(Display) when the child is locked in the car: quick vehicle opening with the acv

(advertisement). It is a horror scenario that happens not so rarely: the child is locked in the car, unfortunately, the key too. Especially when we’re going on a big car trip to visit our grandparents again at easter, we have to pay attention. In road traffic, but also just when you have not even started to drive. In cooperation with the automobil club verkehr (ACV), I have written down for you how to behave in this situation.

The child is locked in the car: what now?

But such "stupid accidents" often happen in normal family life. As is often the case, shopping with a child is stressful. The daughter was grumbling at the checkout because she didn’t get another lollipop. We rush to the car, buckle the child (which is also gladly and often acknowledged with whining) and pack everything into the trunk.

juice, diapers, wipes – everything is quickly stuffed into the car because the next appointment is already waiting. In between, we talk to our son or daughter to reassure them. We slam all the doors and: bang! the car is locked, but mom is still outside and the child is inside.

Oh no! But do not panic!

It happened to me once. my daughter was four years old and while i was packing the trunk she found a nice new toy. Namely the key that I had put next to their child seat. So funny, the colorful bobble on it and the buttons you can press all…and then it happened. car closed, mom out.

A real scary moment and exciting for both of us. I first tried to pull myself together and talk to constanze through the window to calm her down. I don’t know if she understood my words, but my face (and my strained smile) did not make her panic.

As if by intuition, however, i kept looking through my handbag and sure enough: i found the second key. Somewhere in the back corner of the bag it lay, the rescue (and pure luck in the situation) . since the event we have three car keys (another one is deposited at home) and i have often talked with my children about how something like this can never happen again.

Vehicle opening: what to do first?

Here are a few tips on what to do in the first moments:

1. Staying calm: easier said than done, especially when the anxious child is still in the car. Nevertheless: take a breath, collect your thoughts, calm the child down first.

2. check the bags again thoroughly. In my case, the second key was found after all, sometimes the key has fallen in the handbag or on the floor, so check again!

3. Can someone bring the spare key from home?? Please do not walk away by yourself, stay with the car.

4. Now would be a good time to call for ACV roadside assistance! The professionals there can open the car without damaging it.

5. If necessary. Still make an emergency call. Especially when it’s hot, it can be dangerous for small children in the car. you can tell the person on the other line about the situation and then decide together what to do.

How the ACV can help quickly

The ACV offers over 360.000 members mobility protection and quick help in case of breakdowns. Recently, the services of vehicle opening and assistance in the event of misfueling were added at no additional cost. Locksmiths are comparatively much more expensive to open a vehicle. ACV’s extensive assistance services range from roadside assistance and accident services to legal advice, including for bicycles, by the way.

This article was sponsored and produced in cooperation with the automobil club verkehr (ACV)

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