Car rental mallorca: gtu-test 2018 so (un)safe are car rentals on malle

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If you want to rent a car on the favorite island of the germans, you should pay attention to the result of the GTu-test beforehand!

Those who fly to the spanish island like to book a rental car spontaneously on the spot in mallorca. But how safe are rental cars on germany’s most popular island?? The GTu-test 2018 has the result!

car rentals on mallorca enjoy great popularity every year: no wonder, because in order to explore the spanish island, tourists need to be mobile. ÜBer twelve million people travel to mallorca every year, 75.000 rental cars the island has for rent. The choice between well-known chains and countless local suppliers is immense. But as with everything, when it comes to rental cars, quantity does not mean quality! This is also shown by the GTu-test 2018. After an initial rental car check three years ago, in which GTu Having already found glaring defects in the vehicles of the providers, the testing company, together with the ACE (autoclub europa), has checked whether the technical condition and road safety of the mallorca rental cars has improved in the meantime. For this the GTu in the preseason 2018 the already known providers in the area between palma de mallorca and arenal visited a second time. The result: the prices for a small car have remained the same. For example, you pay between 25 and 35 euros per day for a rental car in mallorca, but the old car already has a few kilometers on it.

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TuV checklist (video):

GTu-test 2018: how do car rentals in mallorca perform?

In a specially rented workshop, the experts subjected the mallorca rental cars to a GTu-test 2018 subjected. The list of defects on the test bench and lift is long: defective shock absorbers and exhaust systems, brake pads worn down to the metal, worn brake discs, worn steering, damaged tires with barely any tread, incorrectly adjusted lights and missing windshield wipers represent only a small excerpt from the conspicuous features of the GTu-tests 2018. In addition, the rental cars in Majorca are unkempt and dirty: dirty interiors, scratches, dents and old accident damage. The bad GTu-the result could make you think that the spanish island has more relaxed traffic regulations than germany. In fact, Spanish law requires a regular safety check at the TuV iberia for rental cars every six months! What is worrying about the poor result, however, is that according to German regulations, none of the Mallorca rental cars tested would have received an inspection sticker, according to the report.

Car rental in mallorca: providers with good results

Even if the tested rental cars on mallorca would not pass the main inspection according to german regulations, there are also positive examples: a second-generation family business rents out new cars including factory navigation from 19 euros per day. The result of the GTu-tests 2018: all tested vehicles passed and had only driven a few kilometers. The provider gets a thumbs up for the best price-performance ratio. Nevertheless the conclusion of the GTu remains-tests 2018 for mallorca rental cars sobering, because the majority of the randomly tested vehicles are not roadworthy, especially because laypersons usually do not even notice the significant deficiencies. That’s why it’s better to steer clear of smaller car rental companies and, even if it’s more expensive in the peak season, to use larger, reputable companies.
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Tips for renting a car in mallorca

The GTu-expert advises after extensive tests that tourists should reserve their rental car in mallorca online in advance with a well rated rental company. In addition, one should pay attention to unlimited kilometers and a full/full tank regulation in the contract. If possible, have the rental contract exclude any type of deductible and, above all, check the rental car for faults and damage before taking it over, then record these in writing and with cell phone photos if necessary. The first-aid kit is not obligatory on Mallorca, but you should check before the takeover, whether warning vest, warning triangle and spare wheel are available. Because safety first also applies on vacation!

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