means of HSN and TSN. In addition to first registration and mileage, the location is also required here.

Afterwards you have to give further information about fuel, engine and gearbox, as well as an exact model selection.

The result for our test vehicle with the DAT calculator: a dealer purchase value of 10.753,- euro.

PASSENGER CAR.De / mobile.De

If you use the TuV-rheinland certified residual value calculator of passenger car.De uses, will be after specifying the basic vehicle data on the website mobile.De forwarded.

Mobile.De is undoubtedly one of the largest platforms for the used car trade in the german area. It is therefore not surprising that it can draw on a database of around 2 million comparative values for determining the residual value, which is updated on a regular basis.

Again, the basic information about the vehicle model, mileage and first registration must first be provided. Vehicle properties can then be further specified, including equipment and reporting status.

Also important are location and when the car is to be sold.

Now you will be shown the purchase price as well as purchase stations in your area where you can make an appointment to inspect the car and take special equipment into account. This has not been taken into account yet.

The result for our test vehicle with the passenger car.De / mobile.De-calculator: a purchase price of 12.650,- euro.


Similar to mobile.De is also autoscout24.De a huge used car portal. As with the other residual value calculators, you first enter the basic data vehicle model, first registration, mileage, transmission type, fuel and engine power.

Now you get an intermediate value, but you also have the option to specify additional optional extras.

  • The equipment line
  • The exact equipment components
  • The exterior color (special markings not available)
  • TuV yes / no
  • Non-smoking vehicle yes / no
  • Whether you have maintained the checkbook

The residual value now determined is once again higher than the amount previously stated.

The result for our test vehicle with autoscout24.De-calculator: an offer price between 13.100,- and 15.000,- euro, with an indicated average value of 14.100,- euro.

Note: it is not clear if the "asking price" is the purchase or sale price. But since the value is significantly higher than the other calculators, it is probably the selling price.

We buy a car.De

We buy a car.De stands out from most of the competition with the option to sell and deregister the vehicle at the same time.

After the obligatory information on vehicle model, mileage and registration date, you are still asked when the car is to be sold. Special equipment is not taken into account.

The calculated residual value is displayed after you follow a link received by email. You will also receive an overview of buyers in your area with the possibility to make an appointment online immediately.

The result for our test vehicle with the wirkaufendeinauto.De-calculator: a residual value of 12.835,- euro which therefore corresponds to the purchase price.

Our tip: get a free, no-obligation vehicle appraisal now with wirkaufendeinauto.Perform De!

Value enhancement and value retention – our checklist

Although the price of a used car naturally depends heavily on factors such as mileage, age and vehicle model, there are a number of things you can do to increase the value of your used car:

  • Keep your car clean and tidy.
  • Meet your maintenance and servicing obligations regularly.
  • Pay attention to a "car friendly" driving style.
  • Eliminate odors, especially if you smoke in the car!
  • Clean it thoroughly before viewing appointments, including tires and rims. Use possibly. Polish.
  • Carry out minor repairs before selling, if profitable.
  • Fix rust spots, scratches and dents in the paintwork.
  • Sell with valid TuV if possible.


On average, the residual values determined by the portals are between 10 and 10 euros.000,- and 12.500,- euro. However, it should be noted that some of the schwacke alternatives only indicate the dealer selling price.

In addition, not all portals include the value of special equipment. Therefore, an on-site appointment with a professional appraiser is recommended in any case. This advice is also given on each of the portals.

If you just need an indication of the residual value of your used car, the free alternatives to the schwacke appraisal are very helpful tools. Since the requests only take a few minutes each, we advise you to compare the specifications of several platforms.

If you want to know exactly and get a truly neutral assessment, it is worth investing the nearly 8,- euro for a schwacke-assessment. However, please bear in mind that the vehicle will still not be inspected personally and individually by anyone.

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