Car rental in spain: experience spanish flair on four wheels

By rental car in Spain: A rental car tour of the country is popular with many vacationers

renting a car in spain: a round trip by rental car through the country is popular with many vacationers.

beaches as far as the eye can see vibrant nightlife and cultural diversity – these are only a few advantages of spain, the land of flamenco and tapas to a tourist magnet make. Together with portugal, the country shares the Iberian Peninsula. Probably the most popular and well-known cities in the country among tourists are madrid and barcelona, while in the andalusian coastal city of marbella in the south of spain especially the high society spends the summer. no matter if you are a package tourist or luxury vacationers, rental cars are popular with everyone in spain.

As ideal starting point for road-trips has become barcelona proven. From here you can travel through the rest of areas of catalonia and on to valencia travel and stop at all the beaches that are part of the bathing or sunbathing invite. If you are traveling by car rental in spain, you should always bring your swimsuit. Which regulations at a rental car apply in spain, which minimum age is required by law, which costs in spain for a rental car can incur and which payment options to find out what’s available abroad, read this guide.

FAQ: car rental in spain

When searching, a price comparison can pay off. For this you can use this tool among others.

as a rule, drivers must be at least 21 years old. In addition, novice drivers must have held their license for at least one year.

If you would like to explore portugal or france with the rental car, you must inform the car rental company in advance and obtain their consent. make sure that the insurance is also valid outside spain.

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renting a car in spain: does age matter when renting a car in spain??

Many tourists ask themselves: is there a car rental fee in spain? minimum age? In the rule the age limit for rental cars in spain is 21 years. Consequently, younger drivers usually cannot use a rental car in spain during their vacations.

With some car rental companies in spain there are more expensive rental cars even a higher minimum age. For example, you may have to be at least 28 years old if you want to rent a vehicle from the luxury category for your vacation on the Iberian Peninsula.

When renting a car in Spain, there is usually an age limit. Novice drivers under the age of 21 are only allowed to drive a rental car in exceptional cases

There is usually an age limit for renting a car in spain. New drivers under the age of 21 are only allowed to drive a rental car in exceptional cases.

It but there are also exceptions. The provider tui cars for example, trust even novice drivers under 21 years of age. In this case, however, the car rental is limited to a certain selection of countries. A car hire in spain from 18 to book a car when you have only just passed your driving test, tui cars offers you the following options however not possible.

The age limit is not least due to the fact that you may only rent a car in spain if you are 21 years or older. German car rental companies must comply with local regulations.

For some countries However, with the aforementioned car rental company it is possible to rent a car to car hire already before the age of 21 to request. The following list shows a selection of countries where this is possible:

  • France
  • italy
  • Sweden

The respective rental conditions are in any case to be considered exactly, as under certain circumstances certain additional costs can be charged for young road users. One of the reasons why providers charge extra fees is that they assume a greater risk of accidents with younger drivers.

Can you rent a car from germany to spain?

In some cases you as a consumer have the option of, with the rental cars across borders to drive. Thereby travelers are especially flexible and can be done directly several countries during a tour travel. This means, for example, that you can start with a rental car in germany and drive with the same rental car all the way to spain. Certain conditions must be met, however, so that nothing stands in the way of a cross-border trip.

From Germany with a rental car to Spain? Cross-country tours may also be possible

From germany to spain by rental car? Also transnational tours are u.U. Possible.

Important is that the insurance conditions in the countries are the same are you planning to travel on your route. Within northern and western europe this is usually less problematic. From western to eastern europe, however, there can often be variations in car insurance and their conditions come. The border crossing with the rental car can be in these cases difficult design.

Who on other continents like north or south america, for example, you will find yourself on the road in each case with different rules confronted. While it is usually possible to drive a rental car to spain from germany, outside the european union – for example in south america – there is almost always a ban on cross-border tours in a rental car.

you want to pick up the rental car in germany for example, but return it in spain? A so-called one way rental comes with the fewest offerers in question. If you can book an appropriate offer find it, check it carefully. Because the resulting repatriation costs for the vehicle are usually quite complex.

rental fees: how much does a rental car cost in spain??

Furthermore the rental car category or. The vehicle class of the rental car crucial. In spain as in germany small car cheaper in rental as off-road vehicle or sports car. A another cost factor is the equipment of the car. In this way, the consumer can have the equipment of the rental car optionally extended. A child seat is in spain with a rental car for example additional.

Due to the factors mentioned above, only difficult to predict all-inclusive, like expensive one car rental in spain in fact. For consumers therefore who compares, is on the safe side. because it may well be that you have to pay 150 euro for a rental car in spain for the period of one week, while another provider rents cars of the same class for 300 euro per week.

rental car: is it possible to rent a car in spain without a deposit??

Without deposit of a particular deposit amount is it also possible to rent a car in spain only in the rarely book. usually you book the rental car and the insurances through a tour operator. The rental company will then hand over the car on the spot.

With the deposit protects its property – the rental car -should it be damaged during your trip. The amount of the deductible of the insurance and therefore the amount of the car rental deposit depends on car rental company, country and also on the vehicle category from. Normally the deposit amount can be between 300 and 2.300 euro vary.

Also for rental cars in spain, there is a fine for speeding

Also with rented cars in spain, threatens with speeding a fine.

fines: speed limits also apply to rental cars in spain

Not only in germany but also abroad apply for cars – and therefore also for rental cars – depending on the road environment certain maximum speeds, which must not be crossed. In spain apply FOLLOWING REGULATIONS in terms of speed:

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