District of ludwigsburg unknown persons cause an accident with a stolen car

the police is looking for witnesses who can give information about the unknown (symbol picture). Photo: imago images/teamwork/achim duwentaster

Unknown persons steal a car in the district of ludwigsburg and then cause an accident. Several cars are damaged, the perpetrators flee. The police is looking for witnesses.

Remseck-pattonville – in remseck-pattonville in the district of ludwigsburg, unknown persons caused an accident with a stolen toyota yaris and then fled the scene. As the police reported, the white car had been parked in the sports hall parking lot in pattonville on friday. After the theft, the perpetrators drove along the washingtonring in ascending direction and caused at the height of charlestonweg around 19.40 o’clock an accident.

The driver veered off the road to the right and initially collided with a parked a class. The toyota then crashed into a skoda parked in front of the A-class car. In an attempt to free himself by reversing the car, the person who caused the accident collided with a parked Mercedes CLA. Due to the many collisions, several witnesses became aware of the accident. They could observe how first two persons got out of the car and disappeared. The driver remained seated in the toyota and attempted to drive away from the scene of the accident, but was unable to do so.

Only when a witness opened the driver’s door, the driver jumped out of the car and also fled on foot. Despite short pursuit by the witness, all occupants were able to escape. The total damage to the vehicles involved is estimated at slightly more than 25.000 euro estimated. Witnesses who can provide information about the perpetrators are asked to call 0 71 54/1 31 30.

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